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Comment by Lulurose on July 3, 2010 at 11:03pm
Oh, that fan made comic was so funny. Thanks so much. I needed a good laugh.

As far as what I said in my other post, I didn't mean that I thought that Spike would turn against Buffy, but I certainly don't think he is going to be happy about a lot of things. If Spike turned against Buffy, that would certainly be a shocker, but I don't think that is what is going to happen. The cover art of his face doesn't show a happy camper. Didn't one of the people from DH say that he was going to be aware of the cosmic tryst? That by itself would not make him happy. His arrival, short of some sort of Jossian twist, seems to signal he is there to help solve the problem. He will obviously fight along side of Buffy against some big horned "thing," which is what that shadow behind the two of them in the short scene we were shown from the upcoming comic(by the way, does anybody realize how many demons in Buffy seem to have big rams horns?)

Anyway, September isn't as far away as it was when we first saw the issue
Comment by Veiriti on July 3, 2010 at 12:37pm
That's very funny fan made comics - Spike and the Puppet Angel. I'd like to say the artist is much better than Jeanty and Criss Cross ;)
Comment by Veiriti on July 3, 2010 at 11:19am
I hope Spike will be on Buffy's side and he won't dismissed her... And I don't think Spike would be on Angel/Twangel side, Spike always has been against the apocalypses, even souless and evil vampire he worked with Buffy against the Achatla apocalypse. And I think he will be on the Buffy's side again and this time he is in love with her. In the end of Angel ATF Spike said to Angel
"If and when the time comes that you do to try to tip the balance between good an evil in a favor of whatever side I’m not on, I will absolutely kill you, no problem."
Brian told me that it wouldn't work in his outgoing series and Spike and Angel are still friends, but Brian's series take a time before the Buffy's events so the things could change as Brian answered me:
" That said, Spike knows how this world works, and things change pretty quickly. So, if Spike needs to act, Spike will act. It was meant as a reassuring gesture, but in a very Spike-ian way. "
And looking at the cover with Spike he looks hurt there... I think he saw her with Angel doing that in the sky... But looking at the Buffy's face she has almost the same facial expression as Spike's - she looks sad, depressed, even guilty and she probably sorry about what she had done... I mean the destructive sex with Angel and helping him to bring the new apocalypse...
Here are Emmie's (Angearia) thoughts about the 37 Buffy's cover
Comment by Itoy247 on July 3, 2010 at 6:41am
that was just wishful thinking. but it made me feel better
Comment by Itoy247 on July 3, 2010 at 6:40am
i don't think Joss will turn Spike against Buffy, because they said that the relationship between Spike and Buffy will be treated with respect, and that IMO -at its worst- means respectful allies and no mention of any potential romance. besides i can't see Spike rescuing Angel and standing in Buffy's way or turning against her for it, it will be so extremly OOC because ever since Spike came to the TV show even when he was with Drue he was the symbol of loyalty to the women he loved. i don't know, but i just don't think it's an option. i actually thought that what happens will be otherwise, that spike might want to kill Angel/Twangel and Buffy will try to stop him or try to find other ways of rescuing both Angel and the world.
maybe Spike will be mad and hurt (cove of issue#36) because of Buffy's behavior and the bangel cosmic sex, so he'll treat Buffy with cold professionalism at the time she needed his usual warmth and faith in her and so she'll be sad and missing her old Spike (cover #37) and then the ice will melt as they spend more time planning and fighting together and then by the end of the comics (hopefully after they kill Angel...LOL) Buffy asks Spike to stay telling him she was never ready for him to not be there and he says yes and stays all through season 9.
Comment by anca on July 3, 2010 at 5:23am
Lulurose, now I'm a bit frightened by the webcomic. What if Spike will choose to rescue/aid Angel instead of Buffy, blaming Buffy for the fallout of the Twilight event? In "Empty places/Touched", Spike was the only one who still supported Buffy, maybe this time (also considering the sad Buffy #37 cover) Joss will want to turn everybody against Buffy!

The tiniest hope is the "Soon" panel - they'll pass any differences and still fighting together on the same side. But the doubt and fear is here.
Comment by Lulurose on July 3, 2010 at 4:27am
When is comes to drawing the characters, I have wondered why some of the cover artists, like Ms. Chen and Mr. Urru, do such fantastic jobs at reproducing the image of the actors, but the artists who are depicting them in the actual comic often don't. Mr. Urru seems to be one who can do both. I think he does a great job of reproducing the images of the actors. He does the best Spike, IMO, and I have seen the current Angel "prequel," The Barbary Coast, and Urru is doing the art for that, and he has totally nailed reproducing an early twentieth century Angel. He has absolutely re-created DB's face-both human and as a vamp. He should probably teach a class in comic art. Ms. Chen only did that little web comic, which was kind of quizzical to me-not her art-but I assumed that JW was really poking fun at the ships, and that was the main message that I perceived, with Buffy floored by the fact that the two guys who she was supposed to be the true love of decided that they only had eyes for each other, and were making out while she married, of all people, Warren. I took it as JW's way of saying that the whole thing was ridiculous, and to lighten up. Which, of course, didn't phase most shipper's one bit, IMO. Whatever Joss's message was, Ms. Chen did a good job on the likenesses, too, although Spike's face wasn't as angular as JM's really is. However, the upcoming Chen "Spike" cover is so realistic that is looks like he'd almost talk to you-I should say fuss at you, as that is what the cover expression would imply, and he certainly is going to have a lot to fuss about in that issue, and we know that Spike doesn't mince words, so to say that cover portrait is expressive of the Spike in the upcoming issue is probably an understatement.
Comment by cil domney on July 3, 2010 at 3:11am
Both the Bill Williams interview and the Lynch were very interesting - always great to learn about the artists and writers and their process -

All I know is that it is friggin difficult to render the human face and that I suck at drawing a good likeness.
Comment by cil domney on July 3, 2010 at 3:06am
Great idea about Spike's Scythe - Totally spaced out on the potential connection that their may now be two scythe's in play -

I suspected that Willow would be involved in the connection with LA from the point that only two characters used a reference to LA, Angel/Twangel and Willow - Andrew has of course knows about Spike and the giant head in Twilight looked very much like Andrew.

It seems like these four characters will somehow ended up being brought together - Willow, Andrew, Buffy and Giles and that Spike will be involved as a Big Change character. Could Spike be the Trickster that will connect to Willow and not only Saga Vesuki?

I would so love for Spike to come out as the really great hero/champion in this -
Comment by Lulurose on July 1, 2010 at 11:32pm
It's nice to read what these guys have to say. I had read the Bill W. thing before, but it was nice to read the ideas of the artist. I have expressed that I thought that he didn't draw Spike very well, but after reading what he has done in his efforts I guess the fellow should be cut some slack, as I do know that it is not easy to do that, and I know that there is a specific style-can"t say that I am crazy about the "anime" type style, but its the current thing right now, so. c'est la vie.

I also have been giving some thought to the whole "comic" thing in general, and it has occured to me that because many of us are so used to Buffy in the tv medium that the comic medium is perhaps somewhat of a "culture" shock. When I think about the grand daddy's of the comic, like Superman and Batman, and how long they have been produced, they-as characters-have gone through so many incarnations, resurrections, etc. We think that Buffy having come back to life twice-although, frankly, I think the first time Buffy what Buffy experienced was a resuscitation more than a resurrection, so, she had officially died, but her body fortunately responded to Xander's efforts, and "rebooted" itself-seems extreme. Spike went through two resurrections, with his turning only being referenced as a flash back on Buffy, and then re-materializing in the first episode of Angel 5. Of course, he went through one more in ATF, as did Angel. So, even if Angel or Spike meet their demise in Buffy 8, in the comic world, that isn't necessarily the end, unless Joss deems it so.

I really liked the Bryan L. interview. He is such an honest guy-I hope he isn't too honest and gets in trouble for telling that Joss has indeed cared about whether the IDW 'verse and his own vision coordinate.
Just reading his litle tid bits, I wonder if Willow, when Buffy came back and Willow realized what the future held, and what her role would be in it, that she somehow facilitated contact with Spike-and it seems that she could only know that through either natural means, as through Andrew, or some supernatural means, maybe through that Saga Vesuki(is that the way its spelled?)and Spike went into the future, and battled the demon forces-which unforunately will include Spider. Maybe the scythe he was using(I was right about it, it wasn't Buffy's (^_^)will be another mystical one, and that is what can be used to stop everything-and anything-Twilight is?

Yes, this Bangel thing is annoying. Didn't one of the guys in one of these interviews, though, state that half of the fan base was Spike oriented-and, that means, to a great degree(although not exclusively)Spuffy oriented

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