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Comment by Veiriti on May 8, 2010 at 6:03pm
Jo Chen's new cover - Spike's eye color is officially fixed

She apparently hasn't watched the show and didn't notice Spike's eye color and the scar. She is making these covers using pictures, but anyway I love her art. And GOD I ADORE his blue eyes!!! I really wonder how she didn't notice how divine they are!
Comment by Veiriti on May 8, 2010 at 5:00pm
And there is one think which makes me curious... why Angel didn't lose his soul during that sex-fest? Or he already lost it? Do you think he is pretending that he's on her side? Willow mentioned something about "Angelus". Maybe he is still evil and he is connected with these demons? And Spike knows that so he said he's here to "end this Twilight crap once and for all"!? What do you think? Maybe we will see a fight between Spike and Angel again?
Comment by Veiriti on May 8, 2010 at 3:13pm
Bella is standing with Jacob because Edward left her…But if Buffy is standing with Spike, its her choice…
I've just seen your post and I agree with you sis Enny! And Buffy left the paradise and her destined lover to help her friends. Buffy refuses to stay with Angel into his hellish paradise! I loved the words that she said to Angel - "I never do what I'm meant for!" Angel is her destined lover the yin of her yang or whatever, but Spike is her free choice, her free will! I keep my fingers crossed to see some tender love scenes (not a brutal sex) between Spike and Buffy :)
Comment by Itoy247 on May 8, 2010 at 3:04pm
Veiry please don't think that....she's not choosing Angy. Unless of course Joss is interested in loosing 70% of what's left of his fans..he's not taking that stupid step...i hope :S
Comment by Veiriti on May 8, 2010 at 2:58pm
I've watched the movie only and I loved Jacob - he was much better than Edward, as Spike is much, much BETTER than Angel. So I don't like to see him rejected from Buffy again.
Spike is the MAN, he is the HERO! Spike always was an antipode of that broody and sniveling "champion" Angel who eve moaned how unhappy he is... and that's why I love Spike – he’s a fighter, he’s lover, he’s a survivor who is laughing it the face of death. He is much more than Angel ever was! He was better than Angel even when he was evil, even when he was a human. Buffy should to be blind, deaf and dead to choose Angel over Spike!!!
Comment by Itoy247 on May 8, 2010 at 2:49pm
I just wanted to write what I thought when I saw the Buffy/new moon poster...I didn't really look closely at their facial expressions, I was more concerned about the reason they used that poster and I was worried -like some of you- that that refers to the love triangle and the complications between the girl and her two lovers…my first thought was "Oh, great…so Spike's here to save the day and obviously Buffy is choosing Angel at the end like stupid brainless Bella did" but for some reason the more I think about it, the more I think its not the case here.
As much as Buffy, Angel and Spike could be very easily placed in Bella, Edward and Jacob's places…the Buffy characters standing the same position as the Twilight character could IMO mean the exact opposite of events of "New Moon"
Here are the differences that got me thinking,
One, Bella was the one leaving the world behind to be with Edward…she was the one saying "to hell with my parents, my life and my friends, I want be a vampire and live happily –young- ever after with Edward" and Edward was the one who decided to leave her because he didn't want that life for her…on the other hand Angel spend a great deal of the last issue trying to lie and then convince Buffy to leave her family and friends behind …leave them to die…and stay with him, but Buffy was the one who said "no" this time and wasted the chance to live eternity with Angel and chose to die with her friends (or not!). point is that Bella was forced to be separated from Edward and that's why she threw herself at him again and choose him over Jacob who saved her life twice…in Buffy's case she gave up being with Angel on her own, it was her decision so I don't see her just running back to him (and honestly…I think Angel has a lot of payback to do…forced or distend or whatever…he KILLED people and there should be a price…and if everyone just forgave him because he fought with them at the end or because he's the love of Buffy's life…it will be the silliest thing ever!!)
Two, Jacob was never a love interest for Bella…she loved him as a friend and was with him because it made her hurt less when Edward was gone…in Buffy's case…she and Spike had a long complicated adult love relationship. And we know for sure she did love him so much. Bella didn't mind hurting Jacob, but I don't see Buffy (at least the Buffy I knew in season 7) do that to Spike.
So I came to finally see this poster more hopeful than depressing to me…Bella is standing with Jacob because Edward left her…But if Buffy is standing with Spike, its her choice…Edward walked out of Bella's life because he thought it was best for her (boring and Angel-ish btw)…Angel walking out of Buffy's life would be her choice too. I mean I look at it from this point of view when thinking about the position of the poster. Bella was forced to stand there but Buffy chose to stand there.
I'm not THAT hopeful that Joss will give us a Spuffy happily ever after…but at least he's staying on even ground like he always did…maybe he's giving each relationship what it missed and then ending it all in some clever way of his favorite situation that is "maybe someday"…the Bangels had their sexfest…the Spuffy had Buffy talking Spike's side over Angel's and having Spike be the big hero. And then each goes their separate ways…and leave us hoping for another meeting in the future…I mean Joss isn't stupid…he knows well that most Buffy fans are basically fans of either Bangel or Spuffy relationships…I don't think he's ending any of them or making Buffy choose one over the other.
That … or I'm just too Spuffy that I can't think about even the possibility of Spike's heart being broken again and Angy getting the happy ending

Comment by Maria Lopez - Fiztgerald on May 8, 2010 at 2:45pm
Yes it really was specil that's one of the reasons why Chosen if the cannon ending to me and I don't read the comics.But on the side note about the New Moon poster.Let me say I've read the books and watched the movies and I'm totally Team Jacob because Jacob was always Bella's saving grace.Edward was like an obssesion to Bella.She always idelaized him and thought he didn't have falls(remind you fo someone) and when he left her for her''own good'' again remaind of someone she became a zombie who wanted to kill himself just so she can hear Edward's voice but the moment Jacob stepped Bella became alaive again,she started haing friens and beeing herself again and started to fall for Jacob but her obssesion whit Edward kept hunting her and well you know the rest but in the books Jacob is decribed as a soon while Edward is described as a drug.
Comment by Reese on May 8, 2010 at 1:41am
it has occurred to me after rewatching chosen again that the last WORD that buffy said before the finale ended, was "Spike"... maybe its just me but i find thats really special:) It was like her closing statement that she said her lover's name rather than something else.
Comment by Lulurose on May 7, 2010 at 8:23pm
Spike's appearance in his red shirt has people coming up with all sorts of wild ideas-maybe even that he's "souless" again. However, in he first glimpse we got of Spike, the panel that said "Soon," he is not wearing his "evil" clothes. He still has his coat, of course, but the clothes that he is wearing are not his typical ones at all. His shirt and pants are both rather brownish in color. So, maybe if he was time travelling, it was like what was going with Buffy and Angel, and his clothes reflect whatever era he had been through.

Some reflections on comic books, that I had forgotten. As a kid-eons ago(gah!)-I didn't go out of my way to read comic book, but I took piano lessons, and my teacher had a combination of comic books and teenybopper books for her students. Also, my neighbor's had a little grocery store, which I spent probably a third of my childhood in, and the owner once decided he would sell second hand comic books. So, If I had one, I could trade it, literally, for another one-I was almost like another one of his kids, so I got some perks. Anyway, I think that much of the stuff that many of us, me included, are having a problem with, in some ways, is that we are so used to the tv version of the B-verse, that its hard to adjust to the comic version. I think that the Buffy comics could certainly be drawn better-the artists that draw the Angel/Spike comics do a much better job, IMO, in terms of the images(I just saw the new Angel comic, and its drawn by Mr. Urru-Angel looks so much like the real guy you almost expect him to walk off of the page.)

I said this before, and I still believe it, and that is that what is wrong with this Buffy comic, IMO, is that has all the flaws that make most people laugh mockingly when they think about a, and that doesn't have to be the case. They coulld get an atists who render more realistic characters in terms of their appearance, and still keep it light and colorful, like the oldies. They could also still do fanciful stuff, that they could't do on tv either because it was too expensive or the technology still isn't good enough to make it look real, but not get over into the bizarre or silly realm, unless that was the intent.

I've been thinking about the classic comic book characters. The X-Men, that I have already referenced, has been around for forty plus years. They have done lots of things since then, had bunches of writers over the years, so continuity sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Buffy hasn't been around that long, so if Joss will just be vigilant they can stay true to the story. However, when you get franchises that have been around as long as Superman and Batman, then one loses count how many times they have been kidnapped, or had amnesia, or actually been killed or injured, because there is a limit to how many plot devices there are in the world, and after forty years, at least(like the X-Men)and on the seventyish year side, like Superman and Batman, one ends up using them all. The thing is, of coures, in their case, that this is a multi-generational thing. My son loved-well, he still like it, had to see the last movie-Batman. He is now old enough, though(cough)that there is now another generation of kids who are getting into Batman. It's new to them, so even though the story has been told a bunch of times now, its still new to somebody.

We are just now approaching that with Buffy. Buffy has been regenerated twice, and Angel and Spike have both died once, as humans, and a couple of times now post vampire existence, so if they stay out in comic book land, they are probably just getting started. That's the nature of the beast, IMO.

I was talking about Spike being like Wolverine, and I think that the fact that IDW is taking him off into his own comic universe shows that they are least think that people are interested enough in him that it can make them some money, and he can still visit AI, or Buffy, and still have adventures with them, just like Wolverine is written into his own comic, but still is part of the X-Men and sometimes even other groups. Also, of course, there is the fact Wolverine loved Jean Gray, and she has tradtitionally always chosen Cycops over him. However, over the past year I was in a grocery store that sells some of the major comics, and I picked up an X-Men comic and inside the comic was the two characters locking lips. So, Spike may lose out to Angel in this round(not that we know that yet), but in the comic world, there is always round 2, as long as they make the comic.

Just some more of my rambly thought patterns running amok.
Comment by cil domney on May 7, 2010 at 3:16pm
I can scan images as well - actually have hi res scans which I will post at my flickr site of the entire issue 35 - If members want to split duties on scanning the issue - maybe 4 pages each person - we can get good scans for all to read without one person having to do all the scans. And yeah, it takes time to do good scans I spent the entire afternoon when the issue came out doing mine - and I did not even do the preview pages - but I have very good scan that people can do simple copy/paste or read at my flickr site which gives you several sizes to choose from.

I will post them after I get back from the library and they will be up by tonight for everyone to read -

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