After the recent YouTube slaughter of Buffy videos and accounts, I thought it would be a good idea to post a discussion where people who have lost their accounts can post where people can find their new ones. Also, it can be a good place to look for anyone is who is looking for the missing people and videos.
If you have lost your accounts or videos on YouTube, go ahead and post your information here where people can find your new account.

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Thought I'd get the ball rolling and tell people that my oldbmagic account has been removed. My new main account will be oldbmagicvideos on YouTube.
Well I'm on account three. We will see how this one goes. I used to be Katekylzm until two weeks ago when I received my second strike against it. Since it was my main youtube, I switched to SpikesKittyKat which was a total waste of time as two weeks later it received two hits against it. Now I'm on account three . I'm still uploading videos that it allows me so stay tune! The new account is (borrowed OldBlackMagic's idea of video after it after fighting with the idea of a 99 at the end for too long.)
Well, I have tried not to rock the boat on my account, since I have two Buffy vids still out there. There is one that has a notation on it, but they haven't removed it, or told me I had to, but it's not Fox, believe it or not. I have several that have songs that are owned by Sony, and it seems that when Michael Jackson passed away, suddenly Sony felt the need to reaffirm their ownership over things especially if it was his work, and one of my vids uses Thriller-I did a link for that one here because I am in the Vidder Bootcamp group, and I requested that it be reviewed by the other group members.
So, right now, I am rather unsure of whether or not to add anything to my Youtube account, not just Buffy stuff. I have put all my Buffy stuff either here or on the original site.
I am sorry that you had your account removed. I know how upsetting it is. I just wish that somehow a whole group of vidders from all sorts of fandoms could band together and get this hashed out, once and for all. The copyright laws are obsolete, and the companies are allowed to be so unfair, and just decide arbitrarily what they think violates a copyright. You could have two Buffy vids with just about the same clips, but just rearranged to fit the music and theme of the vid, and they could insist on removing one and leave the other, even though they own the rights to the clips in both of them, and most vids are so short, technically they shouldn't considered a be a copy of anything.
Well, I will check out your new account, and good luck with it. May you stay under the Youtube/Fox radar.
I saw the writing on the wall months ago and pulled all my videos. I no longer visit youtube. All vidders to to form together to give themselves a voice. The fans own their fandom as much as the corporations and need to be informed. George Lucas has realized this and stopped persecuting the fans. Guess what, he still makes money hand over fist. The way things in Hollywood have been going lately, the fans have been making better projects. We fans are not making money but spending it. Leave us alone Hollywood.
Youtube removed the audio of my Thriller video before Jackson died. At one time 85% of my videos either had the video blocked or audio muted. I am at a site now that wants to form a Vidders Guild For Fandom to gives us a larger voice to our cause.
This is so unfair YT cant delete our accounts just like that!!! I´m on my second account and now they give me my 1 strike and got 12 videos deleted :(. So now i got another account cause i think they would delete my account in the future. Bloody fox copyright ¬¬. so here it´s my new account were i´ll upload all the videos YT deleted the other day:
this is just silly we are making videos just for fun, not profit. They know that. But they like to give us a hard time :(.
I quit Youtube a long time ago as far as posting videos goes. I had no problem when they put a claim on it and put an ad on the video as their course of action. I wish they would do that instead of just tearing them down because then they'd think they benefit from them like we know they do anyway. But once they started pointing out videos that had to be removed, I deleted my account. Sorry that other people are fighting with them but I say why bother.
Sorry to hear about all your accounts. And I agree with everything that has been said. We're not doing any harm and they should leave us alone.

But, in the meantime, I hope people utilize this site to let others know where they can't watch their vids.
Yeah, that sucks!!! I hate u-tube and the FOX-wankers... with our fan vids we're promoting their shows and movies for free and the take down our accounts in gratitude... That's not fair!!! And I have got some vids marked as a fox content with country ban and I don't know what to do... maybe is better to delete them and to save my account...
At the present time my video that uses Thriller is still up, with the audio intact. It has one of those ads that directs you to where you can buy the song. Also, that video is not just Buffy, but snippets of about four other vampire shows, and I think that, according to the law, it has to be a certain percentage of the video for the company to claim its been infringed. So, I wouldn't put anything past them, but if its a composite from different sources, and different companies, it might be a little more of a buffer for one company to have to sift through even more vids to see if any clips are from their stuff. If your vid has a reference to Buffy, then that makes their job easier. If it's just "vampire" stuff, it could be from a bunch of other movies/tv shows, and not be from Buffy, so I would think they couldn't possibly watch everything. Sadly, they do pay attention to the ones that start to get lots of hits, and then they strike at those.
I am all for grouping together and trying to fight back, but eventually the group would have to have some legal advice, and unless somebody would do that pro bono, that's where is would get tough.
This is such a smart idea Bridget!! You're brilliant!!! I am so mad at youtube! I had one damn Buffy vid, and it got deleted. Grr. :(
I bought the DVDs just to make videos. I had bootlegs before. Since Fox has harassed me so much, I stopped making Buffy vids, buying comics, novels, and toys. I just lost interest and kept my money.

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