The Legacy of Revils - A Dark Secret


Dark secret
During the growing relationship between Buffy’s mum Joyce and Daniel, Joyce begun to suspect something about Daniel. What caught her attention was when she learned his name and would recall that was going to call her first-born Daniel if it were a boy.
Unknown to Buffy, Joyce had a boy but was taken away from her and was devastated by the ordeal and she plunged into a deep depression where she got psychiatric treatment. Years after her full recovery she got pregnant again and gave birth to Buffy.
Daniel would learn later after being the Minder for years would uncover a new power he was unaware of. He discovered he had the ability to open up entrances to other dimensions and universes. This was something he was prophesised from birth; to become a gatekeeper who would dedicate his power to serve those who value his power.
One thing Daniel was unaware of was that his birth was anticipated by the Initiative who were engaging in genetic experiments. Including the early stages of developing in vitro fertilisation, who were way behind Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards who also were working on the same project.
The Initiative didn’t want to only try and develop a successful clone but a super soldier. Their first subject was who was soon to be named Daniel Revils, they first begun after they obtained samples from Daniel’s father Piere Revils to confirm he carried the seed. The very seed that would give birth to a rare powerful demon whose power they would value the most. Piere was confirmed to be the carrier of the seed when his DNA samples confirmed he was the carrier of the seed, but the seed itself would find it’s way into a womb.
This happened one evening when Piere was allowed to leave the base to enjoy some of the local life. Piere attended a bar where he would encounter Joyce who he started chatting up. They both had a few drinks and their acquainting would become intoxicated as they started making out and would get a motel room. Once alone and intimate they had intercourse but the next morning Joyce would realise her mistake.
Joyce fled the motel only partly dressed and would meet up with her current boyfriend Hank who she cheated on. The night before the couple had a minor fall out because they were planning to have a kid and Joyce struggled to get pregnant. Hank would conspicuously look at Joyce and postulate that she had intercourse the previous night. Joyce’s jittery denies it but Hank would smell the strong aroma of cologne on her and the suspicions were obvious, as Hank knew she was lying. Joyce closed her eyes and begun to cry letting out a high-pitched wail and fell down on her knees. Hank did not comfort his girlfriend and instead cut off communication with her until more hurtful news would reach him. Later it was confirmed that Joyce was pregnant and Hank would walk out on her leaving her to annul herself in her own sorrow.
Being on her own she would meet Piere again who enlivened her and helped her get over her mourning. Piere supported Joyce who was carrying Daniel in her womb and her time would come to deliver.
Joyce gave birth to the baby and would give him the name Daniel as she cradled him in her arms and would smile graciously at her first born.
Piere had always been guilty about the break up he was responsible for by sleeping with Joyce. He visited Hank who was depressed and pining for Joyce but was unsure whether he could trust her again or not. Piere convinced Hank to be there for Joyce and forgive her for the minor betrayal and understand that she never meant to hurt him. Hank was touched and enlightened by Piere’s words and would find the courage to approach Joyce again and give their relationship another try.
Piere would hear about the Initiative have come to the acknowledgement that a baby had been born and it’s surname has been registered as Revils. The Initiative immediately responded and travelled to the hospital where Daniel Revils was being held.
Both Piere and Hank arrived at the hospital to visit Joyce who they saw was still holding her baby. Already feeling the love a mother would have for her first-born she looked up to see the two men enter. Hank would be reluctant to take the steps towards the baby that wasn’t his, but knowing he’ll be the one raising it. Glancing at the baby Hank would become enamoured by the appearance and stroked the baby’s soft cheek. Joyce tried to apologise to Hank for hurting him but Hank hushed her and told her he forgives her and kisses her.
Piere looked at the charming scene of the couple again reunited and seeming caring to look after his biological son. He did feel slightly forlorn about that he wont be having custody over his son but conceived that he owes Hank for putting his relationship with Joyce in jeopardy.
Hank and Joyce would look at Piere looking bemused at the sight of them together with their legitimate baby. They both understood and were considerate of Piere’s feelings and would offer him the invitation to visit when he wanted. The offer lightened Piere up and accepted the kind offer he was given and didn’t feel so hurt by the possibility to never seeing his son again.
The mood deteriorates upon the arriving of the Initiative as agents and it’s commanding officer arrived who happened to be Maggie Walsh. Hank and Joyce were confused by what was going on but Piere knew what was coming as he watched helplessly as the Initiative were claiming the baby. Joyce was refusing to relinquish the baby as Hank stepped in to try and fight off the agents but was subdued. Joyce tried to shield the baby and shout her protesting words as best as she could. It took more than one agent to seize the baby from her arms and to hold her back when she tried to get out of the hospital bed to claim back her son. Joyce would horrifically shout her grief at seeing her son getting take away until she broke down in tears as the agents released her and Hank. Piere followed the agents from behind not before taking a look at Hank tending to Joyce who was still suffering for her loss. As Joyce continued to weep in his arms, Piere left the two hoping they would not look at him and suspect he was behind this.
Overcome with the guilt and memory of seeing what he saw when a happy mother had her firstborn taken from her, Piere tried to atone for his sin. He talked with Maggie Walsh and convinced her to allow Daniel to have a normal life and not have a military upbringing. After hearing Piere’s request and reasons why Daniel should have a normal life, he was granted custody of Daniel. The only catch was that he and Daniel must be under surveillance and when the Initiative require him for analysis or experiments of any kind he must be returned. Piere agreed with the policy and signed the numerous amount of papers he was handed out.
Piere would then be permitted to take Daniel back with him to France where he would try to raise him. Later on Piere would see a new woman called Charlotte who he eventually married and the two brought up Daniel.
Living a married life didn’t soothe Piere’s guilt over what he put Joyce and Hank through and did have plans to take revenge on the Initiative. Instead Piere broke his contract with the Initiative and would evade the surveillance when he tried to move the family to Britain. The Initiative were angered by Piere’s betrayal and tracked him down where they intimidated him.
The intimidation would move to a conspiracy where an agent of the Initiative would assassinate him making his death look like an accident.
Charlotte had already fallen in love with Piere but not incurred the same for Daniel as she treated him less motherly than before.
The Initiative decided to leave Daniel residing in Britain with his neglectful mother and would attempt to seize him when his demonic powers evolve.
After Daniel’s killing spree had ended and he was detained, the Initiative heard about the Watchers council’s plans to have Daniel transferred to America. The Initiative thought they’d leave Daniel to be trained by the Watchers council and eventually reclaim him.
Until Daniel had graduated from school and acclaimed enough battle experience, the Initiative would require him for tests and experiments.
Once Daniel had been enrolled in UC Sunnydale as it was part of their plan to get him to attended to University with the promise of the right facilities and privileges, the Initiative planned to apprehend him. Failing on so many occasions to capture him they made an enemy of him as he would begin coming to them to attack them and uncover the reason behind it. Daniel did obtain a file that the Scooby gang got their hands on which revealed his father’s involvement with the organisation but only contained half the information he sought.
During the Scooby gang’s attack on the Initiative’s base to eliminate Adam, Daniel would turn up and be told personally about his unknown origin. He was only given the truth that his father’s death was no accident and the Initiative planned it.
They never revealed to Daniel who his real mother was as their base was rendered to chaos with the captured demons released.
Dealing with the catosprophe in the base and getting safely out rescuing some of the personal, Daniel was satisfied with the information he was given. The Initiative being reduced to ruin and being disbanded by the government was enough for him to consider it closure to avenging his father’s death.
When Joyce persuaded Daniel to move into her house offering him a room to reduce her loneliness. She also suspect just from looking at Daniel carefully that he’s connected with her past. Once Daniel had moved in and they formed a closer bonding they became bonded like mother and son. Joyce didn’t know what her obsession with him was but knew it had something to do with her possibly being related to him.
When Joyce was diagnosed with a tumour and was going through surgery and going through the early stages of recovery. She slowly recovered her lost memories about how she experienced the most traumatic event of her life. She even remembered when she was hospitalised for her depression and later released as Hank came to collect her. After her discharge she would renew her relationship with Hank and they then would have a baby together who would be Buffy Summers.
She persuaded Daniel to have their blood tested, Daniel acquiesced and they got their blood test.
Daniel couldn’t ascertain why she wanted their blood to be tested even though he asked her and she only responded by saying she wanted to know and surprise him with the results.
The results did come through to Joyce in the post, requested she finds out and nobody else. Joyce was delighted to find out the results proved her suspicions were right, Daniel is biologically her son. Before she could tell Daniel and before she died from a brain aneurysm she dreamt her moment tearfully embracing Daniel and telling him he’s her son.
What prevented Daniel from being informed of the discovery was Ethan who knew about Joyce and Daniel’s relation took the letter from Joyce’s corpse. Ethan knew about Daniel’s coveting for Buffy and thought he could ensure Buffy and Daniel would have a sexual encounter and he would use it against Daniel.
Ethan’s aspiration came true when Buffy and Daniel had sex and Ethan was able to record the event on camera. The footage was Tibalius who believed he would find use for it, seized other additional information about Buffy and Daniel being half siblings. Tibalius would know Daniel would be in for a shock if he found out the truth and would be left in a vulnerable position that Tibalius could manipulate and control him.

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