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TimeTravellingBunny commented on Chris Davis's group Spuffy Fans!!!
"Here's the video from the Saturday's panel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHC1nc4sijIYeah, Nick asked 'can I go back to the previous question?' and said that Angel was a boring character, at least on…"
Apr 11
TimeTravellingBunny commented on Chris Davis's group Spuffy Fans!!!
"Hm, having seen the whole video, the part with 'Bangel or Spuffy' was not in it. "
Apr 8
TimeTravellingBunny commented on Chris Davis's group Spuffy Fans!!!
"Never mind, here is the video of the entire conference in Paris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53K769itfaU"
Apr 8
TimeTravellingBunny commented on Chris Davis's group Spuffy Fans!!!
"Thank you, Miss Kitty. You say, four cast members. Nick Brendon say anything on the matter?"
Apr 8
TimeTravellingBunny commented on spuffylover2's group James Marsters Fans
"Not really, at this point - the showrunners, Benioff and Weiss have always had the last word and decided the storylines on the show. George R.R. Martin used to write one episode per season, but decided not to write any for season 5 or the upcoming…"
Aug 28, 2015
TimeTravellingBunny commented on spuffylover2's group James Marsters Fans
"Show Jaime was quite faithful to the book for the first three seasons (except for killing his cousin, that never happened in the books). In season 3, they really did his story well, and the actor was fantastic. But in season 4 and season 5, well,…"
Aug 25, 2015
TimeTravellingBunny commented on spuffylover2's group James Marsters Fans
"I think Alfie Allen has been fantastic, but they didn't do his story justice this year at all. I had high hopes since his story in A Dance with Dragons is great, but the moment I realized they were turning Sansa into Jeyne (a square peg into a…"
Aug 25, 2015
TimeTravellingBunny commented on spuffylover2's group James Marsters Fans
"Oh god, that entire Sex God Podrick subplot was so idiotic. Those stupid scenes they invent to get more brothel and naked women are the worst. I wouldn't mourn Jon yet. There are reasons to think he will come back one way or another. So on my…"
Aug 24, 2015
TimeTravellingBunny commented on spuffylover2's group James Marsters Fans
"Actually, "My Private Idaho" is based on "Henry IV", although the main character is not Henry IV but his son Prince Hal, aka the future Henry V. Game of Thrones does have a lot of gratuitous (in the real sense of the word) sex…"
Aug 23, 2015
TimeTravellingBunny commented on cil domney's group Comics Talk
"No, not the vote thing. The best characters from Buffy/Angel list is from over a year ago, I remember reading it last year. "
Jun 10, 2015
TimeTravellingBunny commented on cil domney's group Comics Talk
"I remember that list, I've seen it long time ago. It's from over a year ago, it seems"
Jun 10, 2015
TimeTravellingBunny commented on cil domney's group Comics Talk
"Is there a limit how many episodes we can vote for?"
Jun 10, 2015
TimeTravellingBunny commented on Chris Davis's group Spuffy Fans!!!
"The mussled hair is really cute, but I love the slick, bleached look. I find it particularly sexy. I also loved his 1970s punk rock look. The only hairstyle that really didn't suit him was when it was dyed black."
Oct 3, 2014
TimeTravellingBunny commented on Chris Davis's group Spuffy Fans!!!
"@Stoney: "The latest in the comics I hated so much I (futilely I'm sure) hope it just doesn't happen again or we get to see what they would do if it was Angel going into Spike's title!!" Well, we've seen what happens to…"
May 11, 2014
TimeTravellingBunny commented on Chris Davis's group Spuffy Fans!!!
"@Cil Domney - I don't think that a person being clothed makes them necessarily the more "active" participant or that a person being nude makes them more vulnerable. It depends on the context and the person's attitude. A…"
May 11, 2014
TimeTravellingBunny commented on Guardian's group Everything Spike
"Duchess, what did you post? I don't see anything."
Aug 16, 2013

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At 10:22am on December 27, 2011, Veiriti said…

Srećna Nova Godina!

At 2:42pm on August 14, 2011, Veiriti said…
Thank you! I've shared these links in Facebook! A golden medal for Spike LOL
At 11:12am on August 10, 2011, Veiriti said…

Hee, hee, I’ve noticed that Cheryl is probably a believer, Baptist, evangelist or something. And I’m trying to ignore her either. I had a serious struggle with her over DH boards.

And yeah, I want Joss finally to say who Buffy does prefer and I’m sure that he will do that this season, but not in Bangel benefits! ;) 

At 9:51am on August 10, 2011, Veiriti said…

You’re absolutely right, honey! I can’t stand these two, if they really are two… I think (and Leyki thinks the same) that Artea and Shaftoe are the avatars of one person… their rants and styles are absolutely identical, imo. Anyway, when I’ve disapproved his points – I’ve told to that stupid git Shit-toe that I can’t stand his comments and he should have to be banned instead you. I hope that jerk will read it. And I’m really curious are these BF moderators blind?! Even a blind man would see that they have insulted you, not you them! F@#Er$!

And Ch-bitch is totally delusional – actually I have a great fun reading her stupidity. Honesty I’m not keen Spike to get the Shanshu or to become a human somehow, but I’d like something like that to happen and the season to finish how Buffy and Spike are holding their hands watching the sunrise. I would love to see her reaction then. Or Angel to get his Shanshu, but Buffy to chose the vamp Spike over the human Angel in the end. It would be fun! LOL   

p.s. And I’m happy that we have you here in BT! I think BF is losing when they ban you!

At 6:45am on August 10, 2011, Veiriti said…

Hey, I’ve been around the BF and I’ve seen that these wankers have banned you… I’m so sorry, I’ve read your discussion with Jack Shaftoe and I’m totally in your side, I even gave a bad reputation to that git Shit-toe, well I mean Shaftoe. LOL God, they should have to ban him instead, because he insulted you few times!!! That’s a double standard, imo! That’s why I don’t post in BF and only prefer to read the posts and to vote. I really can’t stand some posters there. And you know I’m anti-Bangel and Xander-hater so if I start to post there they probably would ban me permanently. But the people like Artea, Pointman, Shaftoe and Cheryl who spit on Spike and Spuffy in every single post usually don’t get a ban… weird, isn’t it?!   

At 5:41pm on August 5, 2011, Lulurose said…


Welcome to Buffytube - thanks for joining us and I hope that you enjoy the site as much as all the rest of us do. Check the HOME PAGE on your visits, as that's the best way to get information on all the latest happenings at the network. Be sure to check out the groups - it's a good way to meet other members, and there are groups for different characters and interests. Important information and guidelines for The Members Gallery and Vids is posted at the HOME PAGE. The link for this is http://buffytube.ning.com/


Please review these carefully before posting images or vids to avoid any problems concerning the rules. Also, when you set up your profile, in the “settings” on the e-mail option, please make sure that the "A message from Buffytube-Slayerise Yourself" option is checked, as it is the only way that we can contact everyone with important information that all members need to know.

We would love it if you shared your personal artwork and videos with us. However, be advised that we do not allow videos to be embedded from Youtube. If you like to make vids, please be sure and join our Vid Announcements group run by our Vid Representative Holdt.  This group has important information  for posting vids and for communication with our representative.

Here is a link for video policy:


We are always happy to hear your suggestions about the site.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Network Administrator


New Members Representative

At 5:12am on August 4, 2011, Double Dutchess said…
That about the real name is misleading, isn't it? If you want to change your name, try to do it via settings (5th from the top in the menu on the right), and change what's filled in under "full name" there. If that doesn't work, maybe it's possible to have it changed by an administrator, but I'm not sure about that.
At 3:15am on August 4, 2011, Veiriti said…

Oh, here is DD's promo video - Why I Love Buffy Tube! Enjoy!


At 3:13am on August 4, 2011, Veiriti said…

You’re welcome! And you don’t need to give me a gift :D Actually the red ribbons are free ;)

And I’ve supposed that you studied English in a University level. My English is still in a high school level and I don’t use it in my work much. ;) In fact I have no much practice - I read some pocket English books and I use the language mostly for internet communications. My spoken English is even worse. And two years ago I’ve met some people from Serbia and in the beginning we started to communicate in English, but the communication went slow. The they start to talk in Serbian and we - in Bulgarian and then we perfectly understand each other! LOL

About Buffy Tube – the place is for everything -  forum, fanvids, fanart. Actually we haven’t exactly a forum – the right name is “discussion groups”. As you see you have to join the group first to discuss the topic, the couple and the character – that’s good because we can avoid the struggles, shipper wars and the fanwank. ;)  

At 5:16pm on August 3, 2011, Double Dutchess said…
Hi, because of your icon I was thinking the same thing as Veiriti. If you really are TTB, I would also like to say that I always enjoy reading your posts on Slayalive and Buffyforums. (I don't post there myself, but I do lurk.)

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