The latest Image Photos & Pictures limit is on Members Gallery - 60 images


Due to the 10 GB storage limits with the new Buffytube Paid Account - the amount of vids that are posted here will have to be scaled way back.  As of today, we have 6,490 photos & images here -  this is way over the amount that we can have to meet the new data limits.


We need to cut down on the amount of Photos & Images here - One remedy is to delete Vids that have been archived here for the longest time - that would be Vids from 2008 and some from 2009 if needed.   I have already started taking down the older photos and images from 2008.


I need every member to delete their images from 2008 and some from 2009 to meet the new data storage limits - plus this will allow for new works that you create.


Also, I would suggest that we do not upload "screencaps" unless they are pertinent to a discussion in a group.  Screencaps are readily available at several sites already. 


I really need your help and cooperation  on making all these "Must Do" changes.


Chris Davis created a great network for us to enjoy - and Buffytube Will Remain Open Here - but I need your help.


Thanks to all the members for being a part of Buffytube and for your cooperation -



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We have had to add July and August to the photos & images that will have to be taken down - there were still over 3000 after the June cut-off date. Sorry to all, but we have to make data storage space for the new limits -


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