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Comment by Veiriti on May 5, 2010 at 4:52pm
I did, Kailee, on the discussion Latest Meltzer Interview. I did afraid that he probably will be an witness of the Bangel lame sex reunion, but I've read some reviews and my hopes are back again!!! GO SPIKE!
Comment by Kailee on May 5, 2010 at 4:46pm
Umm, you guys do know Spike is back in Season 8 don't you? Surprised no one's mentioned that yet here......
Comment by Maria Lopez - Fiztgerald on May 5, 2010 at 4:26pm
Great.I read spoilers about issue 35 and apparentlly Angel has been controlled by Twilight and isn not more way to justify Angel and Buffy having sex whit a mass murdrere,just like the whole Angel/Angelus beeing defferent people.:(
Comment by Itoy247 on May 5, 2010 at 3:29pm
Well, I know I said I was following everything…but obviously I had no idea what was really going on…lol
I read random comments about the Bangel reunion and how Meltzer is ruining the comics and I did vote for Spuffy/Spike in all the links you guys posted but I didn't read issue #34 until last night…and all I can say is…SHOCKED!!
Not only by the amount of nudity and lovemaking between Buffy and Angel, but also by Giles' explanation that left me with more questions than the ones had it answered.
So Buffy shared her powers with the potential slayers and the universe rewarded her by giving her super-slayer powers like flying and stuff…but the world was balanced with (strong slayer Vs strong vampires) and now its (super-strong slayer Vs strong vampires) and in order to fix that the universe granted Angel with super powers as well. And why Angel? Because he's the best vampire or Buffy's equal or whatever.
Here I stop. First of all, Angel can never be considered the best vampire, he never did anything himself concerning his destiny…things always happen to him, so why does the PTB and the universe keep seeing him as the best? That's like a teacher giving one of his students all the answers and then call that student his favorite Because he knows all the answers (if that makes any sense…its like that but worst) and even if Angel is the best…shouldn't the universe grant these powers to all vampires in order to rebalance the world? Because now it's still not balanced, now (slayer Vs VampireS) became (slayer Vs A vampire) …and if the PTB wanted to balance the world, why do it by leading it to extinction? I read that by sharing her powers with the potentials, Buffy caused the world to take one big step towards new evolution, assuming that humans are going to be the weakest race and after few years humans will extinct and all that's left will be slayers, super slayer and vampires, which means the world will consist of females and creatures that can not reproduce…so few more years and even slayers will extinct and vampires will follow.
And if one vampire is enough to balance the world again, shouldn't that vampire be normal soulless vampire? Isn't the balance between slayers and vampires like balancing the predator and the prey…or balancing good and evil?
Some more points were:
Has Angel given any excuse for killing all those slayers? And has Buffy forgave him just like that? I read in some overview of the issue last night that Angel killed the slayer and tried to end all kinds of magic to save humans from extinction…but that sounded lame, because more slayers will be borne and he will keep killing them like running in circles…what exactly made him think that this is a solution? I know Angel makes stupid decisions sometimes but that decision cost so many lives.
Why can Angel have sex with Buffy without losing his soul? Is that related to his new powers? Has the universe granted him the (not-losing-his-soul-when-having-sex-with-Buffy) powers?
Why can he go out in the sunlight? Is he invincible now? What's next? Will he SPARKLE?!!
Why would the universe grant slayers and vampires the power to fly? So they can fight in the air?!! I don't know I thought it's kind of useless
And finally, I don't know why but while reading and coming across the love scenes between Buffy and Angel I had this feeling that Meltzer was getting revenge over Spuffy…I had this feeling he was thinking (if Spuffy could take down a building, Bangel will go off to the out-space and take down a mountain) because even though IMO the sex part in the Spuffy relationship wasn't the best part, it was very important and strong part that Bangel never had…so that was the impression I got
Sorry guys if I sound so lost, I had headache last night from searching for convincing answers and found none…and you girls are my sisters who always help me :D
Comment by Veiriti on May 5, 2010 at 10:07am
Ohhh, I'm going to buy all these Spike's series. I'm buying that Willingham's crap because of Spike, so I'm going to buy every single BL comics of Spike. I'm eagerly waiting for these series!
And Angel Lost a bet? LOL I think Brian is kidding. He's sweetie ;)
Comment by Lulurose on May 4, 2010 at 9:47pm
I read some of Bryan Lynch's Q & A today, and it answered my questions about the Spike comic. He has been doing a movie, so that slowed things down, but he said he was working very hard on it, and indicated it would be out before the end of the summer, even before August. He said some really cool stuff. One the things that cracked me up was his response as to why Angel became Twilight-"he lost a bet." He also said, when asked if the Spike series was going to be a limited one, he said that he intended to keep on writing it until they made him stop, so I took that as the series will be ongoing, contingent on its financial success, of course, and if he writes it as well as he did Spike in ATF, then everybody, go out and buy a bunch of them, for people's birthdays, Christmas, and whatever holiday may be celebrated in your own little corner of the world.

The guy's a class act, IMO.

Oh, concerning Torchwood, I couldn't find, myself, anything on that site that indicated where it originates from, but going by the people that they seem to give the most coverage to, which were all U. S. Hollywood types, I am guessing that it is probably run by some group here in the U. S. So, you may be right in why JM was ahead of JB in that poll.
Comment by cil domney on May 4, 2010 at 12:09am
JM and Captain John Hart could possibly more popular here in the states, but I doubt that is what would happen in Europe and UK or Scotland. Where is the poll originating from?
Comment by Lulurose on May 3, 2010 at 10:38pm
Concerning the Bryan Lynch "Spike" comic, it seems that they have pushed it back from being released once again. :( I wonder if this is because IDW is using him in the regular Angel comic, he is in that one shot, Devil You Know, and also he will now finally show up in the Buffy comics. I guess it would make sense from an economic standpoint. If I were Bryan, I would rather that my comic didn't premier when my subject was already out there in other comics, since it would probably diminish the impact of mine. I hope that is the only reason.

That's interesting about Torchwood. I expect that wouldn't make Mr. Barrowman very happy-it wouldn't make any star of any show happy when a co-star or guest star is preferred over them by the audience in any capacity.
Comment by cil domney on May 3, 2010 at 6:11pm
Check out my latest Spuffy Editions Comic Book Covers in the Pictures -

Feel Free to use anywhere you like - would appreciate credit to: nmcil the whedon world gallery
Comment by Veiriti on May 3, 2010 at 1:30pm
Yep! I voted - JM is the first! And that was remarkable role of JM - after Spike I love his Capt. Hart. It would be nice to see him in more Torchwood episodes...

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