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I'm not keen on the JM cover just because of the big flappy boot.  That Spuffy panel really was a beautiful image to capture the two of them working seamlessly side by side and supporting each other.  That and the rush to his side when Drac skewered him were really great Spuffy moments in the season and both because they were so natural.  The moments of genuine emotion and connection between these two always were the highlights.

cil domney said:

After having read this meta - it makes it, for me, even more difficult to accept this story other than as a fanfiction because it really does not connect at all with the events and the characterization of Spike in the Sunnydale events.  The light romance is even more problematic after being reminded of how powerful the character and the Spuffy relationship was presented in the series.

Really just think of it as the fanfiction it is I think.  It doesn't belong in S7, at most it can be mentally moved post tv shows if you want it as personal canon.

cil domney said:

I wonder how much truth there is to his wanting no editorial process or if this is now joining the fan wank realm.  Do you have any information that is directly connected to Dark Horse of James Marsters on this?

As for the editorial restrictions, I think there is a degree of reading into what DH have said.  No editorial process is probably a step further than it was.  In the letters in #5 they said "This is a story James has had kicking around for a long time, and he wanted to tell it the way he'd dreamt it up, without putting it through the real test of continuity."  Which seems to be saying that JM wanted to do it how he wanted regardless of canon clashing and that is what I am thinking of in terms of him not wanting editing of his story/idea by others.  But, for what it is worth, there does seem to have been a process/input stage.  In his interview with buffyfest Scott Allie said that James was cool about working with them to make it best work as a comic and that Scott gave him script notes which JM was great about but Scott was not personally altering a word of dialogue beyond stuff that JM changed at his suggestion.  So I don't think there was no input from DH but it sounds like it was at James' discretion maybe whether he used the notes or not and no other writer had any input in the literal writing, just JM working from suggestions at most.  All of which I personally think sounds pretty resistant to input and very set on keeping personal control of it as his thing.  Plus, seeming as SA didn't even remember that the story spanned over more than a day, how much editing/reading was involved from him seems pretty dubious. 

Here is a quick try for a desktop using the Maloker-Spike cover.  I usually have a spuffy images for mine - Picasa makes it super easy to create them.  


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