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I love that cover too. I think the golden light power is only emanating from Buffy (symbolizing the Slayer powers now vombined in her), not from the others -- they are only bathing in Buffy's light. I wonder how the world will be changed.
I don't have any problems on my end.

Agreed with your assessment -- with only one issue left, how much can they do?

cil domney said:

I'm having some problems posting - anyone else not having comments show or not getting notices?  I will try this again - 

Big disappointment with Wanna Be Super Witch and this variation on the Initiative develops hybrids especially with the powerful introduction of Rudy Diaz - the soldier who lost his limbs and become a victim of the latest attempts to make the Uber Warriors.  I hope that this element of the story is not lost but I guess with only one issue left - we are not going to have much more, if anything, on these soldier victims.

Hey Guys!

Almost done with all my various jobs, so I'm hoping to do a re-read of Season Eleven and discuss it here when the final issue comes out.  Really looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks now that it's all over. (Hopefully, there'll be a Season Twelve!) 

Good, looking forward to that, Aurora!

In the mean time, here are the preview pages for #12:


Thanks, Double Dutchess, for posting the final panels!

I guess poor Spike and Buffy are going to have to wait a while for an after-Victory smooch. He's gonna need a lot of Slayer blood - hopefully, he isn't blind.

But isn't this about the tenth time that poor Spike gets burnt up?  Vampire, yes - so somewhat typical - but then again, he constantly places himself in these situations. 

It's certainly a defining torment for his character as he moves towards the light and something "effulgent" and "glowing." And yet he still chooses Buffy and paintings of the sun and dreams of walking outdoors. 

It's meaningful, I think, that Spike is burned again and again on his road to redemption - almost like characters out of Dante's Purgatorio who suffer fire for years to be eventually purged of their sins.  

Love how our hero Willow shows up at the last moment - and her line is actually pretty funny. 

"Grouchy witch" is a great ironic line that really sounds like WIllow in the show.

It's a fun fight scene, but that's not the heart and soul of Buffy. I wonder what the rest of the comic is like. Will they leave Buffy as the only slayer? It's back to the core concept, but also undoes the sense of empowerment in "Chosen" -- which isn't good.

I wait for the explanation: "Your skin will grow back, but it might be a bit more aged and wrinkled than before."

And the phone call comes. "Hey, Angel's calling. He's just had all these bizarre time travel adventures, and some temporal paradox has aged him 15-20 years."

"Wait, so both Spike and Angel are going to look older?"

"We're still nothing alike!"

I like Aurora's suggestion that Spike might be blind. Or scarred. But they can use this to age the characters a bit if they want to do a reunion movie with the supposedly unaging vampires.
I like your idea of having both vampires age to make a reunion movie possible, PuckRobin! I think it's extremely unlikely, but I like it.

Spike hasn't been burned this badly since Chosen. Maybe to set the scene for another ILY?

Sorry I've been away so many days - super busy working on my art installation. Thanks for posting the previews I was just about to post them. Great do see PuckRobin and AA joining the discussions again. I have a question regarding that magical suit Joanna Wise is wearing for I've been trying to recall what it reminded of and I finally figured out that the costumes from Kagemusha has a similar helmet flares and it also has that samurai look from Joanna's warrior magical suite.  The Joanna Wise suit has a feel, to me, like a cross between the Emperor/Samurai and a Germanic Myth or Opera.  

It would be, at least for me, super if there were a connection to the theme from the Kurosawa film of Joanna Wise as a shadow warrior for another Supreme Being as I find myself being very disappointed with the resolution to this season's story being a weak human questing after Power/Ruler via the enhancing her body and personal powers by theft and by finding the magic spell that allows her to gain powers.  

My opinion is that the powerful theme that began the season does not somehow coincide with this ending.  What do you folks think - it feels like two different stories to me.  

Regarding Spike - PLEASE have his character get some additional powers from the magical deflections between Wise and Buffy.  I think it's time for Spike to get some development for the character.  It was great seeing him joining the fight right beside Buffy.  Also interesting are his comments regarding his "better run than he deserves"  He has certainly not forgotten his history and I feel continues to accepted his responsibility for his vampire life and his relationship with Buffy. 

Super nice drawing of Spike in that panel. 

Any suggestions on where the design of that magical warrior suit?

Just did a quick read - all I can say is I was underwhelmed with the resolution for Joanna Wise - felt a big let down with, what I felt is a super simple ending of what was intended as an Epic Battle.  Actually, it reminds me very much of how Buffy used Faith's dagger to trigger and trick The Mayor when he took on his Pure Demon Transformation.  It's pretty much the same idea - imposing human sensibilities and emotions on to a completely non-human life form. 

have to say though - I liked having Buffy and Spike fighting together along with Willow and as a Spuffy Relationship Fan - totally happy Spuffy fangirl right now.  LOL, how silly can one get over fictional characters being in love and the big I Love You - guessing fan service with a look to keeping Spuffy readership fans coming back for next season. 

What do you think of Buffy taking the high moral and maturity ground?  I personally would have made Jordan and her click agree to a lot more than "I'll be checking all of you out on your behavior" - again, too simple resolution but it's totally in keeping with Buffy and how she is always willing to give people another chance to be good and transform themselves from their dark natures.

My first question regarding Jordan is how easily she and her followers played the Super Bitch Guards - and her sudden enlightenment about how Buffy and all the Sunnydale Group see them - kinda too easy.  

At the end of this season - I'm left again with the sense that these comic books are just never going to satisfy - this story needed a full length novel to explore the powerful and extremely important themes that were introduced.  Too Bad there is not some outstanding fanfiction Spuffy writer that would take on a re-write of this story as a novel or that Christos Gage would do this as a novel in addition to the comic book. 

Now that I see the dragon in all those closeups - it must have been intended that Joanna Wise and her magical warrior suit is the visualization of her taking the power from the dragon and using it herself.  Duh, I'm pretty dense at times or I always want to give more meaning to the visuals. 

Kagemusha, the shadow warrior as symbolic of Joanna Wise - maybe it could make for a good story.

Excerpt Review from Popwrapped 

The first 12 issue comic season of the Buffy franchise has officially come to an end and after a year of the series, I can say it wasn’t at all what I expected and really utilized characters arcs that shaped each of the core cast. With magic being a focal point of the season, it put characters like Buffy, Spike and Willow in the forefront to question what role it plays in their own lives both in the present as well as the future. So how did the eleventh season of the cult classic series / comic conclude for our favorite heroes? The answer is much more optimistic than fans of the series could have expected.

Full Review

Excerpt from review

You cheered, you went through the motions, and you panicked at the edge of your seat. This finale to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 was everything and the full package. Season 11 has been a thrilling experience from start to finish and they never once let up on the punches. Buffy and The Scoobies redefine what it means to be a hero whether you have power or not. It’s what you do that nobody else will, and damning the consequences. Overall this creative team took a real problem, a first world situation for people who are treated different and turned it into one of the most heart-crushing developments in the Buffyverse so far.

Hope to get some thoughts on the season finale from some of the last few who still visit - How did you like this issue?  What do you think about the season now that it is completed?  


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