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Comment by Holdt on April 29, 2010 at 2:20pm
Also voted - thanks Spuffylover2
Comment by Veiriti on April 29, 2010 at 2:19pm
Actually a lot of people are pissed about the B\A porn reunion! LOL Not only the Spike-Spuffy fans! There are about 20-25 % of the whole fandom who loved that porn bullshit. I know some Angel and Cangel fans who are pissed and so confused about. ;)) So we will see what's coming next ;)
Comment by owell on April 29, 2010 at 2:10pm
Thanks for the links Veiriti
"legions of Spike fans who were as unhappy to see these two together as the Angel fans were satisfied "....."There were plenty of readers that just didn’t want to see Buffy sleeping with the guy in the mask, no matter who he was, because he was behind all this horror". -
It sounds a little wrong for me, may be because Angel IS a guy in the mask who was behind all this horror. And Buffy slept with this evil person under the influence of some kind of spell. So why are Bangel fan satisfied? And I am personally not unhappy to see Buffy and Angel together - the thing is, they are not those Buffy and Angel we knew and loved. (Yes, I like Angel... in Ats) The circumstances and their behaviour were simply wrong. Their characters were ruined, and art was ugly.
“I’m sorry we’re not exactly pleasing everyone, but we certainly seem to be keeping you interested.” Hm, not exactly. I’ve read on different forums that a lot of readers decided to stop buying these ridiculous comics.
There are legions of us:) LOL.
And, yes it was a porn.
Mariah Hueler words certainly gives some hope.
Spuffylover2: I voted. LOVE that video
Comment by spuffylover2 on April 29, 2010 at 10:46am
please if you can go vote on the video buffy vs edward on youtube for the webby awards. it ends today so we need to get that video to win and award. here is the website you have to register to vote and you it is in the category video remixes and mash ups. it only takes a second. so please if you hate twilight or if you do like it and you like buffy better please go vote.
Comment by Veiriti on April 29, 2010 at 10:45am
Hey guys take a look of this link please:
And that's from the IDW editor Mariah Hueler:
The Spike army rules! ;)
Comment by Lulurose on April 29, 2010 at 12:59am
Well, I stuck my toe into the shark tank over at DH, and now I've bandaged up my toe, and feel somewhat blue, so I think I will just check out or post on some threads over there. but I said my what I wanted to say, and I knew it would pretty much fall on deaf ears, figuratively speaking. so, just speaking for myself, I am not going to hit my head against that particular brick wall, because its useless, really.

I think that I would like to punch Joss Whedon right in the nose for saying that Buffy and Angel are a forever love, transcendant. He did say that. He also said that his philosophy is that life goes on, things change, and a forever love, IMO, kind of goes against that. Don't get me wrong, I believe in lasting love, but in the context of Buffy and Angel, and the way that their characters have changed, that seems rather contradictory. I also don't really know where it leaves Spike. I think that the way that Buffy and Spike were characterized, especially in season 7, certainly implied that Buffy was in love with Spike, even if she had a hard time admitting it. In terms of the comics, though, I just don't know.

Ah, which reminds me. I found this earlier this evening. I want everyone to look at the image and write what your impression is.

This is the cover of the Riley one shot comic that they will release on August 18th.

Comment by Holdt on April 28, 2010 at 6:59pm
Oh, sry - if it is okay to ask for that here, and any of you are interested in giving it a shot, let me know and Ill PM you the d/l stream link.
Comment by Holdt on April 28, 2010 at 6:53pm
Hey guys - quick OT request, and you all are the only ones I know/have friended on BT yet :)

I need a beta for an AtS secondary-character challenge vid. Im about halfway through my FX, trying to tone down and refine my stylism and need to know if:
1) it makes sense
2) the FX enhance or detract from the subject matter
3) Its entertains
4) It all happens too quickly or not.

I have until May 15th to submit, so I need a quick eye and some serious concrit. Also, honesty and the ability to review point by point would be top notch! :D
The vid, btw is about Gunn. Its presently 2:30 (give or take a second) long.
Comment by Spike's KittyKat on April 28, 2010 at 1:05pm
Rereading what I wrote what interests me as well is what part does Spike play in this yin and yan theory Giles presented. It's obvious that he plays an important role of some kind. Since Spike has a soul anywhere Angel has been used, so as Spike (such as the First, Wolfram and Hart...). He's a vampire with a sought out soul that is anchored and secure. Angel signed away his redemption in a way while Spike never did. Spike died saving the world while Angel never did willingly. So where does that put Spike?
Comment by Spike's KittyKat on April 28, 2010 at 1:02pm
I always thought the theory of the yin and yan was about balance. One good needs to have an evil to balance it or the universe gets thrown off. They were sort of opposites but in a good verses bad kind of way. Such as a birth and a death. Death is bad and a birth is good and it requires both to keep the universe going or noone would be left living here. You can't have a death without a birth or the death would never occur and it goes the same with a birth. You can't have a death and have noone born or it would stop the cycle of life. Same goes for villians. You have a good hero and a bad villian and a hero wouldn't exist without a villian to have to destroy to earn the status of hero and a villian couldn't exist without a good hero to call it a villian. But the question I have if this is really true, what does that make Angel? I thought he was a villian seeking redemption. He has always been said to be the ruin of the balance. He's a vampire with a soul that was never supposed to happen. Evil was out to destroy him and the good was out to snare him. Because of this he could be sent to Hell and expelled, he could be killed and brought back, and he could fall and be redeemed. He could be tempted for a short while and then brought back to the good because he had a soul that was able to be redeemed. That's not fulfilling either part. For him to truly be either the yin or the yan I would have thought he would have to be all evil and all good because he's hardly the perfect hero or the perfect villian. So yea I don't know where Joss is going with this. Angel is neither black nor white so no idea how he could be either the yin or yan. I think it's a brain washing event. I think it's some really truly powerful magic that's messing with the minds of others. Their sex fest destroyed the balance of the universe opening up some kind of portal that clearly isn't meant to happen and has been avoided for years.

It reminds me of those stories (such as Illyria's case in a way) where something was trapped and couldn't escape and they use pawns to create the prefect environment to release it and the pawns like what happened with Jasmine in Angel, have no idea they are even a pawn and instead think they are part of a higher purpose and of the greater good when they are really instead evil and being used. But that theory doesn't match with the yin and yan theory Joss put forth with Giles and leads me to wonder who exactly would be considered the pawn and who would be considered the villian.

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