Do you have a preference for type of Spuffy Fan Fiction?  Do you find that your preference changed as the series developed or with time?


Do you like more of the "fantasy" or  "alternate universe"  works now that time has past and there are no new TV episodes?   


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I am a middle of the road girl, as I don't like things too dark, or too fluffy. I don't mind extreme fantasy or AU unless it comes over as silly, and that wasn't the author's intent, but that's how It seems to me.
As a general rule, I'll go to the extremes if they're short, but for longer fics I prefer something well-written with a strong plot.

I'll also read extreme AUs (such as all-human fics) if the plot is really good, but I tend to prefer something in the Buffyverse, even if it does veer of track.
I read all types of fanfictions...but my all time favorite fanfictions are canon fics where Buffy is the slayer and Spike is the vampire...because i like all the characters and their history presented in the show...the all-human fics are sometimes good but canon are better for me...makes me feel like i'm watching the show ;)
also i'm not really into fluffy...i read them sometimes but only if i don't have any thing better to read...i usually like strongly painful emotional fanfictions...a fanfic that makes me cry either happiness tears or otherwise, goes straight to my favorites list
Things I don't read in Buffyverse FF are All Human Fantasy - if I am going to read about humans there are thousands of outstanding novels to read - novels of such high caliber that peoples everywhere and through hundreds of years of history are recognized as best of the literature that humans have produced.

Nor do I particularly like to read Human Spike - I don't believe that a "normal human Spike" is a good or realistic mate/partner for Buffy. What made Spike such a great character were that combination of his human William in the transformed vampire life form. I love reading Spike transformed into a counterpart of a male slayer or transformed into even high levels of power working for PTB or some other Uber Power Force.

I think that my favorite Buffyverse FF are still works that address the problems the series introduced and then have those problems explored with an intelligent and serious story. I love reading Holiday Stories and sometimes I do go for a totally SpuffyFluffy - but I still prefer more dark stories as my general reading. What I have been liking very much as my second "favs" are AU - especially now, when there will never be new episodes that develop the Buffy and Angel realms - I love to read what the best of the Buffyverse FF writers are creating in stories that take the characters into new locations and realms.

What do I positively dislike - Triad relationship of Buffy-Spike-Angel & Spike-Faith romantic relationship
My all time "I Hate" would have to be Spike and Dawn in a romantic relationship with Triad BSA in close second.

I take fanfic most ways to be honest though I do have some preferences.  I dislike infidelity so I tend to be very unhappy when that occurs and have had some fics/series totally ruined because of it.  Spike/Dawn I do just find creepy and unpleasant (so imagine my joy on one fic sequel where Spike had an affair with Dawn, utter urk) and I prefer to not read about m/m relationships for Spike.

I used to not read all human ones either Cil but then I read one once just because I couldn't find a standard one I was in the mood for so now I do read them now and then, a couple would actually rate in my top fics too.  Having said that, my preference is for S1-4 canon based fics.  I enjoy all seasons but I tend to find S7/post TV often very sad (rather than angst-y) and am in the mood for them less often.  But the early seasons explore something a bit different to what happened in the Spuffy dynamic and I like that.

I have only read one fic that was S9 specific and have never read any that are canon to S8.  Not that I wouldn't, I just have never come across them.

I'll go and have a look at the recommends bit. :D

Oh, I should hold my hands up and confess the infidelity dislike only applies to Spike/Buffy cheating on each other.  If they start messing around whilst in other relationships it doesn't bother me, though I prefer it if the overlap doesn't go on very long, but as the couple I'm routing for they get some leniency I wouldn't normally grant. :)

I find that I also like season 1 through 4 particularly because it gives me an opportunity to have a different perspective of the events of the Buffy and Angel love relationship.  One of the reasons that I also like Time Travel stories is for the same reason.  Since I am such a devoted Spuffy fan, I like the history of the series and the characters to be able to function in a different way and with a Spuffy friendly perspective.

One thing that I do dislike in a lot of the FF Spuffy works is how often Xander or Riley is made into parodies of the jealous or narrow minded bigot bad guy.  Dawn and Spike - totally creeps me out too.  Fact is that there is not any other female character from the series that I like as a romantic partner for Spike other than Buffy.

Another kind of story that I wish would get more attention is Spike making a choice to leave Buffy behind and then for them to eventually get back together - but it would have to be very good and realistic treatment where both characters developed emotionally and matured.

Bottom line however is, I think that if the writer is sincere and honest and tries to be realistic about how people actually do experience love in the real world, the story usually works. 

The reason that I don't read all human fantasy category is that if I am going to read a story based on characters living in a real world environment, there are already thousands of great books to read from great writers.  FanFiction serves only one purpose for me and that is to give me more Buffyverse to enjoy.

Oh I'll read basically anything from fluffy to really dark, though I suppose I'm leaning more toward the dark side. Some of my allergies when reading fanfic:

- Character bashing (like Cil's example above of Xander and/or Riley being portrayed as parodies of nasty bigots)

- Claiming

- Early season fics where Buffy falls for Spike and totally disregards his evilness just because she loves him so much / Early season fics where Spike falls for Buffy and immediately gives up all evilness just because he loves Buffy so much

- Spike talkin' like this

- All too overt putting author opinions on fandom discussions into character's mouths (for example Angel explaining at length why he's really just pretending to be a different person without his soul). Even if I agree with the opinion in question, I don't like it being spelled out to me via a character.

Also I don't read All Human fics or fics that are too far removed from the show in their basic premise.

Oh, I totally agree on the human stories, that was always my view as well but I don't rule them out entirely now having read a small number, being very picky and finding that a couple were really good, but certainly the Buffy/Spike aspect is an irrelevancy to them really (apart from the fact that you just know how hot he is, ha) so I appreciate why you don't bother.

I don't mind a bit of Angel/Xander or Riley bashing, but within reason so it fits close to characterisation preferably. Having said that Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers by Always_jbj and Mefiant really amuses me and that makes Riley/Xander waaay overly stupid as it is totally played for ridiculous humour. I don't normally take to that sort of fic but this one made me chuckle.

Added to my to read list :-)

I also don't mind bashing when it is actually meant as a parody. It's when it appears to be meant seriously and is only applied to specific characters in the story (that is, those obviously hated by the author) that it bothers me.

Stoney said:


I don't mind a bit of Angel/Xander or Riley bashing, but within reason so it fits close to characterisation preferably. Having said that Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers by Always_jbj and Mefiant really amuses me and that makes Riley/Xander waaay overly stupid as it is totally played for ridiculous humour. I don't normally take to that sort of fic but this one made me chuckle.

Well hopefully that will just make you chuckle. 

I don't mind claiming fics, I tend to be more put off by baby fics, though not always.  At their worst they both suffer from being too cheesy, so the same problem potential really. 

When either Buffy or Spike go really far out of character it bothers me.  I have read a couple of fics where Buffy just accepts Spike continuing to kill.  Equally ones where Buffy is weepy and emotionally weak all the time turn me off.  I haven't ever particularly thought about it but I suspect ones where their voices and banter work well for me are probably ones that sway me more.

Another thought, I dislike episode rewrites that stick closely to canon throughout, it just gets immensely boring and seems pretty pointless.  Equally, I don't like much of the original script being used if at all.  Yeah, loads of it is great, brilliant writing, which is why we like the shows in the first place, right?  But I can read transcripts if I want to just go over episodes/scripts as is.


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