My James Marsters/Ghost of the Robot Experience at SDCC 2013

This year, Comic-Con ended up being a whole new endeavor for me, as I was not only a fan, but also a staff member at the Eisner Awards, which are basically the Oscars for comics.

My story actually starts a couple of weeks before Comic-Con. I was emailed by my incredible boss and told that I was on her staff. I joined a group of friends celebrating online in a Ghost of the Robot chatroom. Little did I know, but a member of the band was also there, and when I mentioned my new job, he got excited and asked what the Eisners were. I told him, and he thought they sounded really cool. I asked if they knew if James would be interested in presenting, and got a positive response, so I messaged my boss. She said there was an open position when I told her James was interested. I then got his contact info and passed it on. Three hours later, I was emailed and told that James would be a presenter. Pretty cool for a quick afternoon's work, right?

Anyways, Comic-Con arrived, and I started attending. I spend Wednesday, which was Preview Night, shopping, and I spent Thursday in panels. On Friday, I knew Amber Benson would also be there, as a movie she's in that I helped to Kickstart was going to have a presence at the convention. Prior to anything with James, I spent an hour yelling on the exhibition floor to get people over to Amber for free signed posters for the movie, which will be filmed next spring. Following that, I dashed out the door to the hotel where the Eisners would take place. Once there, I did my job and the awards commenced. I saw James once as he came back in from using the "all guest can use it" bathroom, and I gestured him over to where I was sitting. I said hi, and told him how happy I was that he'd been interested in presenting. He asked how I knew, and I explained that I'd given his name to my boss. James thanked me and then went back to the green room.

Later that evening, I heard an unmistakable giggle from the awards ceremony, so I dashed inside to see James presenting. He was great. After he was done, I once again went to the entry area, where I knew he'd have to come back through to get to the green room again. This time, he was stopped near Neil Gaiman, who was also a presenter. I walked over to him, waited for acknowledgement, then asked for two favors. James asked that I be quick, as he really needed to go to the bathroom. My first request was for a hug, and I got it.

I followed up the request for a hug with a request that before he leave, he and Patricia find me so that I could get a picture of them together to post online, as IMHO, there aren't enough of them together. Sadly, James told me that Patricia had already left, and he and I gave each other a sad look. Then I walked back to where I needed to be, and he tried to find the green room bathroom. (He first ducked into a separate room, and when he walked out, looking sheepish, I caught his eye and pointed out the real location to him. This garnered me a mouthed 'thank you!')

I didn't see James at all again that night, though I did end up meeting one of my favorite voice actors as well as Neil Gaiman and John Barrowman. However, my boss and all my coworkers LOVED James, and pending any future work, we hope to have him back again next year as a presenter again.

The next day was Saturday, which is the craziest day at Comic-Con. I spent my morning in panels again, but after a while, I needed a break. I ended up looking for the booth where James' band Ghost of the Robot was supposed to be doing a one hour signing. I was very early, and the men running the booth were worried as they hadn't heard from the band. I messaged them, and ended up directing the guys to the booth when it was time. While they set up for the signing, I helped, and talked very seriously with James and Sullivan and Charlie. I even had the chance to re-ask James a question I'd asked him in February while sick and unable to hear his answer. Somehow, my being there early and helping them set up turned into me as their PA. I went shopping for Charlie and James, and helped to spread the word of the signing, which ended up lasting 2 hours.

After that, I went to one more panel (for Warehouse 13), and sent the panel on a short tangent prior to asking a question. As I'd spoken with James about Warehouse 13 during the signing, he'd expressed positive feelings for the cast, so I told them that he sent love. The rest of the cast sent love back his way. Allison Scaglioti, one of the stars, suggested that James' cheekbones should be an artifact on the show. It was a really cute moment, and I hope to find it on YouTube.

Once the panel ended, I dashed off to make it to the Ghost of the Robot concert that night. I did, and ended up with a front row seat. It was incredible, and I rocked out HARD! You can see the band performing on YouTube, as a friend of mine recorded the whole thing and posted it. The playlist is here:

Comic-Con was crazy, as it always is. Seeing James, and being acknowledged was great, but the best part of my experience was nabbing James' set list, written by Sullivan, after the Ghost of the Robot show.

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Comment by Isis Nocturne on December 21, 2013 at 2:17am

James looks like James to me most of the time. When he gets into character, that's when I see Spike.

Comment by _Buffy_ on October 26, 2013 at 3:36pm

Thanks for posting this. It sounds great. Does James look , at least a little like Spike yet ?

Comment by Isis Nocturne on August 20, 2013 at 10:38am

I know the woman who runs the Eisners, and she was aware that I wanted to join her team. It was her choice to add me, and I'm very grateful that she did and the rest of the team also thought I did a great job, so I'll be back again next year. :)

Comment by Lulurose on August 20, 2013 at 10:14am

It's always wonderful to read your accounts of all your experiences concerning JM. Keep up the good work! Inquiring minds want to know, and all that.

Comment by cil domney on August 20, 2013 at 6:21am

You had a lot of hard work but sounds like it was a great fun experience as well.  Thanks for posting that wonderful photo. 

Do you work for a publicist or PR firm or agency that has different clients with The Eisner being one of them?   Just curious how you got involved with the work you do. 

That's what is great about establishing connections - opportunities come up and you can take advantage of them to benefits of yourself and others. 

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