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Elysian Fields Haiku     February 2016

Poems archived at  ELYSIAN FIELDS LIVE JOURNAL         http://elysian-archive.livejournal.com/17569.html#t107937

Haiku challenge by cryptwarmer at fanfiction site Elysian Fields

"I issued a tiny challenge on Elysian Fields - the challenge is to chose a season or Spuffy scenario and write a Haiku poem.

Three lines. The first with 5 syllables, the second with 7, the third with five."  (Haiku poem structure)

Writer:  Freecat    Elysian Fields Haiku 

Drama fluff angst love
Elysian Fields has it all
Spuffy family

Elysian Fields Haiku

Writer:  nmcil  

Season 6 & 7

Each day turns to night
A night monster seeks escape
Blood lust life not death

Dru and Angel  Season 2

Drusilla alive
The Angelus calls to pray
A devil listens

Beneath You Season 6

costume red to blue
no sparkle needed changing
with cross shiny now

Writer:  Cryptwarmer

Season 4, Something Blue

The taste of her kiss,
Why don't I get a cookie,
to help me forget.

Season 2

I crash into town
to make her neck my chalice,
Buffy bleeds me dry

Writer:  Ladypeyton

Took a bad dog to
the vet to prevent it from
chasing other dogs

Writer: pfiefferpack

Gold Goddess glowing
Warrior, my Boadicea
Words reveal a bitch!

Writer:  Laettiya    

Dancing he saw her 

Could not resist to love her
For love died for her.

For Season 6

Dirt all around me
I need air to breathe and live
Nails bloodied I'm free

Writer:  Freecat15

He yearns for her to
feel for him she needs him to
feel something at all

with a crash he comes
brings fight anger pain then love
with a blaze he’s gone

Writer:  Lilachigh    

Written just after Buffy jumps from tower.

Bringing dark relief
Sunny death approaches soon
And no tomorrows


Another Season Six

Death, Peace, Rest and then
Angry Magics pull her back
To Life, Pain, Rage, Love

To play the father
All he had ever wanted.
Disdain his reward

from The Body

Quietly I wait
For the sound of their return.
I look up! Night falls.

Set: "I Only have Eyes for You."

Wheels turning, my mind
Whirls as I plan my revenge.
I loved them both.

Writer:  Sunalso

Season 2

You dance in the Light
Music Movement Happy Life
I wait in the Dark

Writer: Relurker

after The Gift:

gone is the gold girl
gone is the light and music
gold spark of hope, gone


you've tried it on now
not half as good on you
give back the duster

I want to play with! An Out Of My mind 

dark my love's beauty 
a scary dream of fair hair 
mixed up confusion

Writer:   Sigyn

Here's another Out Of My Mind one:

I'm her pet project
Let's go drive Spike 'round the bend.
She is haunting me


Here's my haiku contribution:

love burns and consumes
not your price to pay this time
thanks for sayin it 

Writer:   annamatte

I see an angel
she's falling and I cry
I'm dead again

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