After the recent YouTube slaughter of Buffy videos and accounts, I thought it would be a good idea to post a discussion where people who have lost their accounts can post where people can find their new ones. Also, it can be a good place to look for anyone is who is looking for the missing people and videos.
If you have lost your accounts or videos on YouTube, go ahead and post your information here where people can find your new account.

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I look at it this way, a large group targeted by a corporation would generate bad publicity and put the companies in a unfavorable light. I have yet be presented a argument backed with facts that demonstrate how fan vids hurt the studios profits. I think the facts would show a increase in profits. The execs cant stop us all they can do is make us give up. I am a fan and Buffy/Angel mean as much to me as the cast, crew and writers. Kept making those fake accounts and keep posting.
Dont remove your videos just create fact e-mails and accounts.
you had a great idea sis!
Yt removed my account for the third time, my new account is Spuffyeternalflame00!
I'm on my second account there, but it now has two strikes on it. Ugh. So I'm fixing to pick up and move again (really sucks because I just moved to this one barely two weeks ago, if that. They also decided to strike my zzn1300 account again, so now it has two strikes too) to this account which I've created, but haven't bothered to fully set up yet. I'm just too busy being mad.
I just recently looked at all my favorites out on my Youtube account, and I could really see the carnage that you all were talking about. I removed so many vid links that no longer existed I lost count. I do not plan on putting any more Spuffy vids out there. I already mentioned that they haven't removed the two I have, and I also mentioned that one has a notation on it, but it's for the audio, not a video complaint from Fox. My other vids about the others that I "ship" have not been asked to be removed by the studios that did them, although that did happen some in the past. It seems most of mine have been tagged because the audio belongs to Sony and their affiliates, but they still haven't removed them.
Everyone please remember not to leave them a calling card to this site by telling others to come to this site out on Youtube. I am just saying that because I have seen people post that Youtube deleted so and so, so come to such and such site and see my vids. I don't mean to be telling everyone what to do, but it seems it's wise not to do that.
Oh god... my account got deleted again!!!! °.°

Are you all still at it? I am so frustrated by the removal of my favorite Spuffy vids by the SSS and more. I am cutting back on my time at work so wanted to find you all again now that I have more time for my hobbies!   Have missed your fabulous creations, OBM.  All were excellent promotional material for the series and should have done nothing but increased sales!


Good thing I just post my videos on here cause Youtube has a damn problem. I understand a copyright but they act like they are gonna come to your house and beat some ass over a video/DVD that you've already purchased with your own damn money.

Yes, they can be a pain in the rear, but it's the media companies that put the pressure on them.  I hate it, and I haven't posted vids out there in years. I looked at mine the other day, and they are still "there." The thing that irritates me the most is that they are so arbitrary about it. Now, I certainly don't want to see all the Buffy vids out there removed, but it seems that, if Fox insists that they "own" the rights, then why don't they insist that Youtube remove them all. I mean, they are all made from clips of Buffy. There can be two vids that have almost the exact same clips, but just put together differently, and one might get removed, but the other one doesn't. It's totally random in how they are selected to be removed. In my experience, it was the ones that were getting the most attention when I first posted them that got removed. 

latoya said:

Good thing I just post my videos on here cause Youtube has a damn problem. I understand a copyright but they act like they are gonna come to your house and beat some ass over a video/DVD that you've already purchased with your own damn money.

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