I just got my hands on a copy of "She Stoops to Conquer," an older audiobook James worked on for LA TheatreWorks. It's definitely worth a listen. :)

If you're interested in hearing it, I found a few sites that have it available that are very inexpensive. With the current lack of James on tv and everywhere else, it'd be nice to hear his lovely voice again, right? ;)

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I do love She Stoops to Conquer.  (We performed it in high school.)  Where can I get one of those copies?  Thanks!

Well, I don't know about a cd, Joyce, but here's one way to get it, as an audiobook.


thanks for posting the link - I purchased this one when it first came out - 

So, has anyone else been listening to the new Harry Dresden book, Skin Game? I finished it today, and it was another very enjoyable "read" (which, by the way, was more packed with Buffy references than ever). It's amazing how James can make me forget that I'm not listening to the "real" Harry in less than a minute. And that holds for all characters; I'm so impressed with how he makes them all sound different and really convincing. And now for a bit of trivia to compensate all the gushing: turns out he doesn't know how to pronounce "amphitheatre". And that for an actor! Shame on you, James :-)

I haven't listened to it yet. I'm going through a re-read of the entire series, and that has stalled a little due to some other work I need to do.

I have not, but with my kindle I can now start listening to them - I just have to finish up with my Wives and Daughters and then I can begin to listen to all the series.   Unfortunately I have a long long way to go before I get to this Skin Game.  Any possibility that you can post a text version of his pronunciation vs yours?  the Americans common spell is theater vs theatre.  Just depends what one is use to - I automatically use theatre and our spell check does not recognize this spelling as correct.  

I have heard the word pronounced as am-pha-theater  as well as  am-phi-theater just as I have heard the pronunciation the-a-ter vs thir-ter used in the sections of the USA that I have lived in. 

No, the point is that he pronounces it as Ampitheatre with a "p" :-)


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