Since our What Happens In Egypt is getting too long and not always appropriate for all we have been posting there - thought we could do with a new discussion category -

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I actually want to make this a HOME Tab - help me come up with a good title - I want a place where everyone can put anything they want to share or talk about.  Everything from great recipes to great sales online, newspaper articles, great films or books.  Things that our members think are outstanding and awesome and that they want to share . 


Just look at this random design created from the sand and the shell - it looks like a great piece of sculpture and yet it is totally random. 

Nice idea -- difficult to come up with a short tab title though.

That shell is great!

Maybe something with the word: ' share' in it? 'Share this'?  Stuff to share?  Things to share?  Interesting stuff to share?  What's wrong with the name :interesting stuff'?  It gets the message across!  Is it too long? 
Personally I think "Interesting stuff" is a bit long. (The tab space is already pretty crowded.) I think having the word "share" in it is a very good idea. Members should be encouraged to share things that interest them.
What about going with "Neat Things"  it gives an automatic quality of interest and curiosity and keeps the tab small - plus, I can rearrange the home tabs to place all the members things at the bottom and the "featured" items and things of general interest on top rows.  My original idea was to create the home tab to go with a group that members could join as well - something like a Friends Club.   In either case I will probably have to go with a group or maybe do a blog that members can just add to in the comments.  If we go with a "Neat Things" Tab I think I can set it up to allow anyone to add "comments" and members can join or not join a group.  I personally like the groups and I would sure like to have a group where all members can make contact without the specificity of interest such as Comics or Shippers.
Maybe 'shared things'?  but neat things is good too.  I really like the idea of having a place to make contact with the members.  But all the rest of what you said is over my technical dummy head!
Thanks for your feedback -
How about "Neat Stuff ?"

This new film is really pissing off a lot of historians and Shakespeare scholars


Maybe this year Hollywood will finally recognize the great American director - You can agree or not agree with Spike Lee and his perspective on American society and the world - but he is a great creator.








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