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Here are some of the images from BS8 - 

I was shocked all over again at how bizarre the premise of Buffy and the Twilight Times season was - How many years did we devote to following this?  How the hell is any of this a good message for Buffy and women? - Joss Whedon and all took,  what I interpreted as one of the Great Moments and Events of the entire series and turned  all her courage, vision and power developments for women into making Buffy little more, than a Sexual Gift for Angel and the betrayal off all that Buffy had to suffer for being a warrior for light and protector of this world.  

Don't know about anyone else but all I could say then and say today - WTF?

I mean what could be better than having Great Sex and becoming a birthing machine with your I Love You Forever Boy Friend from your Teenage Years.   

YES WILLOW - Nothing smacks of Smartness like the universe choosing to create Super Beings/Gods to destroy humans so that their new Slayer/Vamp Consorts and create a new world order.   Man do I go into auto Pissed Off Mode with the premise of the Twilight Times and turning Buffy into a sexual avatar and willing victim and the idea that woman have to pay, and pay big time, for reaching out for their power and inner strength.

And while we are on the subject of Buffy and Sex and Power and Where B&S are Now -  Here is looking back at the Bad Days to contrast with Now Times.

Spike as the Bad Boy Friend - all of a sudden evil international arms agent - Sex Boy Toy for Depresso Buffy -


Off - back to RL work and work out time - what a joke all those magic pills and promises for fast track losing weight are - I've been at it for months now and have not lost hardly any weight.  Getting Stronger so Big Plus and Good for Me. 

Kudos to James Marsters and that body he made himself get to play Spike - he had to have been working his buns off and using a very strict diet. 


Jeez, Cil, beware of the naked Spike pics.

All that really good commentary and profound thought and the only thing I can remember is that Spike has hairy legs in your last photo - which I never noticed before! So I have to go back and read your posts again.  :D

Spike must go get his chest waxed at the same demon beauty parlor that does his hair. :)

They are barely naked pics, they are teasy pics.

Interesting weight loss article I read yesterday -

Some JM Physical Appearance Q&As (

What do you do to stay in shape?
(2-01 On TV, you have to be ready to get naked at any time," he jokes. The actor's exercise regimen includes high-repetition lifting of 100-pound weights, 250 sit-ups and an hour's worth of inline-skating each day. "I don't go crazy - I just do enough to keep in shape," he says. "This routine gives me good definition without a lot of bulk.
(10-01 Shape Magazine) Before I came to L.A., I was like a gorilla. I had to lose 50 pounds of muscle. When I got hungry, it was tough not to panic. It's a kind of animal reaction that you have to overcome. In T.V. and film, there's little else to do except look good. It was frustrating at first because I was coming from the stage, where your job is much more than that. I have two alternate routines. One day, I'll do a 45-minutes upper-body free-weight workout followed by a half-hour to 45-minute skate. On days I'm not working my upper body, it's just 20 minutes of crunches and skating. Luckily, though, my body responds very quickly to workouts. In fact, I take care not to develop too much muscle. In-line skating. On the set, I'll do jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups to wake me up, instead of drinking coffee. I'm on a high-protein, low-carb diet. I don't eliminate carbs because that's too hard on the body. Breakfast is whole grain cereal and carrot juice. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, with a big piece of meat, half a baked potato and some veggies on the side. Dinner tends to be lighter. I try not to eat too late at night. I do cheat on vegetables. I get my fiber from the carrot juice and drink a two-ounce shot of wheat grass juice, which has all the vitamins of four pounds of leafy greens. My work sustains me. It's fun. I enjoy it. And that's really the key isn't it? A good positive attitude is actually like a pill, and luckily, I have had very few health problems.
(4-02 Lisa Kincaid interview) Just rollerblade, and free weights, and stomach crunches. I do a lot of repetition with low weights. Because I don't want bulk, I want definition.
(6-03 Yam Magazine) Good question. I just gained 7 Kilos, that I need to get rid of right away so I can have washboard abs again.
(9-03 DragonCon) 250 sit-ups, free weights, just curls, curls. Basically if you, if you … [someone in audience yells at him to take his shirt off] (in obviously perturbed tone) NO I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE MY SHIRT OFF.  I never have bowed to group pressure guys so… I’m a punk rocker so go ahead and jeer… spit I don’t care. Basically, you know, with working out if you do it consistently, you don’t have to do it very much. I work out about 15 minutes a day, but I always do.

Sorry, ready for more profound thoughts... any time now....

When he says "Damn your soul" is that imperative, ordering Spike to damn his soul, or is Archaeus talking to himself because it is hard for him to completely control Spike because of his soul?

Hi Greenarrow - I'm am moving your comments over to the usual comic book thread - 

Greenarrow said:

When he says "Damn your soul" is that imperative, ordering Spike to damn his soul, or is Archaeus talking to himself because it is hard for him to completely control Spike because of his soul?


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