Forever Knight Tribute- Nick/Natalie - Love Song For A Vampire

Okay, for the record, this is not my video. It's one I found on Youtube under the account Nat Knight.
Last May was the twentieth anniversary of the last episode of Forever Knight. Ten months later, Buffy the Vampire Slayer would premier on American television.
Though Barnabas Collins, on the daytime series Dark Shadows, was the first tormented, sympathetic vampire on television, Forever Knight was really the first television series about a vampire who was not the villain, and where the vampire was the main character. The struggling Nicholas de Brabant, aka "Nick Knight," really was the one who paved the way for Angel, Spike, and all the tv vampires who have graced our screens ever since Forever Knight went off the air in 1996, after three seasons, which did not run consecutively. It really is the unsung "Grandaddy" of the genre.
So, in memory of a good, if not great, genre show, I wanted to post this vid.

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Comment by Lulurose on August 12, 2016 at 12:22am

I had no idea that song was from that Dracula, movie

Comment by Lulurose on August 11, 2016 at 9:19pm

You should watch the series, if you get a chance.I think you can see it on Amazon, and that is the only way I know of without buying all three seasons-and the last season used to cost a mint. Why, I do not know.
The creator of the series, James Parriot, said that IWTV was a big inspiration on his creation of the series, with Nick similar to Louis, and his sire, Lucien LaCroix, similar to Lestat. There is this great vid out on YouTube that was done a couple of years ago where the creator and Geraint Wyn Davies, who played Nick, talk about the show. It, of course, had it's own shipper wars-with those who shipped Nick with his original vampire love, Janette, and those who shipped him with the human doctor, Natalie Lambert. I, naturally, shipped him with Nat. I chuckled when they were inevitably asked who was Nick's true love. Ger, who was quite familiar with how testy such fans can be, continued to try and be diplomatic, but I was pleasantly surprised when the creator came out and said which lady it was, since it was my ship.

The fans really hated the way the show ended. The series had the now typical status of being "on the bubble" back before that became the term. First it was on CBS late in the evening, their "Crime time in Primetime, " (do you remember that?) Then CBS discontinued that programming, and the USA network bought it. Like Buffy, I didn't discover the series until it was in syndication on the SciFi Channel-though, ask mentioned before, I did see Buffy some when it was in production, but only in pass ing. The show ended tragically-think Klaus and Cami, but with Klaus going, too, and the circumstances were totally different(with the exception of them finally deciding to be together.)I read where they said that Mr. Parriot was aggravated with whoever was calling the shots(think Joss and the last season of AtS)and just wanted to have a definitive end to the series. However, going by what Mr. Parriot said on that vid, apparently the executives wanted the more ambiguous ending, just in case somebody else decided to fund the show further. As far as he was concerned, the characters went on to face whatever was "beyond" together. Anyway, there's more to it than that-I don't know if you mind being spoiled, so you might like to watch the show to see how the characters get to their ill-fated end.

About Coppola's film, I have to admit that I really just think it's an okay movie.Gary Oldham's hair just looks so silly to me when he is still old looking I just end up laughing, and it's not supposed to be funny, of course. The production values are gorgeous, and I thought it was interesting that he chose have Mina be the reincarnation of his dear wife, which was the storyline on Dark Shadows with Barnabas, through various timelines on the show, always running into the reincarnation of his lost love, Josette DuPree. Of course, Dark Shadows used just about horror plot/trope they could over their five year run-and they lifted the lost love idea from the Universal Studio Mummy movies, it seems. Of course, TVD also put its own twist on that idea with Elena, Katherine, etc. Their other creator, Kevin Williamgson, said he was a big Dark Shadows fan, so maybe it was a bit of homage, though I do think they are doppelgangers in the book.

If you decide to watch Forever Knight, you should start with Valentines Day. It's a second year episode, but it really gives quite a mini lesson on the character dynamics-and I don't think there are many series out there that can claim to have just one episode that does that, and I don't really think they did it intentionally. It's one of my favorite ones.





Comment by cil domney on August 4, 2016 at 2:32pm

I looked up the lyrics - I had forgotten that this song was created for the Coppola Dracula - Did you like the film?

Love Song for a Vampire  - Annie Lennox

 Come into these arms again

And lay your body down

The rhythm of this trembling heart

Is beating like a drum


It beats for you - It bleeds for you

It knows not how it sounds

For it is the drum of drums

It is the song of songs...


Once I had the rarest rose

That ever deigned to bloom.

Cruel winter chilled the bud

And stole my flower too soon.


Oh loneliness - oh hopelessness

To search the ends of time

For there is in all the world

No greater love than mine.


Love, oh love, oh love...

Still falls the rain... (still falls the rain)

Love, oh love, oh, love...

Still falls the night...

Love, oh love, oh love...

Be mine forever.... (be mine forever)

Love, oh love, oh love....


Let me be the only one

To keep you from the cold

Now the floor of heaven's lain

With stars of brightest gold


They shine for you - they shine for you

They burn for all to see

Come into these arms again

And set this spirit free

Comment by cil domney on August 4, 2016 at 2:21pm

What happens at the ending of the series between the couple?

Comment by cil domney on August 4, 2016 at 2:21pm

Thank you so much Lulurose - 

I wish I had watched the series - The only reason I started watching Buffy was because one of my artist friends suggested that I watch this very neat new series.  So I was lucky that I got on the Buffy fandom very early especially as this was not the kind of show I would have been drawn to.   

One of our life drawing models is responsible for my becoming a vampire genre fan by introducing me to Anne Rice but way after her Vampire Chronicles first appeared.   I am still a devoted fan of her vampire novels and was very glad when she decided to take them up again.  

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