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A Buffy Summers Interview on Strengths & Weaknesses

In the End, Some other Greatest Pains, Become your Greatest Strengths."

This quote reminds me of Buffy. It shows about how grow up and live her pain over seven years. Thats what made her "Powerful Slayer". Just like Faith, Spike and Angel.


When Buffy Summers first came to Sunnydale, she was newbie slayer. She was chosen to be the only slayer in Sunnydale. Something that she has to accept through Giles and Scoobies. Buffy was… Continue

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The King and Her chapter 5

Chapter 5

Are you lonesome tonight?

Jaedon felt her face flush, Drusilla calling him the King like that. Like it was nothing more than a darling pet name for a lover. Like he was nothing more to her than than…than a mere …

Jaedon leaned in to peer at her from across the coffee table. “When you speak of him, do it with reverence Dru.” she said somewhat angered at what this thing had taken away from… Continue

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The King and Her chapter 4

Chapter 4

Ask Me

Jaedon brought Drusilla the tea, and a plate full of scones, fresh from the bakery down the street. She had read somewhere that Dru loved scones and blackberry jam and wanted to make sure that it was pleasing to her. Jaedon wasn’t used to trying to please a vampire, but this was different. Dru had known her father, had been with him after he passed over and a few times after that. She wanted answers in the worst… Continue

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The King and Her chapter 2

Chapter 2

Echoes of love

Jaedon’s hands came up to rest against the hands that surrounded her neck. She slightly tapped her fingers against the long cold ones’ that held her life so as to let It know, she couldn’t say anything in the state she found herself in. Her motion worked, feeling the fingers let up somewhat, although not completely go away. They were still there, Jaedon feeling them scratch at her as It asked again… Continue

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The King and Her

Chapter 1

'Hands Off'

Jaedon had been waiting. The air had gotten colder, the warm summers’ breeze that flowed from the tops of the mountains were now a figment of her imagination. She so hated the cold. Hated the feeling of it, but yet, it had been a part of her for so long. She hated being back in this part of the country, hated everything about it, but yet here she was. It wasn’t her favorite place to be, neither was… Continue

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The King and Her chapter 3

Chapter 3

Night Rider

Jaedon brought her back to the flat over the old Victorian style

funeral home. It had not been in use since the early twenties, lending an

air of gothicisism and mystery to the place. The previous owner of the

building had sold it to a private firm and there it had remained all of

these years. The upper floor had been turned into one large… Continue

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War within myself

I stand on the battlefield

Bodies litter the ground

Sword in hand blood on hilt

Silence is the only sound

My heart is heavy with the stains

Of a thousand gaping wounds

Bleeding through the veil of grief

So many sins I need to atone

I raise my hands the sword does fall

The clink of metal to earth I hear

As I stand on this field

eyes filled with tears

The uselessness of life the…


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Faraway the memories seem

in a distant pass,like a dream

My god had left me all alone

In an empty church,all furlone

He let the devil pull me in

ripped out my soul,for my sins

The hollow echo of their screams

still echo in my murky brain

the bloody lamb,in the blackberry patch

lay with my family and their sodden hearts

Never more to hear mum sing and dance

a lullaby it was,dulcate tones in a… Continue

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Buffy Tube Members - 666?

Random posting but I just picked up a badge for Buffy Tube for my website - We have 666 members? Now that's kinda freaky. Get someone to join up - fast!

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The Dream

I dreamed of him last night I saw his face

All radiant and unshadowed of distress

And as if of old in music measureless

I heard his golden voice and marked him trace

Under the common thing the hidden grace

And conjure wonder out of emptiness

Till mean things puts' on beauty like a dress

And all the world was an enchanted place

And then I thought outside a fast locked gate

I mourned the loss of… Continue

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Just for my Spike

just for my Spike

it’s been a while

that I’ve seen you

it’s been a while since

you’ve been in my arms

things change

but not my Spike

it’s been a while


you’ve kissed my lips

it’s been a while


I’ve felt your hands upon my hips

things change

but not my Spike

hearts… Continue

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My Darkest Desire

in the darkness you walk with me

a shadow

on the cobble-stoned streets

a whisper

in the leaves

a vestige of

a former love

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The Ingrediant of Love

The illusion of the gods

this emotion called love

is there such thing?

a myth of the ages

the elusive holy grail

not made of stone or wood

not hammered steel or crafted gold


not seen

not felt

not touched

not looked upon

in beauty or disgust

separating lust love like and use

leaves an unbaked… Continue

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I'm back

As you guys might have noticed by my posts, but I'm back. Bridal shower went well. We had lots of fun and I had even prepped too much to get everything done but it was a big hit. Rachel, my sister, the bride to be, appeared to have tons of fun. Plus I got to spend lots of bonding time with her and her pets and helped her clean up her house so it was lots of fun. So anyway I'm back for 3 weeks before I leave again until after the wedding which is July 11th. Look forward to seeing everyone around… Continue

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I wished that I could find peace of mind

a place where the waters bubble and the birds sing

where the frogs jump from the lily pads

where I could lie back in the greenest of grass

soft as silk on my legs…

where the suns’ rays hit my face

warming the shell that I am .

Somewhere that I could watch the clouds

form shapes and funny faces in the azure… Continue

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Heart Untouched

my heart is displayed

in a glass bell jar

only to be looked at

without any scars

forever to love

just one man

never to hold him

but he understands

that my heart is in

a glass bell jar

to keep it safe

from any harm

My heart is tied

with satin strings

all wrapped up

with no… Continue

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Pseudo Love

I can say it

Doesn’t mean I mean it

Doesn’t mean I don’t feel


Doesn’t mean that I






But a smile on my face

Lying to the world

Saying those three little words

Everyone craves to hear

I can say it

I could make you believe it

It’s up to… Continue

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The Beguiled

It is the coldness that I feel
each time I breath
It is the grasp of deaths hand
that warms me
It is your eyes that I see
when I think of life
It is your smile
that beguiles me

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Just For a Little While

I am so tired and worn out

when will rest come?

The sweet relief of emptiness in my mind



an abyss

floating into


seeing only black

Just for a while

a little while

not long...

Just for a time

to close my eyes

close my mind

put the sign on the door

gone for the duration

to wake up renewed… Continue

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Regardless of how we feel the sun still shines

The moon still waxes and wanes

And our heart still beats

Regardless of the circumstances we still

Feel hope

Wish for the best

And pray for peace of mind

Regardless of how things are

I still love

I still hurt

I still feel

I am still able to… Continue

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