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from the James Marsters Database Site -

Angel : General  Angel  comments

On the new season of Angel

Was there any thought about moving away from Spike, instead of on to “Angel” when “Buffy” ended?

(10-03 Venice Magazine) What would I move on to? How could I ever get my plate fuller than that character? I feel like he’s the complexity that’s usually in four or five roles stuffed into one. Part of that is they simply needed to use the character structurally in different ways at different times. They needed me to be the villain, they needed me to be the wacky neighbor, and so it forced them to keep finding new paths for the character. And I don’t think that process is really going to stop either.

(12-03 Dreamwatch) I was very happy to come back to the character.  I did not want him gone, I was very happy that I didn’t have to say goodbye to Spike. Spike is a great role ,and I’m lucky enough to have had enough roles to know that So I’m wise enough not to want to move on.  Frankly I’ll play Spike as long as people want to watch and then I’ll move on , There’ll be time for that later. The stuff that I played on Buffy is stuff that will burn you. I guess that the only thing I’ve learned is that if I start to get that kind of material here I will protect myself.

In the submarine episode, "Why We Fight", your hair was so black and so straight, I always wondered how they did that actually. Did they iron it straight or…

(7-04 Australia) I was never more sorry that I ever gave anyone any ideas than when I said, "We're going back to World War II. I don't think my character would have white hair because that's a punk thing and he probably got that done about '75, so what color are we?" And that was in the middle of the season when changing my hair color is not necessarily that easy so that touched off a firestorm of wig fittings and dye jobs and, oh my god, but it was a wig. And it was, like all wigs that are not made for me, very much smaller than my HUGE head. And so, it was really a whole episode about this little band right here and whether it was wrinkling. And a good performance was when it doesn't wrinkle, and a bad performance was (laughing) when it wrinkles. So, for me, the sub episode was all about the head.

from the James Marsters Database site on going over to Angel -

(3-04 Houston Chronicle) I felt like, over on Buffy, I was at a feast where my plate was smaller than everyone else's. If you counted the pages, Spike averaged about 3 pages an episode, and that had to do with just getting him in the room more than anyghing else. I'm not complaining. I'm surprised they were able to fit that character in at all. But, I also felt like, 'Everyone else has got all these beautiful, wonderful jokes and great plays on words'  What I got was fabulous---- I just wanted to act more, I wanted to be here more. Now they've heaped my plate so full that I'm stretched to the breaking point. It's everything that I dreamed of. Now, the other side's starting to look sweet. Boy, I was well rested back then.

(2-05 Celebrity Extra Joint Interview with David Boreanaz) It looks so much better than BUFFY ever did. BUFFY was filmed in 16mm for the first three years and you know ANGEL were they shooting digitally? But I remember when I turned on ANGEL and it was in that wide screen format I was like ‘Aw man they get all the good toys over there man. Proper entertainment. Now if vampires can’t see their own reflection how come you guys always looked so good? [Laughs] Explain that to me please. Coz you're dead and you don’t change.You're frozen. No that’s the beauty of it. You’re immortal. You don’t have a sleepy day. But that’s what kind of sucks about playing a vampire. As a vampire you’re not supposed to look sleepy ever, but meanwhile, meanwhile they are working you 12,14 20 hours a day. But the point of it was BUFFY was not about vampires, BUFFY was about the human characters and the vampires on BUFFY were just kind of a sideshow.[Angel] had a scope. And it had a need for special effects and stunts that BUFFY never had. So to get that one in the can... (To David) Dude, I don’t know how you did that for five years. Smoked me. Smoked me, one year on that show smoked my ass.

from the James Marsters Database site:

Why do you think "Angel" ended the way it did?

(11-07 Q&A) Because they wanted a heroic moment for the cast and could only afford cold water so they dumped it on us all night long. I guess the point is that redemption doesn’t depend on survival.

(11-10 Q&A) Because I think Joss wanted to make all those characters heroic, but it’s not in his mindset to do that overtly. He couldn’t show onscreen the characters becoming the heroes that they were. He had to allude to it, he had to let your imagination fill those blanks in. But – the unqualified assumption when we filmed that scene was that we all died and anything I said to Angel in that last scene were based on, “hey man, welcome, I know I’m gonna die with you tonight.”


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