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Forever. That's the whole point ♥

HEY there! It's Barbara here. I'm addicted to the Buffyverse, one of the biggest fans of SMG, a hardcore B/A lover and Angel's love slave =P

I love to meet Buffy fans, so comments are super encouraged =D

I'll eventually post all my Bangel videos. Hope you guys like them =]

Best of everything!

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At 6:36am on July 21, 2009, Cryngle said…
Of course I do! You’re a B/A lover, chatty and hello, adorable ICON! What’s to forget? *winks*

Welcome back to the life of all things BA (least in my mind). Angel? Psh! Your very much like him, he leaves and ALWAYS comes back. Always and since you’re here to stay. HELLO, happy ending to come. Lol

I’m okay, on the big happy side. my apologies for taking so long to respond but I haven’t really had time to sit down the last few weeks or maybe I’ve just been extremely lazy. I’m not on vacation yet, although this week as been slacking. I went away the weekend to the warm baths and just can’t get back into sync. What about yourself? Enjoying your time off? How was the beach?

Haha. I’m completely obsessed with the couple too! Oz/Willow and Fred/Wesley too. Just love Drusilla as a character. I think she’s beautiful and oddly the only person I don’t mind Angel being with OTHER than Buffy. Only because I could understand why Angel would feel remorse about Angel(us) actions toward her. I don’t mean that in the romantic sense either. (Thought, I’d let you in on what else I like! Lol)

Haha, thanks for the compliment. Life seems to be getting a little better this side. Past dramas are smoothing over and troubles are worming their way back. *gets the life sucks repellent*

Actually, no I don’t know the state. I forgot, it’s been such a long time since we’ve been in contact it would be a wide guess and I don’t know to much geographically. Time to whip up my googling skills. Lol. You have to be the first person I’ve met who actually enjoys where they’re living, usually people always want to move. Go somewhere else. LIKE me. :P

Short movies? Woah! Big stuff. Your like attempting the really big guns. Law and acting? Now there is a dynamic duo that would make someone’s head spin. Passion should definitely be a big part of what you do. I on the other hand am not in college, my family doesn’t really have the resources to try an attempt something like that so we’re pushing along with what we can. I take a few home courses for script writing as I love to write. I’ve just never felt too confident about it. I work but with my mother who runs and estate agency but alas dear mortal my secret identity shall stay just that! (cause I don’t really have one, unless obsessive DB counts? Lol)

God, hate anyone with Buffy aside from Angel although Riley was as you say boring. I could live with that, he was the normal she needed at the time, you know until he completely looped out, he was protective, cared about her and she’d felt the same…even if it was only a momentary fluff of judgment. I’d much have preferred that to the intimate moments of gag worthy reel they wasted on S/B.

James understood the story and probably felt disappointed at having been drawn from someone he liked to work with. It just wasn’t right. There chemistry was so sweet.

Angelus ahhh, what a delectable delightful asshole! Bad boy through and through -with uber, rip out your throat action. I couldn’t agree with you more. I love Angelus all bossy and dangerous and yet Angel has the same traits, especially when his all protective. *swoon*

A support GROUP? You best believe it little lassy. I’ll get right on it! Damn it, his going three ways it seems as Robin wants a piece too. So, we’ll be making our own remake of “These Girls”.

No, no… I could never read a story like that. I meant that I started at the top of their fan fiction collaboration list and worked my way down. It’s the only way I like to read. Its like a tick. heh heh. Yes, I’ve read most of tango’s stuff but like yourself find myself preferring indies. They’re both good but indies are brilliant! Lindsey. OMFG. Gah hot. *shudder* I wanted him for myself in quite a few fictions. heh heh…

I’ve read ‘Buffy Diary; and ‘Letters to Whistler’, now I’m reading ‘Letters from Ireland’. Harpy just knows how to write doesn’t she?! She makes you feel such emotion. Like ‘Ducks’. Do you read her work? Did you read her manifesto on B/A? Gah. She just highlights so much as to why I love them.

Do you perhaps have a messenger? Like Yahoo or MSN. We could keep in contact like such too and really, please don’t fret about the letter. I love receiving them and returning the favor, as you can see! Speak soon and hope I didn’t take to long to respond. :(

At 7:45am on June 21, 2009, Slayerxo said…
haha I knowww!! :) Its great! I'll probably upload some of my bangel vids soon xD
I still have to figure out how to get around this place and how to make my profile more exciting lol!
At 11:40pm on June 17, 2009, MissKendra said…
Umm I have a request...any chance you could do a Bangel video for the song "It Is You I Have Loved (All Along)" by Dana Glover, I have no video making skills and you are wonderful at it and this is just a GREAT, GREAT GREAT song for their love. I'd love you forever if you could manage...
At 4:44pm on June 17, 2009, Cryngle said…
I’m pretty stoked there is another B/A fan around!!

Yup, 1998-99? (I don’t exactly remember). .that’s when it showcased for me! I’m glad it wasn’t slow on uptake. I’d have hated to be behind because the suspense, not knowing what was going to happen next was just great. I don’t have much of anyone to share my obsession with this side. People just aren’t too interested in it around here or I have yet to find someone that is. I totally would love to hang out with my friends though, re-watch and have a giggle. There was just so much to love!

No, ha-ha I definitely have no score! You think so? I always figured my life to be bland or maybe it’s because I’ve heard the story so often. You went through that particular adolescent stage too? Haha!! Yay, I don’t feel so alone anymore.

Brazil, awesome! I have a cousin there from my mother’s side. I don’t know too much about it but from what she told me. Its lovely there semi-rural and something, I don’t know if that’s dependant in what part she is in…

Actress huh? Wow, that’s a pretty big leap from astronaut!! I wanted to be a singer growing up, did the choir thing for years while I was in school but once we moved to mozzie, there was just no one out there to help me further that dream. That’s when the ninja thing took precedence so.. heh heh, can’t say things turned out to badly.

Do you act in anything or have you acted in anything yet? or are you just training still?

B/R was okay. Riley did love her, I believe but Buffy’s heart wasn’t in it. Never would be, it was way too soon after Angel, even if she did as he’d requested and found someone to take her into the light. Buffy I believe just couldn’t be happy. There was to much hurt.

Then B/S. *gag* What more can I say about that? LOL…

Drusilla was never a saint. We knew that. She was infatuated with Angelus (now I ask you, who in their right mind wouldn’t be?!) Spike was always silly. That’s what made him I guess, all his quirky little lines and snotty comebacks. *shrug* I loved watchin Angel kick his arse!!

James, yep… I like him. DAVID however…. Damn girl, love of my life too!! HAHA. I spend way to much time fawning over the lush. *sighs dreamily* I know Robin does too. That makes 3 of us, we should totally start our own David support group! :P

Don’t you think?! X/S would have been way hot. Those Hawaiian shirts. Comical relief at its best! That link was so funny, cute even. Here is another for you:

Heh heh, I’m really pleased to hear that! :D
“Smooth Criminal” was the first one I read actually. That’s the one that hooked me. Then I found out there was more and went completely ape shit. I started reading but I had to start from the top and work my way down. I know, I’m funny like that. “All the king’s horses and all the kings men’ definitely had me weeping when she found him making out with Darla. I was like “ARRRGH!! She should have punched him!” – Then of course, when he wanted her back and she wasn’t interested was really heart breaking too. I hated seeing him fall apart like that. It was just so---URGH! They’re such good writers. I feel just about every emotion there is when I read their stuff.

Also, a little secret. They’ve actually made me really really like Lindsey too, not that I didn’t before. I just appreciate him more now. I definitely prefer him to spike.

I really appreciate the link, thank you so much! I’ll definitely take the time to read it, since we seem to have the same taste in stories.

Wow, I’m sure she must feel chuffed having received such a gracious description of her work from Tango. That’s so nice of her. I can’t wait to get started on it. It actually makes my heart skip a little. I’m excited. Have you read project paranormal yet?

Also, thanks much dear. I like talking to you too! I just hope this letter isn’t to long because for some reason it just kept, growing and growing! Please forgive me... and as you can see. I'm find with a long post! Feel free to get as hyped up as you want. Your more than welcome!! :D
At 4:43pm on June 17, 2009, MissKendra said…
HAHAHA now I wouldn't say Spuffies are stupid but they do live in total denial, Joss himself even said, "it's all about the Romeo and Juliet, Buffy and Angel are soulmates, they may even fall in love with other people (which I doubt was love for either Buffy with Spike or Angel with Cordy *yuck*) but no one will ever compare to each other, Joss also said he is going to milk their angst for all it's worth before Angel and Buffy get their happy ending so we may have quite awhile to wait for the Buffster and her Angel to get a happily ever after. Can I just say I'm kinda not looking forward to Angel becoming human, I LOVED Angelus, he was just EVIL and I LOVE CRUEL SEX GOD TO DEATH!!
At 4:35pm on June 17, 2009, MissKendra said…
I am THEE WORST fanfic addict, I can spend days reading Bangel fanfiction even well written AU's (and I have spend days non stop) the most noteworthy authors being anything by Tango, Indie, Margot Le Faye(favorite EVER "Crossed Lines"), Chelle (especially her story "Ain't that Enough"). I have an enormous rec list feel free to ask me more about it or share some with me too.
At 7:22am on June 17, 2009, Cryngle said…
Heeeeey, good to see your back in the land of the buffytube living. Heh heh
That’s okay, I’m not going anywhere. NOT as of yet.
Pity about the college interference but super-smart brain challenges first, B/A love later. I can understand that.

Close your eyes won a grammy? I didn’t know that. I’m surprised and both pleased because it really deserved it. Christophe Beck made such lovely music for the soundtrack.

Glad I could be of some entertainment, Haha! I was actually born in Vredenburg, an Afrikaans town just off of the west coast in the western cape. South Africa.

We had/have Dstv our contusive to cable for the US. Considering it was Mozambique it was our only real luxury and that’s how it came about. The first season of buffy appeared as an M-net special and from there on I was hooked, I just didn’t have anyone to share my taste with as there was a lack of English kids or children my own age and when there were, it was more of a ‘boys—cooties, first kisses, a two week relationship and break-ups!’. Lol

Do you still fancy the idea of being an astronaut? It’s definitely more plausible than our ninja dream although I’d love to take up some kick-boxing and plan too!

Arrrg, is right! I would have loved two hours of The Bangel Show. :P

Can I stand him in general? No. Can I stand him compared Spike? No. Can I stand him over the B/S crap? YOU BETCHA! I hated spuffy and I hated cangel-the-coldsore.

James is a smart man, he totally got the story. Dru was his girl. They had good chemistry…but to make spike want to kill her for buffy? *Gag* betrayal!!

So right you are. Everything could make more sense that B/S. I’d even have taken X/S!! I’m not really into the boy/boy but I’m just making a point. Lol.

Good, someone I can definitely relate too! Indie is just – wow. Yeah! I love her stuff. I’ve been reading through her collaborations with tango, her single series and I’m starting on her solo stories now. They always have something interesting…so far my favorite has to be “ All the King's Horses and All the King's Men” It’s totally AU and it’s dark but… I felt such emotion, I even cried in a particular scene. Don’t want to tell you which incase you haven’t gotten to it yet. Ducks also writes really well, but I don’t think I know who Trammie and harpy are? If you could link me…that would be really great!

Oh and thanks. I still have a lot to add to the page. I have a whole idea. I just keep getting side-tracked by something or other! Gladcha like it though. :D
At 10:34pm on June 16, 2009, MissKendra said…
Hey I was reading somewhere that you liked Bangel fanfic, you should (if you haven't already) check out Margot Le Faye's fanfic, beautiful, HOT and just wonderfully good stuff. you can find some there.
At 9:45pm on June 16, 2009, MissKendra said…
Hehe thats okay about the crying fit I had, it was a good cry. Poor Spuffys believing that "relationship" could ever compare to Bangel is just sad...
At 2:06pm on June 15, 2009, Slayerxo said…
heyyy its emma, I got a buffytube account and its awesome!

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