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I do agree with you. There are more than 1000 members – if every one of us donates even 5 $ we could pay for the premium account what allowed uploading our vids here and to keep more members.
10$ per month ? PayPal doesnt work for me, are there alternative ways to contribute money?
sorry for the confusion - "Sponsors" would help with the $10.00 contribution this is a one time thing.
I went with $10.00 dollars for the more simple plan - much easier to collect and meet the money requirements with this amount donation than smaller amounts. This is why I am calling it "Sponsors" - because I am hoping that members who have enjoyed the site as much as I have are willing to help keep buffytube together.

Can someone please give us more information on how the Vids uploading will work - this is something that I have very little information on.
Members -

PLEASE I need to start getting some feed back from everyone who is interested in keeping Buffytube and the large membership in tack once we have to pay for the network.
I am kind of confused, Cil. Are you talking about donations of ten dollars from multiple people and trying to pay it for a year, or six months, etc. to keep it going like it has existed from the first?
Cil, it's not enough to make a discussion on Buffy Summers group only - you have to put that message on the wall and to send it to every member of BuffyTube.
And you're right about these small groups like "Angelus makes my happy in my pants" (good God, what's name! LOL), "Naughty Spuffy fans" etc... these groups need to go... there are too many groups where you can discuss your favorite character or couple...
That's fine if everybody pays 10 dollars once in a while. I'm good with that.

The only NIng program that allows uploaded videos is the Ning Pro account. That's the most expensive one. The middle one--Ning Plus==allows videos that are embedded. All uploaded videos will be deleted and you will no longer be able to upload a vid. Only embedd. If you go with the Pro account, then you can upload or embed and the previously uploaded videos will not be deleted.

Hope that helps :)
Bpy - NING is really making its users pay up big time -

Can't we work this out, with the Vidders - I know that Chris Davis had requested that there be No embedded vids but with this new Paid Plan - that may simply have to be our only way of showing vids here. We could also go with something like a "Buffytube Vid Announcement Group" where the members can show an image with description and post the link.

That Pro Plan is $499.95 per year - I really hate paying that amount .
I would be satisfied with doing the Buffytubre Vid Announcement and posting an image and links.

What are the problems that come with embedded vids from other sites? Do most of the vidders here also upload at youtube? WOULD YOU BE SATISFIED WITH GOING ONLY WITH ANNOUNCEMENTS & LINKS.

This topic of Vids is really pretty much up to the members that want to continue showing their work here. The members that want to continue uploading would have to come up with 30 members paying 10.00 each or 15 paying 20.00.

My plan was to go with the NING PLUS which is the $199.95 per year - I would pay for the first $50.00 dollars and the "Sponsor Members" would contribute $10.00 until we reached our needed $199.95.
Going with this plan we have to use Posting Links or embedded.

I need to have the group leader from any of the vids groups to contact their members, GET THEM OVER HERE - and join the discussions.

Right now, and with the $499.95 fees - my feeling is that we should go with the middle plan -

TIME IS SHORT - we need to get this all settled soon - the paid accounts begin July 20 -
It very sad, but also true - that money for internet use is finally making its impact on free internet use. I am use to paying for my online accounts - youtube being the only site that I don't pay to use. What we do will depend on how much the active members want to contribute.
I am happy to pay $10.00 whenever you need it. What I am slightly confused at and this is my stupid brain not the way you explain it.

If there are over 1000 members, are you requesting that everyone pays $10 or just sponsors who I guess will have more capabilities than others? Sorry to sound ignorant :)

Also, tell me where and when you need the money paying :)
The "Sponsors" are those members that like buffytube enough to help pay for the network. This is strictly voluntary and is a one-time contribution. If we want to continue after the "paid accounts" start this July than we have to again ask for $10.00 "Sponsor" contribution.

The reason that I chose "Sponsors" is because these are members who want to help keep buffytube online for all to enjoy.

The paid "small accounts" only allow for 150 members tops - and the network features are much reduced - actually, the only plan that would allow us to keep everything we have now is the $499.95 a year plan. And this amount is a lot of money.
OK. I am still trying to wrap my head around this. If 25 of us donated $20, or 50 of us donated $10, then that would be enough to cover the costs of the site for a year. Is that correct? I think I could afford to donate that one time this year to help keep the site going. I like being able to upload vids here, as I don't like to even try to upload to Youtube anymore. Although they have only taken down one of my vids, I have notations on several, all about the music, but they seem to be leavin them alone. I haven't wanted to press my luck, and get the whole thing shut down, because some of the videos I don't have copies of from Youtube. Anyway, whatever is decided I will, of course, try to adapt. Fortunately the vids I have here I do have copies of, so if we go the embedding route I will have to try and figure out if I want to try some of these other sites like vimeo-maybe multiple sites, and hope they wouldn't all get raided.

Personally, I guess once its decided which way things are going to pan out, I will act accordingly. I will help out as much as I can. I know it would not be the preferred route, but if worse comes to worse, I guess we could break down into the smaller groups on individual sites. I don't want to do that, but, as I said, I will adapt. I want to see the site continue, as I have been so happy to have a site that could be my Buffy "home," and I don't want to lose that. :(
Right Now - I Need to hear from a hell of a lot more members - Especially from the people who want to upload vids -
The costs is $199.95 (NING PLUS - No Vids No Music) $499.95 (NING PRO allows Vids & Music) Unlimited Memberships.

As you can see, the big portion of the fees are down to Vids Uploads and & Music -

It seems obvious to me that the members who want to have the very nice Vid Uploads here are going to have to step up and help pay for that service.

If I loved creating vids and showing them, the small amount of $10 or $20 dollars per year seems more than reasonable. I would be willing to pay up to $60.00 since I do want to show vids here and as I am now the administrator for Buffytube. Everything depends on what the rest of the members are willing to donate as "Sponsors" -

The "breaking down" into the NING MINI groups is certainly a way to deal with the money issues - but the groups would have only basic features - not sure that each member would even have their individual pages -

Here is the link where you can read the different plans -

I send out a network message to all the members of BuffyTube - If you created a group, please contact your members and have them get involved with the discussion -

I am not in the financial position to shell out $499.95 or $199.95 dollars to keep Buffytube online -
I can run my own group if I have to, but I think that most members would prefer to keep the group together.


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