AndrewCrossett: The Jordan resolution felt off-key because we all know that people don't work like that. People like that don't get repentant when someone takes them down a few pegs... they get resentful. They might go crawling back to Buffy pretending to have learned their lesson in order to get what they want (their power back), but to think that they've seen the error of their ways and will become better people isn't realistic. Ebenezer Scrooge is a fictional character unfortunately, no matter how heartwarming a story like that may be.

Exactly thanks for your description – this is what I did not like with the Jordan and Slayers resolution- Nice on the Dickens. What are the consequences for these Slayers/Women for all their miserable and abuse behavior? While this “empathy and give them a second chance” is totally in keeping with Buffy’s character – what is to keep Jordan and these Slayers from going right back to their former behavior? And having to always be under stress of “Buffy Checking On Them” – can’t imagine anything worse from their perspective constantly having to worry over how would Buffy judge my conduct? 

Betta: Surely Jordan could be (and probably was) just pretending, but also she could have been honest due to the scare she has just been through - "Please (God), I'm gonna be a good girl from now on, I swear!" - Buffy couldn't know for sure, so she couldn't have taken other decision than the one she chose. And to deal further with Jordan would have been a waste of paper. And wouldn't she deserve the "third strike" deal?

Problem with the Jordan being transformed with that Promise to do right and what is good is that once they all get their power back – pretty darn easy to fall back on what comes across as their more realistic behavior of being and like the Top Dog status. 

Do you think that Spike’s challenge to Joanna Wise and his comments about having had a lot more good fortune than he deserved reflects back on these slayers? For me it’s like Spike has learned his lessons about all the evil and darkness he was capable of but I’m not sure that we can apply this for a long term solution for Jordan and those slayers. That much was made of the regression to vampires going back into the shadows and more natural life of predators and prey is extremely foreboding of bad days ahead. Now that the human population knows about the supernatural and magical life forms – the extreme fear and immediate danger of the Shenlong Dragon may be over, but that fear will have been internalized and it will not be forgotten. 

Where the heck did the Shenlong Dragon come from? What about the dark cloud portal did it return to this dimension or to another? I can’t help wondering who or what powers helped Joanna Wise prepare herself for taking control of this God like Life Force. 

If Buffy is now the Watcher/Protector/Regulator of Slayers and their Powers – I hate to say it, but really from the perspective of Control and Independence – some new Big Bad Power Player would be thinking about taking Buffy out of the game.