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Comment by Spike's KittyKat on April 24, 2010 at 6:54am
Holdt, don't feel bad about being attacked on that forum over there. It appears the one girl who attacked you just isn't a nice person at all. She just accused someone randomly I tell you, of stealing the Spike comics all because she didn't have a come back to us saying that Angel Season 4 was full of sadness and pain and we were happy to see it change for Season 5 of Angel. I also have to admit that we gave our opinions about how with Spike's return brought comic relief back to Angel 5 and it was fun to watch again. So with being attacked yet again wrongly I too bailed out.

I was ok with the whole Spuffy sucks and I'm never going to listen to you comments from her for a while mostly because I was really darn curious to find out how they are viewing these comic sex portal opening end of the world scenes as a good thing but anytime I brought that up she's start to insult me personally never responding to the question at hand and well that gets old fast. I'm curious but not all THAT curious.

So anyway point is, you aren't alone Holdt.
Comment by Spike's KittyKat on April 23, 2010 at 9:52pm
Yea I kind of saw this scene up until the comic stuff as a goodbye. We see Buffy kiss Angel, she is disappointed and she moves on. It's the last step for her to finally make the push. She has already told her friends and family she loves Spike. She has already come to terms with everything but Angel and Angel even though I don't like them together, to Buffy is a big deal. She kisses him, realizes sadly that they will never have what they once had and is able to walk away not making any promises. This is the last time until Twilight hunts her down if you follow the comics if you don't, then this is the last time for the entire series of both Buffy and Angel that Buffy sees Angel again by her own choice. (And in fact this wasn't even her choice so that goes as far back as the day she is brought back to life and even then she is cornered by feeling as though she has to see him because she was dead). But point is after this point, she refuses to go for Dana herself and sends Andrew instead. He doesn't even know where she is and has to have someone be a 'source' for his information on Buffy. I took this scene was her final step before moving on with her life once and for all. OOC or not it should have been the final goodbye stage for Buffy. This is why Season 8 of Buffy is so upsetting to me. It seems so OOC to have Buffy not learn from her mistakes. Im sorry to say no matter what they do with the comics, and no matter who says differently, I think Joss made it quite clear in Buffy Season 7 and Angel season 5 that Buffy wanted nothing more to do with Angel and had moved on with her life. Now Spike that's another issue because as far as I am concerned she does not know Spike is alive so she is not able to make the decision once and for all.

And I agree with you. Buffy had made Angel and her relationship into a future-fantasy land. We all do it. Whether it be our first love, a mysterious knight in shining armor or a unreturned love. Hopefully we all learn that this fantasy land isn't reality and can move forward and I think in this scene Buffy finally did.
Comment by Miss Kitty on April 23, 2010 at 6:18pm
The first time I've seen this scene, I thought that it was OOC. But now, I still think that it was OOC and a pure fanservice, but finally, it was in the continuity of her "idealization" of their relationship. She still erected this relationship on a pedestal, but it's based on a complete fantasy. And I think it came into play on this scene... But at the end, she moves on with Spike, she comes back to him and chose him as her champion. And the best part : she has seen the best as the worst of him, she knows him as much he knows her, they accept each other for who they are, and her last words in BTVS are "I love you... Spike". It's more powerful than anything else. No idealisation, no fantasy, no hyper-intensity. Just the truth. Love this idea :)

(I hope my English is not awful ^^)
Comment by Maria Lopez - Fiztgerald on April 23, 2010 at 5:52pm
i know.But season 7 was about Buffy's growth.I can't imagine that Buffy woud throw herself at Angel after not seeing him like once in 4 years.Even I woudn't do this whit my first love.I mean Buffy(and Angel) should have some respect for each other and some dignity in themselves.I mean imagine if Ange was in serious relationship whit Cordy and Buffy just throw herself at him.It's just not normal.Buffy should understand that the world doesn't resolve around her and she isn't better than anyone else just ebcause she is the slayer.If she moved on Angel could as well moved on too.I mean basiclly in this stage of their lifes she knows nothing about him and she just kisses him because she is ;;surprised''.I just find that OOC for her.
Comment by Spike's KittyKat on April 23, 2010 at 4:30pm
I have to say i didnt' totally see that kiss as OOC. Bangel is all about lust and kissing and sex. They don't seem to do anything else...I'm not sure why everyone always downs Spuffy for the same thing Bangel was doing every five minutes only of course they couldn't actually have sex so I guess it wasnt seen as sexual... But point is, everytime they met up Buffy throws herself at him and everytime it's nuts.

She did it during Season 4 actually seen in Angel 1 during I Will Remember You, then again in Forever in Season 5 of Buffy after Joyce dies, then again in Season 7 of Buffy during chosen. I dont think she did it in Season 6 but then again she didn't see him which gave her time to finally get over him. Everytime they get together it happens so I didnt' see it as out of character. I did see it as a disappointment on Buffy's part. She expected it to be just like every other time only instead she basting for a whole 2 seconds before she rolled her eyes stating she was over it (which suggests the fireworks were no longer there). Now that theory doesnt explain Season 8 of Buffy...
Comment by Veiriti on April 23, 2010 at 4:26pm
Don't worry! I don't think that Joss is going to renew the B\A relationship - it would be a bloody lame, lamest than Bela\Edward and Joss is not a fan of Mayer's books and movies at all. I think Joss brought Angel back as the villain Twilight to make a conclusion of the B\A relationship. I bet that in the other issue the thing will be different and we will see a lot of sad Bangels around. Well, I hope he wouldn't kill Angel but he will send him away from Buffy, this time for good ;)) And I'm so sorry about Cordy\Angel relationship... I hope they will find each other again in another dimension. And Buffy will return to Spike. That will be a perfect ending, but from the other hand Joss is not about the happy endings...
Comment by Maria Lopez - Fiztgerald on April 23, 2010 at 4:05pm
Veruti I don't know about Joss loving Angel more than Spike.he did say that Spike was better than Angel so I'm not sure.What I'm pissed off about though that he had to make Bangel kiss and the stupid cookie speech which looked like totally OOC both of Bufy and Angel.Not after everything Spike said to her in Touched and beeing the one who never betrayed her and not when Cordy Angel's almost girlfriend was laying in coma when in ''Home'' Angel could care less at wha happpened to Buffy.Even jane Espenson(who is a big Spufy fan she wrote ''Intervention'' and ''Afterlife'' which are one of Spuffy's best episode) didn't want to write the Bangel reunon because she thought that it was OOC for both of them.The only reason they wrote that was because of the Bangel fans o give them some hope(which was totally wrong) but some of the fans think that because of Buffy thinking about a future whit Angel she will choose him instead of Spike.:(
Comment by Veiriti on April 23, 2010 at 2:55pm
I have got all Spike's comics and Angel comics with Spike, including the current stupid Angel series... But I'm thinking to stop buying them. As I said I'm sick to seeing in every issue how great hero and champion is Angel, his son is a chosen one, Illyria loves him, while Spike is nothing but a stupid jerk and shallow womanizer, who is unworthy for the Shanshu prophesy and even for his soul... I'm really pissed to see how that git Willingham is trashing the character like that... :(
Comment by Veiriti on April 23, 2010 at 2:41pm
Yep, the question about the comics was wrong! I've noticed it too. Actually Spike has ATF and Shadow Puppets series ;)
And Joss loves to ruined his characters... he ruined Angel character, making him a villain and I bet he will kill him in the end, he has ruined and Buffy character on season 8 - all development of that character during the show just gone... So I'm terrified to see Spike on season 8. I hope he wouldn't show up as a villain. Well the picture Buffy and him fighting together gives me some hopes... And I think Joss loves Spike more than Angel - he's his better vampire and definitely his best character...
Comment by owell on April 23, 2010 at 1:05pm
You are welcome:) Thanks to Veiriti for quiz. It was a fun

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