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There is always the chance that they did some other attacks that will be revealed.  I can picture Vicki's shrug with a 'you didn't ask me about there' as they fly off later on.  I also wouldn't be surprised if it is very much one person who is pulling the strings of the Government around.  If the vamps (in particular) and other demons do no wrong in the season and it is all the Government it will be disappointing.

Sorry I've been missing last several days and for the release of latest issue - super busy getting some paintings completed for next week deadline. 

I liked the issue very much on my first super quick read - will read again and post comments later.  Meantime here are some super high quality panels.  I am trying out the Google Photos as an alternative for us to use for Image Archive - see how it works.  I have tons of storage space we can use.

What did you think of Jeanty's style - seems he is trying to depict the characters older now.  It was NEAT to have my state and our big Art City be used as one of the locations in the issue - Santa Fe NM brought a smile when I saw that panel.  However - Santa Fe, NM is Super Swanky Rich Tourist City that motel depicted is not a good representation of the majority of public accommodations.

I was also surprised with the Set-Up but really it makes sense since the real objective for the Power Player Forces is to get total uncontrolled access to magical and supernatural life force powers.  The more fear and blame for all the chaos and destruction to "Normal Human Social Structures and Society" the easier it becomes to convince humans and other groups that feel threatened by "The Other" that any actions against those feared is justified and needed. 

Go back to the earlier panel of Young Giles having to pay for "documents of identity" and we see a clear foreshadow of where we are now.  

The panels, mostly of Faith, were super well done - 

What do you think about the Santa Fe NM location - the secret testing of nuclear weapons test site took place in New Mexico at the Trinity Site.  Who knows why New Mexico was introduced but it's an interesting potential connection could be especially interesting as the Trinity Site includes the Jornado del Muerto which translates to a journey or work of the dead.  

Interesting! So what is this "Jornado del Muerto"? It sounds sinister.

This alternative cover by Megan Levens and solicitions for Buffy #10 have been posted on Buffyforums (I don't think the soliciation has been officially published yet):

Despite not knowing who their Big Bad is, Buffy and the Scoobies know where the fruits of his or her evil labors are--and they're going in to destroy those fruits . . . er, maybe. Hopefully, along the way, theyll figure out who--or what--is behind the plot to remove magic from the world in time to save magical beings everywhere!


Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Megan Levens
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Megan Levens
Publication Date: August 30, 2017


Looks like Megan Levens has ditched the weird nose line! I am pleased.

Yeah her Spike there looks a bit better than her last efforts for sure.  Still might have comedy lumpy/large hands though. ;p

I honestly thought her Faith was Dylan briefly.  I think it is mostly because the hair looks black to me.  Plus, we're a bit spoiled by RI's Faith, hers is just an outstanding depiction of ED.

Thank You for the new previews DD - hope that this artist is not going to have a long run of issues I have never liked her style.  These renderings are much more to my liking but I still dislike her Spike.  

Don't know why we are going with the idea of Power Players or Forces wanting to rid this dimension of magic or supernatural beings - why not go with the premise that all that power and energy is to be stolen and used instead by either one SUPER PLAYER or a group like the former Wolfram and Hart and Senior Partners.   A part of what is going on could be the what the Power Players are after is getting rid of powerful opposition forces against an invasion or Super Player Dictator. 

I don't believe at all that the government is interested primarily in Keeping Humans Safe - sounds too much like Trump and his Make American Great Again crap that he feeds to his devoted followers.  The government may want to keep humans safe but I find it hard to believe that this is the primary motivating factor behind this campaign.  Like so often before in human history good people or people thinking that they are working for a greater good have been pulled into tragic events and schemes.

Who else thinks that the ladies are looking like speed skaters? 

Stoney - 

If you have a bit of time - what are a couple of the  interesting ideas about the last issue on at your other forum on who or what is behind the "drain the magic" campaign?

Thanks Cil, very interesting!

cil domney said:
@Stoney: yeah, I didn't immediately realise that was Faith either.

@Cil: they do look a lot like speed skaters!


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