Requiem for a Dream Spuffy AU OFFICIAL Storyline.

This is only for the wonderful people on Buffytube, anyways, here it goes.

Rewrite of Chosen.

Angel comes and gives Buffy the necklace, but he tells what it does. The only problem is that it needs to be worn by a Champion. Buffy goes to Willow in search of something that could possibly save Spike's life. The only thing that they can find is a spell that will sacrifice the Champions most precious loved one. In this case; Buffy. (Duh!) So, Buffy gets killed, and that is when Spike figures it out. He gets incredibly angry, and leaves the amulet in the battle site. He flees from the now destroyed Hellmouth, not knowing that the amulet had been activated once again.

Buffy is somehow brought back to life, but this time she doesn't know who she is, nor does she know she is a slayer. When she originally wakes up she is still wounded from the sword, and her hair is brunette. But, of course, she heals quickly. The man who finds her doesn't know what to do so he takes her to a motel and pays for her rent. The first night that Buffy sleeps(And all the following nights), she has extremely erotic dreams starring non other than...SPIKE! -Squeal- Okay, so. She isn't sure who this mystery man is, but she is positive that he will be the key to whatever the heck her past was. So...She sets out to find him.

Along the way the comes across vampires, and is almost killed, but of course she figures out that she can kill them, thus assuming she is a superhero. She ends up in Rome, and finds the Immortal who promises to help her remember the past, and find Spike. Of course he is just trying to seduce her. He does supply some information though. He shows her pictures of her and the Scoobies, and Buffy decides to dye her hair to the blond color it is in all the pictures. She is desperate to cling to any sort of past she can. One day, while they are out at a club, she spies a bleached blond man moving through the crowd, when she doesn't catch him in time she orders the Immortal to find out where he is going.

Of course, he has to tell her (Maybe there should be some sort of threatening involved), and she hops on the next flight to L.A. desperately searching for Spike, after coming up at W&H empty handed she finds her way to a little damp basement. And...

-Drum roll-

SHE FINDS SPIKE! Without even thinking she throws her arms around him, planting a large kiss on his lips. And in that moment, Buffy gets her memory back.

The End?

As if! Comon, nothing that has the essence of Joss can let people be happy! For too long anyways...

So...The PTB detects Buffy's new life once again (They didn't before since she wasn't whole. Her memory gone and everything). Anyways the PTB who I know we all hate, throw a bitch fit and they don't want Buffy being alive, or happy again. So...As a punishment...

-Drum roll again-

They bring back every single big bad (Season finale baddies) that she ever fought.

Will Buffy and Spike survive through madness?!
Will they be able to save the world AND keep their fluffy relationship?!

The end!
For now anyway...

Let me know what you think, and if I get a lot of positive feedback I might think about writing a fic on it.
Who knows!

But seriously, if I DID. There would be MAJOR Spuffy fluff.
^^It's the best kind anyways.

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Comment by latoya on July 16, 2009 at 10:06pm
this is really good. i thought it was real..
Comment by BuffyFreak09 on February 25, 2009 at 8:23pm
omg that sound amazing! so funny! hahaha you should definatily do a fanfic!
Comment by Spike and Angel on February 24, 2009 at 6:56pm
Best story I heard since buffy
Comment by Athena0606 on January 31, 2009 at 1:29pm
I love it. I hope you write for reals. I wish that was how it really happened.
Comment by Redheaded Willow on January 7, 2009 at 3:58pm
LMFAO Will Angel grow a penis. Amazing!! Can't hardly wait to read it. So much Spuffy Fluff it's driving me insane x$

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