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I still wish that they had done more with the Eldre Koh-Illyria history - like the rest of the events, IMO, it was resolved too easily.  I can certainly appreciate that the writer may have changed his original plans for and then had to create a path to Eldre Koh becoming a part of the A&F team - but for such a dramatic start of vengeance for his family the resolution was pretty tame and easy.

His spiritual and emotional development does connect to the season theme of "confluence and transformation" - but I would have like a little more conflict between the two and with his own introspection and transformation from need for revenge.

How did you like the relationship between Angel and Faith - do you think that they were given parity as leaders or do you think the season tended more to show Angel as first character leader?  I like them best working as equals and I would not care to see Angel given prime leadership role.  At one time the argument could be made that the comic book is after all entitled Angel but that is no longer the case - it's entitled Angel and Faith and I would not like to see her become a subordinate.  

I thought the "hail the Angel Hero" was a bit thick as well - but I know that I am now totally biased and ruined as an Angel fan so my POV is not a particularly good one regarding how the writer presented his finale. 

Personal thanks to you for continuing to visit BT and posting when we have come down to so few active members - 

Was the response to the finale mostly positive on your other boards?

Slayalive Q&A with Victor Gishler:*COMPLETE*-Q-amp-A-with-Vi...

Sounds like there will be another season with another writer.

Yes it does sound like that.  I hope they aren't bringing Chambliss back into writing considering he was at the S11 summit. :s

Re: the response to the Zane security guards' shootout that Victor gave to my question. I have to heavily disagree with him.  I just can't see managing to bribe to get a 'security permit' for guns in the UK as a viable explanation at all, big corporation or not. Perhaps it is naive of me, but I think that it just shows a complete lack of understanding to how little gun presence there is over here and how tight the restrictions are on who can carry them, when, where and why. I'll have to put it down to verse specific variations on that one personally.

I've finally read issue #25 of Angel & Faith. Unfortunately, the "big finale" didn't really do much for me. And it may sound callous, but I was also pretty "meh" about Parker's death. Seb's sacrifice in Gischler's Spike comic affected me a whole lot more. But I did really like the roof barbecue at the end of the issue.


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