Daniel meets Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer - fan fiction)

Daniel meets Drusilla

The first time Daniel met Drusilla, happened at the most befitting time of the year, when Daniel would experience a woman’s warmth for the first time.

On a school day in the afternoon when it was Valentines day, Daniel was silently moping about how bad his luck was when finding love. All of a sudden something softly slapped his desk, which was bright red and appeared to be an envelope. Daniel was struck with the thrill of excitement as he opened up the envelope and it was as he expected, a Valentine’s Day card. It had an amorous image of two birds holding a ribbon with their beaks on a heart shape. The fragrance of exotic perfume struck Daniel’s nose, which was only the first inviting pleasantness to what the contents of the card read. “Meet me at 8pm in my special place, you’ll find my special place in the park. I’ve drawn you a map so you can find the way. I’m dying to meet you, love Dru x” read the neatly written text. Daniel moved his eyes to see the map she drew at the left side of the card. Daniel was already filled with the excitement and thrill that he has a date and he hugged the card to his chest.

Back at Giles’ house Daniel was getting ready for his supposed rendezvous, looking the best he can. He was also being cautious and took weapons with him, in case it was a trap.

Giles did ask Daniel why he was trying to look his best, and Daniel told him it was for a date, as they both smiled at each other. Giles congratulated and wished Daniel luck as Daniel took off with Giles not looking concerned, but pleased that Daniel had got a date.

When Daniel reached the park it had already started raining, with raindrops violently falling from the sky. Daniel made haste through the park trying to find where the special place was and struggled to find it until he came across a giant rock, which was surrounded by trees and a circle of benches. This must have made the rock itself resemble something special, obviously being one of the park attractions. Daniel examined the rock and found a heavy steel door with some rustiness covering the hard surface. Daniel gave the door a try by pushing down on the handle, which pressed into his hand, and he pushed as the door creaked open, with the horrible rusty sound. Light pierced Daniel in his eyes, making him temporally blind; after he regained his sight he saw there was a flight of dank concrete steps leading down. The stairs leading down had a claustrophobic feel, with jagged rock walls hovering over, and steps that felt like they were slippery. Daniel got to the bottom, and saw another steel door; he decided to show manners and not to draw one of his Sigmar 45s. He held his breath, and he pushed the door slowly being cautious, and he gazed into the room. The room was humongous, with jagged rock walls and a marble floor, which looked exotic and comfortable to walk on barefooted. Daniel turned his head to the right, and saw what seemed like a kitchen or cocktail bar, with a unique design, as if it’s from the Flinstones universe. On Daniel’s right, he saw a small oblong coffee table made out of stone with a smooth flat surface. Near the table was a sofa, which looked brand new and seemed comfortable to sit on. Past the sofa lay an enormous Great bed of ware, with transparent silk curtains and crimson silk sheets. The whole place itself had a romantic feel, much to Daniel’s astonishment.

He wondered where Dru was, as he was eager to meet her and see what she looked like, or if this was intended to be a trap. Daniel heard a voice with a soft British accent call out his name, as Daniel turned his head slightly to the left and saw Dru. She was a young looking woman more likely in her early 20’s, with long dark hair, thin eyebrows, and had a slim classy figure. She wore a long black gown, as she span the cord round indicating seduction. Her eyes were so beautiful, they had that infatuation, which one could look deep into them, and feel sedated or hypnotised. She raised a leering smile, stretching her fine angelic lips, and revealing a smile so sharp, it twitched Daniel’s cheek muscles, as he couldn’t help but smile too.

“You must be Dru”, asked Daniel, without lowering the smile that was stuck on his face. “My name is Drusilla but you may call me Dru”, responded Drusilla, as she beckoned her head to the sofa still smiling. Daniel sat on the sofa, which he sank into and got comfy. Drusilla walked to the kitchen, and Daniel just observed around the room, feeling at home already. Drusilla came back, holding two glasses of red wine, as she handed Daniel his wine. “Thank you”, said Daniel “de rien”, answered Drusilla, which put a shock on Daniel’s face, due to Drusilla’s ability to speak French. Daniel takes a sip of his wine, and tastes how warm and strong a French wine is.

“You live here?” asked Daniel, trying to start a conversation “I do”, answered Drusilla. “Well it’s a lovely place”, smiled Daniel “Merci”, responded Drusilla “de rien”, said Daniel, as they both laughed. “Do you go to Sunnydale high too?”, inquired Daniel “No, I’ve had my fill of education”, replied Drusilla, trying to add humour. “I’ve got a Valentine’s gift for you”, said Drusilla, as she stood on her feet and walked to the kitchen, and came back holding a long object, as she sat back down, and handed it to Daniel. It turned out to be a well-crafted straight sword. Daniel smiled and exclaimed with delight, as he stood up and practiced with the sword. After having a short practice with the sword, he didn’t noticed Drusilla getting on her feet, pulling out a samurai sword from under her gown. She tried to slice Daniel vertically, letting out a yell out of her teeth, as Daniel turned round and parried the blow. After a short sword fight, Daniel ended it by pinning Drusilla up against the wall, rendering her powerless. “You fight good”, laughed Drusilla as silence remained, with Daniel looking deep into Drusilla’s eyes with insecurity. Drusilla was panting, lowering her smile and just parting lips, as both their faces were close to each other. Daniel pushed himself away from Drusilla, throwing away the samurai sword and collecting the scabbard, which came with the sword he was given. Daniel was about to take leave, until he felt a tickle behind his ear, which felt like Drusilla’s long fingernails. “Please stay Daniel, I’m sorry. I just wanted to give you a spar that’s all”, apologised Drusilla as she hugged Daniel from behind with her arms firmly squeezing his ribs. Surprised by Drusilla’s strong grip, Daniel titled his head up and inhaled, and exhaled slowly. “Okay”, whispered Daniel as Drusilla released him, and Daniel sat back down on the sofa. “I’m sorry too, it’s just that I’m so insecure sometimes”, said Daniel, as he released one big breathe he held in, trying to chill out from the fight without sulking. Drusilla raised her bare foot onto Daniel’s lap, as Daniel looked down and noticed Drusilla’s red toenails, which were glossed and painted in nail varnish. After a pause, Drusilla still saw the sad look on Daniel’s face, as if he was about to shed a tear. “Hey” coaxed Drusilla smiling at Daniel, as he turned his head to look at her. “Cheer up”, said Drusilla, poking her toes into Daniel’s stomach. Daniel started to raise half a smile, as he raised his motionless looking hand, and lowered it to touch Drusilla’s toenails, which made Drusilla giggle. Drusilla took her foot off Daniel’s lap, and moved closer up to Daniel, and touched the right side of his face, and turned it so he can make eye contact with her. Drusilla’s smile turned Daniel’s half smile into a full smile, taking his mind off the incident. “I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything, I feel bad”, said Daniel, as he tried to wipe the smile from his face to show his sign of regret, but his smile had cohered on his face. “Don’t, you didn’t have to”, said Drusilla, as she parted her lips, as Daniel did the same. Drusilla moved closer to Daniel, and kissed him, as they both start kissing passionately. Daniel felt the passion he never experienced before, feeling the moistness of Drusilla’s lips, this was the first time he’s kissed a girl. The kiss broke with Drusilla lightly biting Daniel’s lips, but keeping them intact. Without tasting blood in his mouth Drusilla takes Daniel’s hand, and pulls him on his feet, and leads him to the bed. Daniel’s heart was rushing with excitement and nerves, as Drusilla released Daniel’s hand, and she turned to face him. With a smile she took off her gown, exposing her naked body to Daniel, which made him gaze at what he was privileged to. Drusilla flung her arms round Daniel’s neck, and kissed him again, with Daniel touching her bare soft skin. After the kissing halted, Drusilla undid Daniel’s top and Daniel undressed his below for her. Once they were both bare of all clothing, Daniel lay on the bed on his back, as Drusilla followed and mounted him, as they begun to have intercourse. After their intercourse, they slumbered the rest of the night together.

Daniel awoke the next morning, with Drusilla by his side with his arm around her; Daniel climbed out of bed and got dressed. Before taking off, he saw Drusilla had changed positions, as she faced Daniel, with her hand slumped to where Daniel had been lying, with her hand slighting open. Daniel crawled back on the bed, and moved up to Drusilla. “I’ve got to go now”, whispered Daniel “Okay”, said Drusilla, as if she sounded awake but had her eyes shut. Daniel kissed her on the forehead, as she smiled and Daniel took his leave. Daniel walked up the stairs feeling energetic, and opened the front door, feeling the morning sun and breeze. Daniel quickly adapted to how beautiful the February winter morning looked, heading to school. On the way, he was infused with happiness he never apperceived before, and envisioned his future with his apparent first girlfriend. 

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Comment by James Reed on February 9, 2014 at 6:00am

Later on in my fan fiction it's discovered that Drusilla has a new superior called Tibalius who's the Judge of War for the Courts of Fate; to make sure Drusilla stayed in line, Tibalius gave her half a soul to make her more controllable. Drusilla of course was sane enough to take orders like she took orders from Wolfram and Hart, but of course would betray them along with Darla. 

Daniel wouldn't noticed she was a vampire because he met her in the cover of darkness and shelter, of course Daniel didn't have much interaction with girls so I guess that's why he didn't notice. The vampires in Buffy do disguise and pass themselves well as ordinary humans. I think only a Slayer could notice if someone's a vampire. 

Comment by Double Dutchess on February 8, 2014 at 7:03pm

Interesting! Is Drusilla sane in this story? Daniel doesn't seem to have noticed she's a vampire, maybe because of his inexperience with girls?

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