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At 10:05pm on December 22, 2016, blood and peaches said…

Heya Cil

Always so friendly, saying hi when I pop in. It's been ages!

I just read comic issues 1& 2 of series 11 yesterday. I LOVE them!

I came here to go over the the comics board and comment, but no time in the end. I will do so soon hopefully. There are always such deeply analysed comments on the comics on here, that are really interesting, but the discussions get so intense & long, that it's a bit hard to keep up with, and a bit daunting to jump into if you are part way through a season. Hard to catch up with the thread of the discussion. So didn't really join in for season 10, even though I enjoyed it.

I'm gonna make a comment about season 11 storyline, and if it stays as interesting as #2 suggests, I'll hopefully continue through the season.

 I just posted a photo of James & I at Brighton ComicCon 2015. I don't have anything new from the net, and still haven't learnt how to manip!  I have another one of James doing a great pose with one of my weapons. I don't have it with me at the mo though, not uploaded to my computer yet, and my scanner not working. ( they really need to get with the times and give us a digital copy of photos we pay for at Cons). 

Merry Christmas!

At 7:18am on June 5, 2015, Miss Kitty said…

Thanks for your comment on my banner! I love this photo :-)

I didn't get a chance to see yours before, very sensual, it's beautiful!

At 11:49am on May 24, 2015, James Reed said…
Hello Cil,
Just to let you know my comic book page is going online tomorrow. Sorry I said it was today but I had some lags on my computer that slowed down progress. All I have to do is put in the captions and add sole last minute details and I'm done.
At 12:44am on February 22, 2015, Rebel said…

Hey there and thanks for the welcome. You're name is familiar, are you at BuffyForums? 

At 7:16pm on October 23, 2014, Chris Davis said…

Hey Cil,

It's good to be back. You've done an amazing job keeping the site up and running! I see lots of new and old faces, and a lot more content. Sorry I disappeared for so long. I got wrapped up in a variety of other projects and ventures. About my old account -- no problem! And I couldn't get back into my account anyway. Lost access to that email/password a long time ago and can't even remember the login details.

Even after contacting the Ning team countless times, and even following their instructions on transferring my admin status to you, it never seemed to go through. Not sure what can be done about it now, unfortunately. But maybe we'll be able to figure something.

I'm gonna spend the next few days just exploring the site. Feeling very nostalgic being back here. :)

- Chris

At 1:24am on March 14, 2014, Rocky said…

Absolutely! Thank you for accepting! It's been so long since I've been back on here, thank you for being accepting of me on here. The David Ducky picture I love so much. He's just too cute! I hope to talk more soon! :)

At 12:37am on March 13, 2014, Jessika said…

Thanks for your friendship. Have a nice day. Take care.

At 8:59pm on January 11, 2012, MichelleWinchester said…

I tweaked my crazy train vid, to make the Buffy parts a bit darker.  Let me know if it made it better, or worse.

Please & thank you :) 

At 4:22am on December 23, 2011, The Mad Pride gave cil domney a gift
At 12:17am on October 20, 2011, Holdt gave cil domney a gift
Thanks for checking up on me, Cil. I appreciate it more than I can say. :-)
At 1:27am on July 28, 2011, Holdt said…

Thanks, Cil! :D

Been swamped a bit with coursework these past few months, but should be back in the saddle again shortly. Wish me luck! :)

At 11:01pm on July 19, 2011, Wickedlittlelove said…
Thanks for accepting my friend request, i love it here it's awesome :)
At 1:21am on June 14, 2011, Christine said…
Hey, thank you for joining the group :)
At 9:12pm on June 3, 2011, Holdt said…

No, sadly - no GoT vids yet - but I'm sure they will come. (I love that verse, even though it does have its problems...)

Thanks for the comments! *grin*

(Ive started a new job, so my hours have become greatly contrained - no more daytime coding. (Wahhh! *sadface*) Then again, profit is good. *laugh*


I should have Monday off, so I'll try to catch you then?

At 1:53pm on June 3, 2011, Angelic said…
where can I read up about that then?
At 6:29pm on May 21, 2011, Erica Boyd said…

Thanks Cil, I really looking forward to your group.


Buffy is my favorite show of all time.

At 1:07pm on April 17, 2011, Veiriti said…
My b-day is in the 1th of January and a lot of people miss it because of New Year's party. They are too drunk to remember it! :D I usually celebrate it on 2 or 3 January :)
At 1:03pm on April 17, 2011, Veiriti said…
Oh, no, Cil! You didn't miss my b-day! ;) Actually it was Elena's (Moscow Watcher) birthday! :) I made a b-day Spuffy cart for her.
At 12:51am on March 31, 2011, Holdt said…
Thank you, Cil - Im glad it's still entertaining after all this time - thats a great compliment and I so very much appreciate it! :)
At 12:57pm on March 13, 2011, Lulurose said…
Everything is ok, now, if I am understanding the comments between you and Holdt?  Thanks for advising not to make any changes to one's own page.  I hope all the bugs get worked out. :)

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