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OK... I've pared down.. got rid of the uploaded vids... sad, because they were not bad, but only uploaded here... but I am motivated to remake them and upload them on youtube... we'll see how that goes... I have 15 left.. all embedded... all art is gone... I think that's it for me...thanks for taking the reins on this cil... you're doing a great job..
Hello all. I should have weighed in on this a while ago - unfortunately, Ive had some medical issues that prevented me from (gasp) looking at my monitor for the past 2 wks.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about keeping the vids. Embedding, though not ideal, is a tentative solution, and who knows?
The option to expand wont disappear. Im good with this.
Well, it's both actually.
From the admin side, it will clean up the site, which is all to the good.

From the vidder side, however, it imposes a potentially troublesome protocol.
Such as: being able to choose the vids they want to keep or not (older vids vs. personal best vids)

If we're talking strictly embeds, then a "max # of vids"/vidder doesn't apply.

Basically what Im saying is, organization will have to happen from the top down. If you want to organize by tags, then you/we will need to implement a proper tagging system and people who upload will need to adhere to it.

As I said before, Cil, Im all game about helping, but we need a more concrete model concept as far as how that organization will play out in practice. :)

PM me and we can skype or chat on it.
We are staying at Buffytube - As I understand it, with the paid account we are going with, vids that are already posted here will be "given access" but only embed videos will be allowed after July 20.

I don't know what problems the Vidders have had here - I know that Chris Davis asked that youtube vids not be embeded. I don't do vids that I have to import for another site - anything that I do is posted on my personal website and uploaded from my personal files - I don't know what the problems are for vidders -

I make no promise to the Buffytube Vidders about what NING or YouTube will do - here is what is listed on the official NING accounts features for the plan we are going to use about vids:

"Continued access to current videos"

10 GB

Unfortunately, along with this goes the limit of storage spaceaccording to the NING estimates 10 GB is approximately 500 uploaded videos or about 5000 photos

This is all I can go with when making my decision to keep Buffytube open -

I agree with Veiriti. There are plenty of members and it's only a nominal amount.
Blood & Peaches

I thought much about which paid account to go with - and I have been asking for members to become "Sponsors" for a while now - had very few responses - and I have sent out messages to all the members. At first I had wanted to raise the Pro Amount fees - but since this is all about Vidders with our network and I was getting so little response, I decided to go with the middle plan for now. Plus, and this was a big factor for my decision - We Don't Know NING'S future policy regarding copyright sensitive material. If I had collected all that money and NING decides to follow the YouTube Vids Upload Policy - we would still have lost that feature. I would have ended collecting money from members who were donating primarily for that feature - would have had a bunch of pissed off members if they could not upload vids.

I see new Vids Uploaded or Embeded everyday - the last time I checked we had 2,320 vids here and that was last night. That amount will have to be reduced considerably. It seems to me that if I wanted to show my Vids to people, that I had a ready and willing audience to share them with - paying $10 or $20 dollars a year for that capability would seem an extremely reasonable amount to pay.

Maybe I am just not reaching members - how did you find out about all the changes that we have to make? by visiting the site or by me "members announcement?"

NING has a "donate to support your network" aps - it was still not working as of last night. But members can support by paying directly into my Personal PayPal - I will be posting instruction for donations directly to my PayPal account within a couple of days.so that we have the funds ready for July 20 -

Thanks much for your support and your plan to become a Buffytube Sponsor.
I'm curious, how many people have agreed to join the sponsors so far?
so far we have several who said they would donate - I am just now sending out notices to them and we have three thus far -
Great Big Thanks to all our "Buffytube Sponsors" Jules - anca - cil_domney - poucette and Vid of the Year-

our latest sponsors are: peaches and blood and veiriti
Our appreciation and "thanks" to our latest "Buffytube Sponsor" oldblackmagic

Buffytube is staying open due to the generosity of these members - please consider helping support Buffytube with a VOLUNTARY $10.00 donation.
A big THANK YOU to our latest "Buffytube Sponsor" lost lenore

I personally want to say again how very much I appreciate the support from all our donors and from all the members who have responded to the "call for help" with meeting the NING limits. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done and the administrators are putting in a big effort.
i got a question what if you help can't pay the money ???, my family and i
are going on a trip in October and i have to save up what money i have
for our trip, i would help if i could, but i just can't sorry guys :(


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