Here is one outstanding Buffy Season Eight - from Sosa Lola, very active writer and does lot of posting at some of the larger fan sites. Think you will really like the story and it is updated on a regular basis - post at The Bloodshedverse ff site. It's a wonderful new look at the Buffyverse and the relationship between Buffy and Spike - but with some very real and mature theme about parenthood, what being a Slayer and those duties really mean when faced with complex real world issues etc. While it is a very different Buffy-Xander relationship, it is also very much about the Spuffy relationship. Plus, Season Eight, great to have all these new material to work with for the FF writers and keeping Buffy and all these great characters alive online for all the devoted fans.

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I know I don't get here very often and only tend to pop up and butt in now and then!! :D  I am pretty clueless when it comes to music, vids etc. but I will have a look. :)

Well - I hope that you will stop by more often for our Holiday Season and in the coming year - If you need any help with anything contact Lulurose or myself.  

A great little story set in the comics universe; both funny and heartwarming (mature content):

And another one from the same author, set during S9 but not canon-compliant -- in this story Buffy and Spike actually visit the abortion clinic together. (It's a nice story, but the first one I linked to above remains my favourite.)

Thanks for the new recommends - This is one of my favorite site - It's wonderful how some of the early Buffyverse writers are using this to archive their works after their personal sites are being taken down.  I finally became a member, but have not posted anything yet.  You should check out some of the Buffyverse artwork.

Thanks for the links - will be sure to read.  I got involved with doing a re-read of The Reset Series by PSBbrat while trying to find a story I reads years ago that had Spike saving the life of a fairy or some magical life form, maybe an elf.  Years later they reconnect with Spike and they do what is called a musical rendition of his soul or life spirit.  Needless to say Buffy is completely blown away by this recognition of Spike. 

I'm looking forward to that story where they actually get to the clinic.  While I do appreciate that Joss Whedon wanted to deal with the abortion issue ala the Buffy Robot - I am interested in seeing  this from a different perspective.


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