Been running across a lot of the outstanding sites from the early period of Buffy and Angel when there were being aired.  Will be posting some of them here - hope they will be both a great reference resource and also stimulate some of our own discussions.


Please post your own recommends and additional sites -

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Thank you for the heads up about the Archive Of Their Own - can't get to it tonight, but will work on seeing how we can become involved. 

I am interested, Cil, but I might finally be getting that surgery that you know I've been waiting on, so before I take on that project I probably need to see if that's going to happen soon.

I moved the links to the regular Spuffy thread.

I'm familiar with the Transformative Works site, and I totally support their work to try and get protection for we vidders from the Copyright Police, who unfortunately want to stomp on other's First Amendment rights in the name of protecting their own. If we could get ourselves put under their "umbrella" it might be a beneficial thing.

cil domney said:

Lulurose - I think that I will be making a Home Tab for articles and essays for the TV Era & the Comic Book Era.   Especially with so many of the early sites going off line and only available from The Way Back Machine, I would like to start an archive.  If you are interested, let me know if you would like to head the project.  But If you don't have time, that is fine, getting those links is a huge help. 

The Home Tab can be a listing of links that send readers to othe appropriate group or blog.  I think that maybe the blogs will not have the new character limit - so this would be the way to go.  You should try one of your long posts in a blog form and give it a test.

I am looking forward to reading the essays - and NICE to see an old site - they had some excellent ff sites and forum. 

Here is a really fantastic essay. It's rather complex-it's take some concentration to take it all in, but its definitely worth the effort.

posted earlier by another member -

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Excellent meta on male privilege in fandom:

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From SFX Whedon Special - Preview

When Buffy ended, there were rumours of a Faith spin-off. Eliza Dushku reveals how near it came to happening…
Eliza Dushku reveals the truth behind the rumoured Faith spin-off show in the SFX Worlds Of Whedon special, out this Thursday: “After I finished the show, I’d withdrawn from school and followed up with a couple of films like Bring It On, but I’d had such an awesome experience working with Joss I was ready to go down that road again. So I met with Joss and Tim Minear and spoke about the potential for a Faith spin-off. But Buffy had just gone on seven years and Joss was really straightforward: he couldn’t play the kind of day-to-day role he had on Buffy – he had his family. I love Tim Minear, I trust him wholeheartedly and it wasn’t that I felt without Joss it wasn’t right, but it was a contributing factor. On top of it, I had just played this character for almost five years, it felt like time to explore a different role. So I ended up making a decision that, though looking back I don’t regret, in hindsight maybe the talks could have continued a bit longer. It’s a question I’ve been asked a gazillion times: ‘Why’d you do Tru Calling and not the Faith spin-off?’ Thing is, even Joss was part of helping me make that decision. He said: ‘I think you have to follow your gut, which is trying something different, and we’ll stay friends so this isn’t goodbye, this is until next time

Peasant Essays - first of the essays - I think there are 26 in total.

Various essays written over the years considering the Jossverse in detail, especially the ecology and mythology of the vampires.
Most of these essays were originally written on my LiveJournal (no longer in existence). I have lost the dates they were originally posted to the order is rather arbitrary.

All the Peasant essays I find very interesting here is one on the heroine herself - and how she fits or deviates from the archetype of "the hero."

The ending of this one sure brings in some difficult questions about Buffy and Angel and their involvement with all the killings and destruction that went on with the Twilight Times.  

Buffy was ready and willing to kill Anya over the 12 students she killed - but Angel was directly connected to the killing of hundreds if not thousands of innocents - yet here is Angel alive and well and the writers even have him still being in love with her.  

Nor can the reliable - he has a soul be brought into the story element, as Angel had he soul when he makes the choice to follow on the path of death and destruction.  

Ethics and the Buffyverse are a difficult topic - Buffy and Angel are both responsible for the deaths of a great many people - but is Buffy responsible or, like Spike when he is being controlled by The First, is she not responsible?  

Angel, unfortunately for me, cannot escape his responsibility because he went into it with free will and able to intellectually understand what he was doing.  


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