I just got my hands on a copy of "She Stoops to Conquer," an older audiobook James worked on for LA TheatreWorks. It's definitely worth a listen. :)

If you're interested in hearing it, I found a few sites that have it available that are very inexpensive. With the current lack of James on tv and everywhere else, it'd be nice to hear his lovely voice again, right? ;)

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Good idea to start a specific discussion for these!

I've got to say, "She Stoops to Conquer" is one of my less favourite of James' audio plays. Not because of his performance (excellent as always) but because I didn't enjoy the story as much as most of the others.

Yeah, my personal fav of James' audio books is Importance of Being Earnest just because I love the story so much. MacBeth is a close second, and I've only just begun to listen to Stoops to Conquer.

I'm just thrilled that after a hard search, I found a legit website offering She Stoops to Conquer for free. :)

Not counting the Harry Dresden audio books, The Importance of Being Earnest is also my favourite of his audio plays. Of course nobody can beat Oscar Wilde!

Yeah, I wasn't counting the Dresden Files audiobooks either. Those are my VERY favs!

I really hope James will go back to doing them after he skipped the last one.(Very disappointing, that was.)

I don't even have #13 because James didn't read it... I really hope he goes back to them as well, and before that he goes back and redoes  #13.

I wanted to know the story, so I bought it as a regular book. Unfortunately, I think it's very unlikely that James will redo it. They are not going to have two different audio versions of the same book, I don't think.

I'm a bit worried that James might be crossing over to those Greyfriar books and stop with Harry Dresden altogether. On the other hand, maybe the Greyfriar stuff is just something extra for him to do until the next Dresden book comes out. And I bet there was a drop in sales for #13 so they probably do want him back!

I think I've heard of cases where some things are re-recorded (and it certainly happens with books being re-released), so I'm going to hold on to hope that James will redo it. IF I get the chance in April after I see Frost/Nixon, I'll ask him directly. ;)

Please do! Fingers crossed.

We should have a real treat with the new production of Nixon/Frost - hopefully the DVD will be made available soon after the production.   That Dresden Files series is very good - some huge changes for Harry along the way.  I am working on a project with an excerpt from "Side Jobs."

I certainly hope so as well! (I just can't wait to go see it — especially since I'll be in the 3rd row!)

I am green with envy  - I hope you have a great time and that the production is outstanding.  I look forward to your write up for us.


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