Relax you guys, BuffyTube isnt being shut down or anything. But, I have been thinking about expanding BuffyTube into a WhedonTube or JossTube (working title). That way, there can be more content like, more shows to download and more videos to watch, ECT...

What do you think of this???

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I don't have a problem with it becoming whedonverse, but Morgan's idea of having a Firefly/Serenity and Dollhouse ones is good too.

I'd love somewhere just for Joss work and then you could also have Dr Horrible too.
Yeah there is a WhedonTube. But I love it here, especially how you can upload other verses besides the Buffy/Angelverse. And even more because of how You Tube is with copyright issues. It would be a shame if there was a change that meant videos from other verses couldn't be uploaded.
That's a great point Morgan! :D I've been thinking and I think it would be best for BuffyTube to remain the way it is.
love it here! and what ever you decide is fine with me. this is one of the best sites i have ever been on and do love...
thank you for the opportunity for being here!

i'll just hang around with the boys till you decide what you are going to do here lol!
I like the idea of it being a whole Jossverse (BtVS, Ats, Firefly/Serenity & DrHorrible)
that sounds like a good idea but I prefer it if we jsut stick with a ALL Buffy related material tube. I know there is an angel tube, but that one was just installed and there's nothing much to look at
please don't shut down buffytube! - I use it more for than buffy, because... seriously? It's a great site, you're kicking youtube's ass here =]
There is a Whedon Tube already - so it would be confusing if you went with that title - I would go with The JossTube but I really like having a special place just for The buffyverse - would it be a big mess if you had 2 different sites?
I think its a great idea. Anytime there's more Joss its a good day for me.

Coming August 29th, 2009!


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