Daniel Revils - Biography (Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction)


The Minder


Daniel Revils

DOB: 20/11/1977

Blood Type: A positive

Nationality: French/British

Height: 5.9

Weight: 106 lbs

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Green

Aliases: Alex, Danny, Danny-boy, Sega boy, Sonic


Relatives: Piere Revils (Father) deceased

Charlotte Revils (Mother) deceased

Corey Hendrickson (Uncle) unknown



Buffy Summers,

Rupert Giles, Angel,

Joyce Summers,

Dawn Summers,

Faith Lehane,


Dingoes ate my baby (members)

Spike (on and off friendship),

Willow Rosenberg,

Xander Harris,

Tara Maclay,

Cordelia Chase,

Anya Jenkins,

Andrew Wells,

Nadine Calvet (student),

Kate Lockley (student),

Justine Cooper (student),

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce,

Charles Gunn,

Winifred Burkle (rivals),



Harriet Simmons,

Marcie Ross(reformed),

Robin Wood,

Kendra Young,

Jenny Calender,

Gwen Raiden



Ethan Rayne,


Riley Finn,

Mayor Wilkins,

The Initiative,


Maggie Walsh,

The Terrible three (Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy),




Dark Willow,

Dark Wesley,

The Trio,

The First Evil,


The Master,

Amy Madison (temporality),

Xander Harris (Vampire),

Warren Mears (former friend),

Parker Abrahms (disfigured),

Wolfram and Hart (Before Angel ran the LA branch),

Illyria (rivals),

Marcie Ross(deranged)


L’une Masqué


Fighting styles: Savate, Nanquan, Gun fu and other mixed Chinese martial arts



  • Expert martial artist
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman agility
  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Great sense of timing
  • Marksmanship
  • Gun fighter
  • Swordsmanship
  • Expert in Engineering
  • Double jointed
  • Speaks French and English fluently and speaks Danish
  • Musically talented (keyboard and novelty instruments he invents.)
  • Sensational cook (cooks French cuisines mostly)



  • Ewiger (straight sword)
  • Sigmar 45 action pistols
  • Drachens (modified Winchester model1887 shotguns)
  • Adler (bolt action rifle)
  • MGL 140 (grenade launcher)
  • Throwing knives
  • Flashbangers



Personality: Daniel is a confident and energetic fighter but he’s also reckless being risqué and daring with his methods of fighting, which would help him prevail or backfire almost meeting his demise.

Occasionally he would wisecrack and taunt his enemies before and during a fight.

Daniel is a gifted engineer who creates weapons, gadgets, devices, armour and other novelties that are beneficial to not only him but to others too. It’s no question that if Daniel didn’t go down the pathway of becoming a serial killer to a Minder, he could have become the next Leonardo Da Vinci. He would have revolutionised the capabilities and advancements of technology with his inventions. Others would discover Daniel did focus on other inventions for medical science and energy conservation.

Daniel speaks with a heavy southern French accent and would on occasions speak French due to his fanatical patriotism. His persona does come as awkward to some because he’s a shy eater and drinks more than occasionally to medicate his insecurities.

Daniel would be labelled by many as a nerd because he’s a Sega fanboy especially it’s mascot Sonic the hedgehog.

He normally gets agitated when he’s called Danny, mainly because people made fun of it. He much prefers being called Revils or Daniel, Daniel to his friends and to strangers and enemies he prefers Daniel.

In time after Daniel has successful opportunities to get laid came to him he would flourish a sex addiction. His sex organs would be higher functioning that of a normal humans and would increase his libido to more fetish and lurid sexual activities. Sex would become his known drawback, always thinking about intercourse before the primary mission and other important focuses that are more serious. The Scooby gang would become aware and intolerant of his sex addiction and would try to help him suppress it the best they can. They’ve further analysed the addiction and believe it’s his evolving demonic self that’s behind it. It’s a contingency that the demon race Daniel happens to be linked to had an uncontrollable need to mate with other demons spreading other types of demon species.

Daniel only fights for what he thinks is right, one thing he doesn’t tolerate are those that harm the innocent for entertainment and personal gain. He’s compelled to help those in trouble but there have been times when he’s almost gave up on having regards for humanity. Whenever there is trouble or an apocalypse Daniel would take up arms and fight. One quote Daniel always agreed with and inspired him was Ernest Hemmingway’s quote “The world is a fine place and worth fighting for and I hate very much to leave it”.





Daniel Alexander Revils was born in Toulouse, South France. Daniel lived a happy childhood life until he found out that his father had been discharged from the Army and the family was forced to immigrate to Britain. Daniel’s uncle Corey would support him and his parents until Daniel’s father was able to get a job as a truck driver.

Daniel’s new social life had changed as he struggled to fit in at school where he was bullied a lot right up to his early college years. Most of the time Daniel chose to be alone and would find solitude in engineering activities and other constructional and scientific subjects.

After coming home from school one day he would hear the news that his father had died in a crash. This threw Daniel’s mum off balance and she developed mental problems, which would result in her neglecting Daniel and not being able to help him with his problems he faced as a teenager. Sometimes Daniel’s uncle would try to help and get Daniel’s mum to start being more like a mother

again. This didn’t help much and Daniel started doing most of the chores round the house and cooking for himself.

After only one and a half years at college doing an engineering course he dropped out after being tormented and abused by the other students. Daniel went into a deep depression; he started contemplating plans to move back to France.

He ran away from home and on through his journey he was assaulted by a group of yobs that mugged him and left him penniless. Battered and bruised he staggered into an abandoned factory and contemplated suicide. Just before he made the crucial moment he was stopped by a voice, which claimed to be Satan. He offered Daniel the chance to take revenge on those who wronged him by granting him demonic power. After not much hesitation Daniel accepted and was infused with demonic power, which fuelled his hatred of those who abused him and the yobs who recently assaulted and robbed him.

Invigorated by his newfound power he rampaged through the streets to find the yobs and he relentlessly slaughtered them. After enjoying the aftertaste of revenge he was offered a mission by Satan to lead his armies to attack earth after spilling the blood of many more victims, which would open a hellmouth. Daniel accepted without thinking about the consequences and so begun Daniel’s infamous killing spree.

After two years of killing when almost enough blood was spilt to open a hellmouth to lead Satan’s armies and invade Earth. Three angels summoned Daniel and relieved him from Satan’s ascendancy and presence. While in their care and tutelage they rehabilitated his corrupted and tortured soul and enlightened him to not give up on his fellow humans and learn how to deal with his problems the right way.

Daniel woke up and found himself in a high security prison cell where it was obvious the police captured him. After countless days of isolation in his cell, a man who was a member of the Watchers council visited him. He offered Daniel a chance for freedom by taking up the duty as a Minder. He was to assist a Slayer, a female warrior who fights vampires and the forces of darkness. He was to prevent her death and be the community’s substitute slayer if she died and a new slayer is trained to take her place.

Daniel accepts and the arrangements have been made for him to be transferred to Sunnydale, California where his new occupation will be based. Already still possessing his demonic strength and abilities Daniel trains under a special programme the Watchers council devised for him. He was warned that although his powers are potentially superior compared to the Slayer, he must not use it as often as it could result in him becoming corrupted by darkness again.



On the big day when he was ready to be transported to the United States, associates of the Watchers council escorted Daniel. Daniel arrived in Sunnydale and was enrolled in Sunnydale high school and was introduced to his new guardian. His guardian was Rupert Giles who was a friend to Daniel’s family and has known Daniel when he was a teenager. Giles not only supports Daniel but trains him and teach him about vampires and other variations of the Forces of Darkness.

After Daniel settles down and enjoys his new life, he begins his first day at school where Giles introduces Buffy to Daniel.

Their first encounter goes sociably well but Buffy doesn’t like the idea too much of Daniel working close to her. Buffy underestimates Daniel’s potential and cannot imagine him as the fighting type who’d last long in a fight. Buffy is surprised when Daniel gets into a fight on his first day with jocks that find amusement in picking on freshmen. They expected Daniel to be weak and easily agitated and would try getting his attention by throwing a football at Daniel. Daniel would sense it and catch it in time then throw it back with a friendly smile. After a while they throw it at him again with Daniel catching it and calling out to them he doesn’t want to play but they ignore his plea and throw it again. Again Daniel catches it and gives them signs of agitation and annoyance and shouts firmly at them to stop it. The jocks throw it again and instead of catching it he unleashes a blow that punctures the ball. Daniel looks angry at the jocks who looked shocked on what they saw and remain silent as do many who saw what Daniel did.

When lessons begin again the jocks confront Daniel and rebuke him for destroying their ball. They draw the first blood by trying to push him at first and one gets him in a chocker hold. Daniel is consumed by anger and explodes almost killing them but Buffy breaks up the fight.

During the rest of the first day Buffy lets Daniel tag along with her and introduces him to her other friends so he can keep out of trouble.

On the first night Buffy and Daniel go vampire hunting together, Buffy shows Daniel some basics in vampire hunting, which Daniel goes along with.

Later during the night Revils wanted to go individual and especial with vampire hunting so he designs some special unique pistols. After so many weeks of experimenting to create a special kind of bullets that are incendiary and would destroy the vampire heart, he succeeds in inventing the first prototypes. This shocks Buffy when Daniel uses them for the first time on a vampire and other vampires that intervened. Revils smiles at her with conceit as Buffy disapproves of Daniel’s method of killing vampires. This does lead Buffy to have some negative opinions about Daniel but regardless she still treats him as a friend and does accept him as a sidekick.

Shortly after they are properly acquainted Buffy introduces Daniel to her boyfriend Angel. Despite Daniel’s developing romantic interests in Buffy, they both become good friends.

Overtime Daniel tries to find ways he can maintain a friendship with Buffy despite his growing feelings for her. He knew what the consequences could be if he was forced to deal with rejection from Buffy.

Daniel would not always fight side to side with Buffy but sometimes does fight alone but would ensure Buffy’s safety without having to monitor her every hour of every day.

Daniel knew what he was fighting for and believed it was all worth it to give him a purpose in life and fight for justice.



The days that go by Daniel proceeds to invent new weapons and devices to combat the Forces of Darkness. He accompanies Buffy on some missions and sometimes does his own solo missions.

Giles continues to support Daniel as later on Daniel sees Giles as a father figure and even sees Buffy’s boyfriend Angel as the brother he never had.

Only time will tell when Daniel can prove his worth that he can keep the Forces of Darkness at bay with the assistance of the Slayers.


What is a Minder?

Not to be confused with the other Minders who watches unstable reality fields and sees into the future.

Centuries when the line of slayers was prophesised and new Slayers would rise every generation. There was a time when the community’s Slayer died and left the community vulnerable and unprotected to an attack by vampire hordes. One hero arose and fought the threat bringing their reign of terror to an end. That hero would become the first Minder that the Watchers council registered and would assign him to fight the vampires and watch over the new Slayer that was being trained and prepared.

The Minder acts as a secondary Slayer and a secondary Watcher who would devote his life to protecting the untrained Slayer and the community. Even when a Slayer is ready to take up her duties to fight Evil, the Minder must fight by her side and give up his life for her if necessary.

Minders aren’t gifted with powers like Slayers are but already contain powers or fighting abilities of some kind, which qualify them for the position.

One time there was friction between Minder and Slayer when Minder Marcus Jennings would fall in love with his Slayer Rachael Burkle. If that wasn’t worse friction also happened with Minder and Watcher when Rachael’s Watcher Sebastian Filkins fell in love with her too. This caused a tragic outcome which got them both killed and left the community unprotected. The incident prompted the Watchers council to have second thoughts about the necessity of a Minder and giving a Slayer and Watcher therapy to ensure romantic feelings don’t evolve.

In time it was hard to find a dedicated warrior who would devote his life to the Slayer who not only would be dedicated to the job but not thrive romantic feelings for his Slayer.

Only near the fall of the 20th century the Watchers council foresaw the increasing strength of Evil and knew that more than the Slayer was needed. They conjectured the need to bring back the Minders into their line of work. Daniel Revils was the first Minder after a few generations to take up the job one of the reasons being to earn his freedom.

One of the Council’s worst fears happened to be when Daniel fell in love with Buffy Summers and the Council hoped the love interest wont end in inconvenience. The council were always heeded that they cannot control the feelings and emotions of anyone not even the Slayer or the Minder.

Daniel taking an interest in Buffy in a romantic way did prove convenience as it guaranteed his cooperation and loyalty to fight side by side with her. The only paranoia was if Buffy was to turn him down as a lover he would turn against her and everyone but entrusting him was a chance the council were willing to take.

For more information about Daniel Revils here is the link to my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction.


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