Do you have a preference for type of Spuffy Fan Fiction?  Do you find that your preference changed as the series developed or with time?


Do you like more of the "fantasy" or  "alternate universe"  works now that time has past and there are no new TV episodes?   


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But isn't one of the fundamental elements of Fanfiction - this changing of characters and their stories from the original source?  There certainly are many stories that have different history for William/Spike but of all the characters his is the only one that had an actual story about William contrasted to Spike.  With Drusilla there was a fundamental change also but with Dru the character was tied down to her insane Dru mode.  William-Spike allowed for a great exploration of the Spike character.

I read a story where Spike was depicted as a thug and killer but it was supported by the story context and it worked well.  The story where William in transformed into a creation of "Hunters" that are organized to fight against the demons and vampires is another changed William that worked really well.  Pity that I got a reply from the writer that this story is put way back on the list of projects.  I suspect it will never be completed. 

I don't mind changes if the writer gives me a reason to accept those changes.  But there have been some total "doozy" changes and character bashing that is complete nonsense.  Hell, even bashing is a part of fanfiction and one of the elements that allows devoted fans to experience the Buffyverse  in a different perspective.  LOL, what I have 99% turned away from in fanfiction is all that sex.

The original writers also have different opinions about fanfiction - Joss Whedon does not object to his Jossverse being the source for the fans to engage with his works as a creative stimulus and influence.  Anne Rice always hated her work being used as fanfiction and discouraged it.  GRR Martin also does not want his work to be used for fanfiction.  As he states "It's his story" and he is protective of it. 

What any fanfiction writer and fan needs to do, IMO, is not use original source material knowing that the authors do not want their works taken over as fanfiction. 

You could well be right DD about when the fic was written it doesn't say.  A lot of changes I just roll with (I agree it is part and parcel of fanfic) and even the ones I don't like don't turn me away from a story.  In the one I mentioned the relevancy of Spike being sired by Angel before Dru played into the story but Spike being a thug/killer didn't really and so that bugs me a little.  I just like William's back story as it lends itself to so many extrapolations as is I prefer it not to be dicked about with too much if it isn't made to be needed. 

If you have not read it yet, I recommend "The Tin Bird" by Spikez_tart.  It's a great story based on William's life just before he attends the party in FFL.

Thanks for the rec. Nice banner!

I was totally floored when this writer took up my request to have a story done for our holiday season with the banner.  When I started reading the piece, I was so honored to have this story come from the image.  It is so well written and It got excellent reviews.  What was so gratifying to me was that the author stated that this effort took her into a different way and perspective for her writing. 

I have another graphic that I so wish I could get someone to take on - it would be something along the lines of Buffy and Spike as a variation of Nick and Nora Charles of the Thin Man films. 

Now with all these years of the Buffyverse and time since the series aired, it would be a great way to create new Buffyverse works based on some of the great classic films.  I know that there is a Pride and Prejudice done in Buffyverse characters.  I can envision a Wesley and Angel story done as a variation of The Third Man.  

Holly did the wonderful version of Rebecca - anyone know of other Buffyverse stories done as variation on films or books? 

I'll definitely have a look at that one, thanks for the rec Cil, just love my William stories. :)

I think you will like this William story -


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