Episode 8 of The Mountain. Enjoy!
Looking Back - for all of us who missed it the first time around -
James Marsters guest appearance in The Mountain -

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Comment by cil domney on July 11, 2015 at 6:10pm

Well - if Vidders is an alternative and they charge $20 annual fee - that's a good choice and I will join them.  Boy, do you remember how many members we lost when we went on the NING Paid Accounts?   So many just stopped uploading their vids here.  

I look forward to new Lulurose vids.  

Comment by cil domney on July 11, 2015 at 6:04pm

He did do the famous shedding of the Bleached Vamp Hair for charity - they raised quite a bit of money I've seen amount as high as $40,000 plus what the truth of it is I don't know. 

Comment by Lulurose on July 8, 2015 at 5:25pm

I remember this show, though I never watched it. I don't think it lasted more than one season, did it? You can tell that JM did this just after he finished doing the Buffy/Angel stuff because his head is shorn, and I think he did that for charity, letting them cut off his bleached Spike "do," didn't he? 

Wow, I started thinking about how long it's been since I uploaded a vid to Youtube, and it's been over five years. I stopped because it is so arbitrary-but DD is right in that Youtube takes things down, but it's when one of the media companies files a complaint with them-and that it is totally arbitrary, and that's because the law here in the US allows the companies to determine what they consider a copyright violation. Fox has always been a bad company about insisting that the vids that use their "property" be removed. This is the absolute truth, but two of us could use the exact same film clips to make a vid, in the same order-and even use the same song, and Fox might force Youtube to remove one of our vids, but not the other one. I think I've already talked about the last vid I uploaded that was getting a bunch of hits, and then was summarily removed. I just load them here, and I'm thinking about paying the $20 to the Vidder site so I can upload some more there, since I've been at my five vid "free" limit for a long time-but I'm just glad that they managed to stay in operation. I wish that we could fight it out here in the US once and for all for the "artistic" freedom to make videos, but-even though that really is an important issue, there are more that are more important for our government to deal with. So, time marches on. I won't get on my soap box, but this is really one of my pet peeves. On one hand, I wouldn't like to see Fox make Youtube remove all the Buffy vids-yet, it's so stupid to say that one of them constitutes a copyright infringement and then let others stay when they are all made out of clips that Fox "owns." I mean, either they own something, or they don't.

I'm pushing the soap box away now before I end up getting on it. Back to the JM clip, I'm glad that there are nice clips out there of the different things that he's done over the years, like this one. 

Comment by Double Dutchess on July 4, 2015 at 5:35pm

I don't think it's the YouTube policy that's arbitrary, Cil. I think it's the copyright holders -- some of them are really fanatical in pursuing anyone who uploads the slightest scrap, while others don't really mind.

Comment by cil domney on July 4, 2015 at 5:22pm

When he hugged his son all I could think of was JM thinking about what a RL situation would be like - he made it so realistic.  I'm so glad that I found this vid - the person who uploaded it was a big fan of the series and recorded all episode and posted them on youtube.  

I just don't get the youtube policy - so many items are posted that totally go against copyright and other items like my little Billie Holiday Buffyverse vid gets me an account strike - 

Glad that you enjoyed it - He was very good in Northern Exposure as well - another small role that JM made the most of.  I have the dvd and will try to post some images for us to enjoy -

Comment by Double Dutchess on July 4, 2015 at 4:41pm

Same here! Many thanks to Cil for sharing. I only watched the bits with James and I liked those a lot.

Comment by Stoney on July 4, 2015 at 2:59pm

Thanks for this Cil I really enjoyed it, I've never heard of this show before.  The rest of the ep around the mountain sale was a bit cliche and had some pretty weak acting but JM and the young cast around that storyline were really good.  I was disappointed by the Q&A answers below that it was just a one off.  Interesting character.  :D

Comment by cil domney on June 29, 2015 at 2:19am

http://jamesdb.com/index.php?c=10&s=85&q=510#510      (Great Fan Site)

NonWhedon Roles : The Mountain

New!Can you tell us about your role in "The Mountain?"

(10-04 Halloween UK Event) It was actually very good! The producers and the WB was really pressuring me to do a lot of press about it, which they never talked about going in and my publicist said it would be very bad for me to do press for any guest star role for a one week appearance. It looks HORRIBLE if you run out and start talking about a Big New Role for me that lasts 30 minutes, ya know...(laughs) But I took it because the role was of a flawed man and I like flawed characters because I think they give you meat that you can really dig into. I play an alcoholic father of a kid who ruins his chances to go to college, but loves his son a LOT, infinitely anyway. They guy playing my son is a guy named Penn who is a really good actor. He's one of those actors where you can just look at him and he hangs with you and we can just improvise and jazz it together. And he loves jazz, like I do. So on that level it was really great. They filmed me for four days instead of the agreed upon two, but that's television. Television happens. Plus, Vancouver rocks! I had half the day in Vancouver to walk around, which was really good.

New!I had a hard time watching you on "The Mountain" because it really hit close to home for me. I had an alcoholic father - what made you decide on that role?

(4-05 Houston) Yes, it is very hard for me too to talk about alcoholic parents. But the reason that I took it is that I like to play characters that are fallible, that aren't perfect. I like to try to get the audience to try and feel something for somebody that they may pass over in life, and maybe quickly judge, and try to show a little more...coz I think that when that happens, when it's the type of person that we normally don't really spend enough time trying to understand and that kind of person gets opened up to us from a storyteller? For me, that's a really powerful experience. So that's why I took the role. He was just a very, very imperfect man but yet a lot of love for his son. But at the same time, it was very tough for me. (mimics cursing to himself, what a SOB!) But maybe I needed to understand him too.

Comment by cil domney on June 29, 2015 at 2:00am

Wish the quality was better but at least we get to see it - I've been wanting to see this for such a long time. 

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