Here is another of the latest Brad Meltzer interviews of not only these last two issues, but only his early proprosal of his vision of the Buffyverse creator Joss Whedon -  Personally, I find everything that is going on in the Buffyverse Season Eight extremely disappointing -  I can't imagine how these writers think that readers and fans would not have some very serious negative reactions to the story they are presenting - just who do they think their readers are that they would not have some serious concerns with where they have taken these characters.

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Cil, thanks for bring this up.

The best part? Meltzer just asked for a Q&A session over twitter. Let's see which were his weakest plot points and shoot questions at him (just to show him it's not all about "aww hawt sex/ booo space porn", "aww, bangel4evah/ booo, spuffy FTW").

1. What was the Master Plan? Was Twangel willing to share it with Giles&Faith?
2. Why Twangel hit it Faith so hard? Didn't knew his powers? Is he sorry about it?
3. What's up with Angel's soul?
4. Is Willow all knowing witch? Where did she get the "Angel is the missing piece"?

C'mon, let's mobilize. I don't have a twitter account, but I'll make one special for shooting questions at Meltzer.
I’ve read it last night and I really, really HATE this guy!!! “The greatest relationship” ah?!!!! Kiss my bloody a**!!!! I want that bloody wanker TwAngel to go to hell!
Go to write and on F-book page of that wanker! I'm really mad at him!
Veiriti, he invited fans for Q&A and we can politely mock his plot in public! I'm actually really excited about this possibility!

C'mon, the most important issue of S8 was plotted by Meltzer? And Joss just agreed with it? What were the parts Joss rejected? Yin and Yang is more Angelus & Buffy !!! How come Buffy bought that lame excuse Twangel put it out? Buffy was never that selfish! The possibilities for demolishing this guy's ego are vast even without mentioning Spike's name or relationship with Buffy.

Ask him about Connor! Angel just wants to boink Buffy into Twilight, where Connor fits in his mastermind plans!!
The FIRST QUESTION that I want to ask him is:

How does he justify this great love that turned his heroine model into an attempted murderess and if this great love is the kind of love that he would want for anyone he loved? God I wish I had more time, I want so much to do one of my slide films with the music to "It's Twilight Time" - show all the horrible things that Buffy has suffered from and done based on this Great Love -

I wish I could get it done for the big Twitter Q&A -
Hey guys, these is another interview of Meltzer in Bitchesfest. The first part only.
I hate these Bangel bitches there - they will ask him only about their beloved pseudo champion and anything else... The Q&A session on Twitter is starting tomorrow. I have got a Twitter account, but I don't use it often - I have to remember my password... I'm really pissed at these authors...
Oh, is that only about me, but I it was hard for me to enter on B-tube. I've tried so many times...and cannot find page only... even I've thought that they stopped the site... :((
When I think about the Spuffy aspect of all of this, it makes me a combination of angry and sad. I get angry from the storytelling side of things. Unless they minimize what happened between Buffy and Spike at the end of Chosen, in terms of a realistic portrayal, I don't see how Buffy seeing Spike again could not have a tremendous emotional impact on her. I try and be objective, and just look at this from the standpoint of a logical progression in the story. Angel himself, IMO, has been short changed. Buffy really dealt him a hurtful blow there in season 5. If I am reading things correctly from other fans, that is what is really making most fans who don't approve of this upset, and that is the fact that so many things are basically getting swept under the rug. I can understand it up to a point, since I assume that Angel has to be under some outside influence, so his "issues" with the way he was treated by Buffy are swept under the rug because it's Twilight's agenda and not his personal one that he is being driven to achieve. However they resolve this current thing, they should certainly have Angel and Buffy address the fact that she didn't even give him the benefit of the doubt back in season five-just like, when Spike does return, they should have to address the fall out of the fact that he chose, after he became corporeal again, not to seek her out. We, of course, know why, but it is assumed widely, I think, that Buffy did not have any idea.

All I can think abou the whole thing, frankly, is that Joss W. is really ready to "move on" himself, and so allowing these other people to come in with ideas that they want to execute, like this Meltzer guy, suits his purpose. He still maintains, basically, the creative control, so in the final analysis, IMO, whatever Mr. Meltzer has come up with here, Joss has approved of it, so he might as well have thought of it or done it completely himself. As an old "Trekkie," one of my fave lines from that show is, "a difference that makes no difference IS no difference(no yelling intended, just emphasis)" That applies perfectly in this situation, I believe.

I have been wondering. I know that Joss has said about Buffy and Angel being transcendant, or whatever, but has he said those things recently? I know we've seen other things he has said over the past couple of years. One of them was, well, not about the "ships" specifically, but he did state a definite preference for Spike, calling Angel a "puffy shirt Lestat," and saying that the fact that Spike went and got his soul made him the better "man." There is also that quote somewhere on one of these threads where he makes the funny statement about Buffy loves Spike, or Satsu, etc. Which makes me think, personally, that he really could care less about the "ships." Frankly, I thought that when they did that short little comic where Buffy has the bizarre dream about Spangel and marrying Warren, etc. This is the only way I can figure that Joss W. has decided to go this route. They hack me off, frankly, with hinting about spoilers, especially concerning Spike. I am not an unbiased observer, but from what I have read, either from transcript or by what others have discussed, they haven't said that Willow fans are going to be disappointed, etc, but they have said that Spike fans will be. Why is that? Or, am I wrong about that?
Spike is the only character that has the "fans disappointed" applied in his part of the story. That was, IMO, stated because Brad Meltzer, along with Scot Allie and Georges Jeanty, presumably Joss Whedon as well, has all stated that Buffy and Angel are and have always been the Primary Love relationship of the entire series. Thus you get the, Spuffy shippers will be disappointed as there will apparently will not be any part of this story that will acknowledge Spike as Buffy's real choice for her True Love and Soul Mate - Spike is relegated to the second string love - and Riley, even after all the history of Buffy telling him over and over how important he is to her and how much their relationship and love mean to her, he does not even get a place in the line.

But the Big Explanation and "Clean Up" of Twangel has already been shown - that they are under the influence of outside influences. But there is a qualitative quality to Angel's perceptions and Buffy's - Angel wants to see things in a positive POV and Buffy is much more pragmatic and realistic - at least this is the way the text is reading for me.
I read some of Bryan Lynch's Q & A today, and it answered my questions about the Spike comic. He has been doing a movie, so that slowed things down, but he said he was working very hard on it, and indicated it would be out before the end of the summer, even before August. He said some really cool stuff. One the things that cracked me up was his response as to why Angel became Twilight-"he lost a bet." He also said, when asked if the Spike series was going to be a limited one, he said that he intended to keep on writing it until they made him stop, so I took that as the series will be ongoing, contingent on its financial success, of course, and if he writes it as well as he did Spike in ATF, then everybody, go out and buy a bunch of them, for people's birthdays, Christmas, and whatever holiday may be celebrated in your own little corner of the world.

The guy's a class act, IMO.

Oh, concerning Torchwood, I couldn't find, myself, anything on that site that indicated where it originates from, but going by the people that they seem to give the most coverage to, which were all U. S. Hollywood types, I am guessing that it is probably run by some group here in the U. S. So, Cil, you are probably right about why JM was ahead of JB in that poll.
I've twitted some questions to Meltzel . Here are:
Did Angel lost his soul again?
Who's more worthy for Buffy Spike or Angel?And why?
When Buffy will find out that Spike is alive?
Did Angel use Buffy as a Key to open a portal to the Twilight reality?
Did he kill 206 slayers before to make his Key powerful?
Where is Spike?Will he appear on 35 issue?
Does Buffy still love Spike?
And I've read the preview pages of Issue 35 and I'm not pleased at all... Buffy apparently was into a glowing spell... but I don't like what is happened next... did she start to believe to Angel...
Here is the second part of the Bitchesfest interview... Spike arrives in a tank?????!!!
To celebrate the Bangel fest!!!! Agrrrr!!!????
i ask the question AGAIN.Has he watched the show.I mean both of the ATS and BTS because frankly neither buffy or angel don't show any signs as beeing in love whit each other.When Buffy was totally screwed uo in s6 she needed Spike NOT Angel or any of her friends.Sh even said that she could only stand beeing around him which means she CAN"T STAND beeing around Angel or the Scoobies.In s3 ATS Angel even said that he wasn't heartbroken from Buffy's death while Spike was dreaming of saving Bufyf every night.Angel also said in s5 ''You're Welcome'' that he thought of what could have been between him and Cordy EVERY DAY and that he was also lost whitout her.He also said that before Connor he thought love was nothing but pain.So that's what his relationship whit Buffy brought to him:pain.When Angel was gone in the ocean for 3 months Buffy didn't even care to now what happens whit him and than Angel was willing to let Buffy fight probably he biggest battle of her life because ''She can take care of herself''.Does this look like two people ''beiing in love whit each other?NO.I;m sorry if I repat myself but it makes me very angry to read posts by someone whoclearly hasn't watch the shows and is saying ''bangel are forever love...''


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