We can continue with the Character relationships here instead of the general comic book thread.

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From stoney:

We didn't have problems discussing Spike in S2 but then I don't think he starts getting mixed reactions particularly until he is joining the group S4/5 onwards I suppose.  Being so late into fandom this is the first time I've discussed most of the eps properly so I'm not as sure where the problem areas are.  There are some Spike haters that sometimes breeze through on BF but they have always steered clear of the rewatch thread, even the Angel rewatch.  We just haven't had anyone being subversive joining in.  Well, not yet anyway!

Those joining the group fluctuates a bit because some only join in around their reviews and then disappear again.  With it being so quiet at the moment it is a very small group and only a tiny number are constant contributors.  S2 was pretty quiet with odd episodes that only myself and/or Dipstick responded on.  But I don't think anyone has been overly negative about characters outside of having a productive discussion.  Even where people are acknowledging issues with their less favourite characters.
I'll watch Anne tonight. :)

You can tell from Norwie's review that there are the devoted fans who take the series very seriously and who take it beyond a more  narrow discussion of "just what happens in the episodes and the characters" - this makes the series just as significant today as when it first aired.   I am one of those fans who still love to discuss the series but unfortunately those fans continue to dwindle away in the episode discussions.  There are also a lot of members who just "lurk" - they don't want to join the discussion but they still want the insight and perspectives.  

Plus - some members don't have the time to do all the online things they would like.  Last night instead of working on the music and project I wanted to do for JM birthday event I had to drop all that to watch the episode and I have to watch it again before I add to the discussion.  

It was great watching Anne again so I am glad that the Rewatch will give me that push to watch the series again.  Especially with the distance in time, I will have a different perspective on the series.  I think if there were a good amount of FF writers it would be a very different response in the discussions.  I think that it is the FF writers and fans who are interested in meta studies are the people who still have a great interest in discussing episodes.  I've tried so many times to do a rewatch here and never had any success.  

I was thinking last night that so much of the most compelling  elements of the series have been lost to the popularity "relationships" and to "individual characters."  Norwie's connecting Anne to the experiences of Masters and Victims and Resistance to oppression shows clearly how compelling and layered the series really is.  It's not just about Buffy and the experiences of all the series characters, it's about our real world.  You can take Anne/Buffy/Chanterlle/LilyRickie are place them in the struggles here in the USA and Europe and all the hell holes of our world and they would fit and reflect perfectly the events and dynamics of the political and economic power struggles of today.  

I am looking forward to joining the rewatch discussions and reading the perspectives of all who post.  I just wish that more people decide to join in.  

I think Anne is a great Whedon episode - particularly in contrast to where BS8 took Buffy and how the comic books, like the Andrew steals and uses Buffy Robo arc.  Watching Buffy put on her Slayer - Warrior and Protector face and taking back her power and her duties of The Chosen One/Slayer - it was such a great Buffy moment.  I was so glad that I did watch "Anne" again. 

Yup. For me it's really a case of having no time -- I would definitely WANT to join in, but it's just not doable. Active participation in BuffyTube is about as much as I can handle, unfortunately.  But I do enjoy reading everybody else's insights.

cil domney said:

(...) There are also a lot of members who just "lurk" - they don't want to join the discussion but they still want the insight and perspectives.  

Plus - some members don't have the time to do all the online things they would like.  Last night instead of working on the music and project I wanted to do for JM birthday event I had to drop all that to watch the episode and I have to watch it again before I add to the discussion.

Thanks for moving this here Cil, I was all 'duh' about where to put it. ;)

I think if I am totally honest what rewatches need is someone driving on regardless of anyone else.  Having done the AtS rewatch where I reviewed all the episodes it was easier to just keep the pace going and carry on because you aren't waiting on anyone else and their other RL commitments/disruptions.  Coordinating the BtVS rewatch is harder work and places me in the 'nagging' role quite often as reviews have been up to three weeks late.  But I have made sure I have responded to every review and it stops activity winding down completely when others dip in/out and there is a quiet period.  I'm happy with that.  I have the time because I don't sleep much and as I haven't discussed most of these eps before I'm probably more keen than most to keep it going. 

I love the community on BF and the depth of discussion and consideration people give, that it doesn't degenerate into shipping/popularity gripes.  I hope that Local Max sticks with us this season.  He wasn't available to join much at all last season for personal reasons but tends to often offer these real world comparatives and insights that give great breadth.  I tend to be a much more surface level viewer I think, far more character focused than necessarily tending to pick up thematic points/foreshadowing etc.

I know it isn't always easy for people to get the time to join in which is why I've always said I hope people feel free to come and go without obligation, whether they are doing any of the reviews or not.  Some people only post a handful of times across an entire season.  I have in the last week got involved in discussions in the fanart section on BF too as they are looking to encourage beginners and I would like to explore the PS programme I have and enjoy some creativity.  I had a go at one of the challenges there and really enjoyed it but it is very easy to lose hours and hours in playing about with effects/images and doing tiny amends/tweaks.  My free time may take a nosedive if my interest in this flares alongside my dissertation year!  I'm determined that I'll not let the rewatch dwindle though.

I hope you do start up with doing some PS - I feel in love from the first time I tried it and when I knew little more than how to turn my computer on.  REVERT was my friend.

I've been wanting to join the fanart group for a long time but I always have problems getting my images to show up - I use only flickr as my image hosting site.  Guess I will try it again.  We can both be "newbies to the group."

I just finished reading the comments for Anne and posted my own.  My problem is that I feel pretty much out of place with the level of critic - I'm very poor at writing do such a piss poor job of putting my ideas in text.  Plus, I have a terrible tendency to  repeat myself.  

The schedule for watching is very easy to keep up with so that should help.  

Congratulations on the Angel reviews - doing every episode is a big effort.

The beginner support started is looking at guidance on resources and tutorials as well as considering a Q&A thread or a list of members happy to be contacted with queries.  There is a thread set up if you have any ideas to throw in about how they could make it more beginner friendly.  They are also considering revamping the challenges and have made the section viewable to the public to see if it generates more interest.  I don't know how regularly they have/will do challenges but it is great to have a prompt to get you thinking.  This was my recent challenge piece.  If I do another for this or when the next challenge comes up I will probably just pick a tutorial or resource suggestion to try out.  I like the idea of a variety of tutorials because as well as covering the practical side it also explores different perspectives and shows different styles rather than following generic instructions.  It would be great if you do join in too.

I hadn't watched Angel other than S5 before I did the reviews so it was a first watch for me and used as a prompt for others rewatching.  I'm intending to start rewatching it alongside BtVS when we get to S4, in line with when S1 of AtS branched off.  I think I just got used to doing the reviewing.  I tended to do one every three days for AtS and it took a little over a year.  I'm sure when I rewatch, knowing where the plots went, I'll find many of my reviews rubbish now!  When we finished AtS we moved pretty much straight on to doing the BtVS rewatch, and I'm also involved in a Farscape rewatch at the moment too.  Basically watching and writing notes/reviews is practically a way of life for me now, ha! 

You shouldn't worry about the level of critique, it varies between episodes and reviewers/posters.  Some reviews are more bullet points during watching the episode, others are very detailed to levels many of us perhaps haven't looked at it before.  You often find, like with Norwie's review, that if someone focuses heavily on certain aspects or a complex thematic point, then it is left to the other posters to cover some lighter character observations.  It definitely varies, so you should just put up any thoughts that spring to mind from watching it or reading other's posts.  And you really shouldn't be worried about your own posts.  I thought your points were clear and definitely added to the discussion, particularly the observation about Lily/Anne's choice to shove Ken off the ledge.  I also didn't notice if you were being repetitious.  We do tend to be far more conscious of what we feel are our flaws where others might not even notice them, if they are even there.  I am, more often than not, far too bloomin verbose and invariably in editing my posts am chanting to myself "full stops, shorter sentences, less words"!!!  :D

Well - I am going to try the fanart again - really the reason that I stopped trying to post any artwork is that I never get the images to show up - which code do your use when you upload your images from another site?  I will give it another go later today.  I think the fanart on the site is outstanding.  Wish some of them would post their work here.  But I can understand that they may want to only post their digital art on sites that require membership to view.  

That a totally awesome piece - so my question is why did you not consider posting it here in your gallery?  I checked your page and you only have two images.  

I asked about the posting decisions because I really need to know why members don't post more images here.  I post so many images that I seems like I am "dumping" images here but that is because so few people post images.  I love doing graphics and digital art.  

I would love to again start the BT gallery that featured graphics by our members.  If I start that as a Home Tab would you be interested in posting your images here so that I could use them on that home tab?

I want to start new features here - you know that if you want to feature music with your images you can do that by joining what was going to be my  Spuffy NING that instead became Buffytube Radio.  I so glad that I created that ning site because they got rid of this type of account where you paid only $20 a year basic and added features on a pay as want basis.  

Anyway - please think about maybe posting some of your graphics here - I know that our members would love to see them. 

I think for the one above I just put the url from the image on photobucket in as a straight forward 'link'.  When I post the preview pages for the comics I upload them to photobucket and use the 'Direct' code entered in through the image insert within the post so they appear in the post itself.  On BF I use the thumb IMG code to link to photobucket.  It has been the case of just trying the different codes they give to make them appear in the body of the post, finding out which works.

cil domney said:

That a totally awesome piece - so my question is why did you not consider posting it here in your gallery?  I checked your page and you only have two images.

Thanks, there are bits that still bug me in it but I had to draw the line somewhere!  It is only the second piece I have done, that and my sig which is already up here, so I don't have a pile of 'others' hiding elsewhere.  Your question as to why I didn't come and load it on here isn't a straight forward one to answer.  In the sense that "I'm not sure" is probably the most accurate answer, as unsatisfying as that probably is to hear.  In part because I don't understand the issues of protecting art but people seem generally concerned about it.  I don't mind who views it but don't like the idea of the original pic being 'taken'.  I don't know what are the safest/less safe ways to link etc.  I keep my uploaded albums private online but obviously when you give a link it does provide accesses to view/share it.  I do have the download button turned off, maybe that is enough/all you can do.  I don't know.  I also can't really imagine people would be too interested in it anyway, so I'm not even sure if it requires concern in the first place.  Pluuus(!), if you can view it you can make a screen grab of it anyway.  So basically I am left feeling like I don't understand the situation and it makes me look like this :s !  Also, I didn't think to load it here just because it was a response to a challenge on BF, so it felt like it 'belonged' there.  Does any of that make any sense?

I think having individual galleries works fine, recently uploaded ones appear on the home page anyway. 


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