Here is one outstanding Buffy Season Eight - from Sosa Lola, very active writer and does lot of posting at some of the larger fan sites. Think you will really like the story and it is updated on a regular basis - post at The Bloodshedverse ff site. It's a wonderful new look at the Buffyverse and the relationship between Buffy and Spike - but with some very real and mature theme about parenthood, what being a Slayer and those duties really mean when faced with complex real world issues etc. While it is a very different Buffy-Xander relationship, it is also very much about the Spuffy relationship. Plus, Season Eight, great to have all these new material to work with for the FF writers and keeping Buffy and all these great characters alive online for all the devoted fans.

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Here is a perfect example of one of the most, IMO, outstanding early Spuffy FF writers - Ariane writes the kind of stories that stay with you for a long long time - the poetry that is used also is wonderful. The BAD NEWS - almost all of the works have been taken down - a very few are still available on some archives, but they are only ficlets and short works, and one long story. The Way Back Machine archive is the only place that Spuffy Fans can access the work - Yea for TWBM.

If you love Buffy and Spike with heart and beautiful descriptive use of language - I think you will love Ariane. Who knows how much longer you will be able to read this writer's Spuffy fiction.

Ariane Dark Dreams on TWBM



Comment by Lulurose Here is a couple of links that were posted on our "alternate" site, Slayertube, and they are really sweet, short stories.
Here are some of my favourites that are fairly short -- th longer ones mostly fit under favourite authors.

Ars Poetica by Lirazel - "The story of her life with Spike, Buffy realizes, is written in poetry, not prose."

Behind Enemy Lines by Kantayra - A cute, light little ficlet of pure fun about the first time the Slayers in Training see Spike.

To Be a Kind of Man by Megan - "How can Xander be all that he can be when regret weighs heavily on his heart? Set post Chosen." Spuffy but Xander-cenric, and all in a good way. :D

Favourite Authors:

Holly - Supremely well-written with brillant, intricate plots and full of Spuffy in all shapes, sizes and forms!

EnigmaticBlue - An incredible storyteller who comes up with amazing ideas and can write an error-free sentence to boot!

Dampersandspoons - I haven't read a lot yet, but what I have read I have really enjoyed. Can write well, grabs your attention immediately and holds it, making for much frustration when it comes to WIPs!
Here are my favorite Spuffy fanfictions

Post season five...very painful and emotional

The Yellow Brick Road series by HollyDB
During season three, three stories


In Omen Tempus by HollyDB

and since obviously Holly is such a wonderful writer...this is her Spuffyrealm profile with all her fanfictions
Healing by Pet
one of the best All-Human fanfictions i've ever read

Forward To time Past by Unbridled Brunette
i thought this one was beautiful and poetic, its three parts in the same fic, though i have to admit i skipped some chapters from part two because once you finish reading part one you WILL want to jump to part three

Soulless by Itoy247
Yup, my one and only fanfic posted online, it's only two chapters; a re-writing of the bathroom scene in Seeing red and another chapter Buffy POV. this is NOT a recommendition...this is me asking your openion if you have the time to read it

I'll be adding more soon...hope you enjoy those
i've posted Holly's personal website above -- it's the same author, she just has different variations on her name depending where you read the fics.

And I totally agree about Forward to Time Past -- I read it a while ago and completely adored it!

And I'll read your story sometime when I have more than a couple minutes! Banners look good, though .... :D
Sorry about re-posting the Holly page link...glad to know we all agree that she's an outstanding writer :)

and yeah, Forward to time past friend Poucette recommended it to me when i told her i was looking for fics containing 1880's period (i just love William :P) along with another wonderful story that i forgot to recommend above which is:

Only Time Will Tell by Dampersandspoons...i was so excited at the end of this one i was practically jumping off my seat...i think you guys will love it

Dmapersandspoons is also a wounderful would love to try on reading her here is the link to her page on SpuffyRealm:

i'll be very happy to know what you think of my story...i must say i suck at sometimes i just want to make things different
and the banners designed by my wounderful friend/sister Poucette...she also made a trailer for my fic on youtube :D...just if you read it...make sure to let me know what you think
I love Dampersandspoons too! And "Only Time Will Tell" is actually on my "To Re-read Soon" list.

And I doubt you suck at writing -- you certainly have no problem when it comes to your posts here, and you can always tell who can write decently and who can't by their posts.
Hi itoy -

Thanks for posting your works and those beautiful banners - BTW - I love doing banners and have tons, if you ever need some or a new one -

Good for you taking on such a difficult topic as the AR bathroom scene. I did some graphics from that tragic episode - If I can find it, I will post it for you to see.
Great to see Lirazel mentioned here - a wonderful writer - and same for Kantayra and Megan. I've not read any Kantayra for a long while, good to be reminded of one of the outstanding early writers.

It would be great to have anyone who writes tell us about their process - Be sure to see the analysis of the contrast between the Petri and Whedon scripts for "Beneath You" - a most valuable lesson for any writer.
Here is a really good short "Letters" style piece - it's very sad, but rings very true.
Hi itoy -

Read your story over at Spuffy Realm - I liked it very much - left you a review and some suggestions -
Come On all you Spuffy FF lovers and wrtiers - let's try and get more discussions going on here - how about starting some discussions - things you hate or love in Spuffy - what about the use of "sex" in stories? What about how some stories try to "have the cake and eat it too" with Triad Relationship of Buffy, Spike and Angel/Angelus, does that work for you?


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