Seeing James Marsters at Creation Entertainment's Grand Slam Convention

For my birthday, I bought an expensive ticket to the Grand Slam convention hosted by Creation Entertainment, as James and several other actors I admire would be there. Sadly, it wasn't my best convention ever, as I was sick and missed the entirety of Friday and Saturday (which was the day James had his panel), and only survived for about 45 minutes at the convention on Sunday. However, in those 45 minutes, I accomplished a lot.

When I arrived, I picked up my ticket and walked around the room as James was still doing photo ops. I happened to notice a woman sitting with John Noble, and I realized I'd met her previously at San Diego Comic Con when she worked with Clare Kramer, so I went over to say hi. John inserted himself into the conversation, and I told him that I sadly haven't had time to see Fringe yet, but it's on my must watch list. He smiled at me and we ended up chatting about David Fury, who worked on Fringe with him. He told me to tell David hi for him, which I did once I got home from the convention (yay for Twitter).

By this point, James was supposed to be back, but he wasn't yet. Instead, I noticed that Catherine Hicks, who was once on Star Trek but is better known to me as the mom from Seventh Heaven was sitting at a table nearby. I'm very close friends with the sibling of another actor from Seventh Heaven, and I was texting with her while at the convention. She told me to tell Catherine hi for her, and I did. Catherine and I talked about my friend and her sibling, as well as sharing stories of the orthodontist she and my mother share. By the time our conversation was over, James and Steve Himber were finally getting back to his table.

I booked it the few feet to James' table, and for the first time in my life, I paid James to personally autograph something for me. After James said hi, I said hi to Steve and offered my condolences on the loss of his husband Craig, who used to run James' facebook page. After I turned back to James, I told him I had a question or two I'd hoped to ask at the panel yesterday, but I hadn't made it. He looked at me and asked what I wanted to know. First, I asked why no Macbeth-off between him and Patrick Stewart had happened. James burst into laughter and said that was a great idea, but there's no way he could hold his own against Patrick. I disagree, and I told him so. Steve smiled. Next, I asked if James has more ego as an actor or musician. I absolutely meant the question, but James responded in a hilarious and ego-filled way, which I struggled to hear (due to my ears being clogged from being sick). As I was completely focused on hearing what James said, I didn't really laugh at the answer, so James leaned in closer to me and said, "it's a joke, luv." I replied that I knew, but I had a cold and couldn't hear very well.

I also told James that the previous day had been my birthday and that I really needed to know about whether or not his wife was reading and enjoying the book I'd given her at the Ghost of the Robot concert six weeks previously. He asked which book it was, so I told him the title and gave a brief description of the cover. He said that he'd seen Patricia reading it around the house, and she seemed to enjoy it. Only then did James and I realize how long the line behind me for his autograph was, so I said goodbye and had my ride pick me up and take me home.

Like I said, it wasn't my best convention, but in the 45 minutes I was there, I at least got my Buffy Box Set autographed by James and had a nice conversation with him and Catherine Hicks and John Noble. Not bad, right?

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Comment by cil domney on May 27, 2013 at 12:47pm

Your lucky that you have a chance to attend these conventions - I never was able to purchase my Joss Whedon figure that was created for the convention.  This was intended to be a special figure created for Toys-R-Us but our store never did carry it and I went three times to buy it.  Same for Amazon - I tried to purchase several times and finally gave up - the Joss Whedon figure was never shown for purchase only the Stan Lee when I tried to buy.  Maybe it's up now, but I doubt it.

Comment by cil domney on May 27, 2013 at 11:49am

What a great collectible and JM memory you have now.  I have this set but How I wish I had mine signed by JM.   I featured your blog at our home page. 

NOT bad at all - you were in great company with John Noble - Catherine Hicks.  I just watched  her in STIV-The Voyage Home - never watch the series.

Nice interview with her Star Trek experience.

Comment by Double Dutchess on May 5, 2013 at 1:38pm

Hey Isis, I completely missed this blog post, so thank you for reminding me of its existence. Too bad you were sick during the convention, but wow, you sure made optimal use of those 45 minutes!

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