Post topics that are connected with Fan Fiction and Fan Art - pretty much open on subjects that relate to The Buffyverse from literature to original art and artists, writers, films -

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Here is an article on Henry Fuseli - artist that was pivotal in the art of the Gothic Style.

"In a new show at Tate Britain, the Swiss-born painter has finally won his proper place in art history as a pivotal figure of the Gothic style, which dominated British culture from around 1770 to 1830."


Found this very good resource page for poetry in Buffyverse - series and fan writers.

Spikeid - epic  by Quinara

More Buffy poetry - LOL - how one thing leads to another - was reading a story that had a reference to Buffy's Haiku with a great poem - then I wondered if the series did have a Buffy haiku - still don't know the answer but I did find all these sites.  (from Fanlore for Buffy poetry and TaTF links)

Haiku from various writers based on Buffyverse -


Buffytube -fan site for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Whedonverse. Vids, Photos, Fanart, Forums, Individual Members Page and Gallery.



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