Here we are: a new place to talk about James' wife, Patricia. She's now going by the professional name Jasmin Marsters, and has a FB page and a Twitter page. Links are below.!/JasminMarsters1

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*tapping on mic* Hello hello, anyone here?

I am but super busy right now - just checking in - I am going to do a facebook for Buffytube - maybe you can help me with instruction on set up - I really suck at these social site posting - I was over at the tumblr site - whole new way of navigating - don't want to pay for anything until I figure out how to use the site. 

Jasmin posted pics on her FB page from some of her most recent work and to my surprise, she worked with one of my friends! He was crew on the set, and I talked to him about Mrs. Marsters. He said she was really nice, great to work with, and incredibly busy.

So nice to hear that Jasmin truly is as nice as she seems and very professional on set. :)


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