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Anyone have additional info on the new season that may have been brought out at the Con events?

I don't think they announced anything other than giving the extra cover/info about Angel that we saw a while back.  Looking forward to the new issue of BtVS, it feels like there is real potential for this season. :)

Agree - especially if the earlier comments regarding the season, sorry I forgot the original source, that our real world political/social dynamics would show some reflections in this season.  Brexit and TrumpIt have certainly hand a huge impact on both nations and the world.  

Had a chance to visit the Art Challenges - will be doing some work soon.   I am still having big problems with the work I am producing for my fanart.  

There are preview pages for Buffy S11 #1 and there's an interview with the new Angel writer, but I can't post them right now...

Preview pages:

Erm... Is that  Spike with a towel over his head?!

Dark Horse Comics February 2017 Solicitations

Angel Season 11 #2

  • Corinna Bechko (W), Geraldo Borges (A), Michelle Madsen (C), Scott Fischer (Cover), and Jeff Dekal (Variant cover)
  • On sale Feb 15
  • FC, 32 pages
  • $3.99
  • Ongoing
  • Having seen a terrible vision with connections to his past, Angel is taken back in time by the goddess Illyria and finds himself in Illyria’s ancient past—by mistake. When she discovers when they are—in the middle of a battle between her past self and another god—Illyria’s not ready to leave without attempting to change what had been . . .
  • Writer Corinna Bechko (Lara Croft, Star Wars) brings you the vampire Angel in his own series!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 #4

  • Christos Gage (W), Georges Jeanty (P/Variant cover), Dexter Vines (I), Dan Jackson (C), and Steve Morris (Cover)
  • On sale Feb 15
  • FC, 32 pages
  • $3.99
  • Ongoing
  • Now living in the Safe Zone, Buffy, Willow, and Spike are making do while sharing space with so many other magical folk. Unfortunately, with natural enemies living together and low blood rations for the vampires, time will tell how safe things will remain in the “Safe” Zone . . .
  • Special guest artist Georges Jeanty (Buffy Seasons 8–9) returns for Season 11!
  • Catch “deleted scenes” on the variant covers!

Angel Ascends To The Goddess’ Sandals

by Vince Brusio

He is a tragic figure to follow over at Dark Horse Comics. For years, Angel has been a vampire who has tried to turn his treachery of the past into a lesson for how to lend a hand to the living. This time, his good intentions has him brush shoulders with a goddess, and in Angel Season 11 #1 (NOV160015) from writer Corinna Bechko and artist Geraldo Borges, Angel learns that to make a better future sometimes you have to go back to the past, and find a way to fix what was broken.


PREVIEWSworld: For those readers who may be new to the Buffy mythos, Angel's past may be a little murky. Can you give us your interpretation of his dire events as they happened? What transpired long ago that has made Angel carry such a heavy weight on his shoulders?

Corinna Bechko: Angel has lived a very long “life,” much longer than a human lifetime, so he’s got a lot of past. That said, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs to enjoy this arc. The important point is that Angel is a vampire who was once human. As a vampire he had no soul, and so he did very, very bad things. But over 100 years ago he was cursed with the return of his soul, so that now, although he is still a vampire, he remembers every horrible thing he ever did. His response to this is to try to do some good in the world, but he still carries guilt for the pain and suffering he once so gleefully perpetrated.

PREVIEWSworld: How does Angel's guilt motivate him to face what is "very bad"? Does his shame make him stronger? Does it have him rely on others to be a sounding board for his conscience?

Corinna Bechko: Angel is at heart a good person, but the fact that he was once a literal monster gives him a unique perspective on evil. I think his guilt sometimes drive him to want to live a solitary existence, but he recognizes that there is more than one kind of extreme, and that makes it important that he have companions who can act as his mirror, warning him when he’s gone too far.

PREVIEWSworld: Who are the players in this new drama? What characters can we expect to see on the stage alongside Angel, and how does this help him or hurt him?

Corinna Bechko: We’re time traveling this season, so many of Angel’s current friends will be far in the background. That said, we will be meeting up with quite a few characters from his past, including some that are a bit too close to him for his comfort. And then there’s the complication of having a mercurial goddess as a travel companion.

PREVIEWSworld: Geraldo Borges is the artist for this book. Tell us about his work. If you had to give a few adjectives to describe his style, what would they be?

Corinna Bechko: I’m so lucky to be working with Geraldo! He’s got a real eye for detail but can also deliver a knock-out action sequence. I think fans are going to love the look of this arc!

PREVIEWSworld: If you could "geek out" over some facet of this new story arc — something that would make for a headline that fans would gobble up like Halloween candy — what would what would you throw out to the hungry crowd? Would it be Illyria?  How does Angel's involvement with the goddess raise the temperature in the room?

Corinna Bechko: Illyria’s an interesting character to write since her perspective is so unlike Angel’s, or that of any human. We’ll be spending some time getting to know why that is, and as a result sparks both literal and figurative will fly.

Thanks Tons for posting all the new previews - I was just about to post the Buffy pages when I saw you had posted them.

I love the new cover for Angel with Illyria - I sure hope they do a great Illyria story - I always felt that she was very interesting when featured with Angel or Wesley.

Double Dutchess said:

There are preview pages for Buffy S11 #1 and there's an interview with the new Angel writer, but I can't post them right now...

Corinna Bechko: Angel is at heart a good person, but the fact that he was once a literal monster gives him a unique perspective on evil. I think his guilt sometimes drive him to want to live a solitary existence, but he recognizes that there is more than one kind of extreme, and that makes it important that he have companions who can act as his mirror, warning him when he’s gone too far.


The problem I have with this idea of Angel is that I think that mostly when Angel made up his mind that he was right about people and circumstances he would reach a point that irrespective of any advice or perspectives from others he would act on his POV and shut down on other ideas.  He mostly always wanted to be the Head Man and Leader or chose to work alone to follow his own path and ideas - this is how I see the character.  Wesley was I think the one he would engage with and listen to but even with Wes - once Angel felt he was right that was the path he went on.  

Not so sure that I go with Angel basically being a good man -  

Looking forward to the new season, for the most part. Not crazy about the fact that Mr. Jeanty will be making a return appearance. I see he still can't draw Buffy/SMG's nose. Sheesh!

Rebekah's Buffy is just so much more like SMG and reflects Buffy's age/maturity so much better I think.  Jeanty's Buffy looks like a teenager still.  There will be some nostalgia to him arting an issue I suppose, but I wish it was all Rebekah.  I was never too keen on his Spike either, he often looked ratty.

Just a heads up that SpuffyRealm are currently raising funds to stay online another year if anyone is inclined to contribute.

I enjoyed this first issue, my favourite panel being the banter as Buffy/Spike arrive for the rooftop barbecue, even if it was clearly loaded for the upcoming season.  

Spike biting the beastie and commenting "No blood, just slime" is likely there to relate to the coming crisis fallout, going by the variant cover for issue two - blood donation, low supplies etc.  There were a few remarks relating to brain power - Buffy's comment on her plan possibly not being her best, followed by her "knew you had a brain in there somewhere" to the sewer critter and then the later conversation with Dawn about academic legacy.  There were also a couple of references to gods - Spike suggesting Dowling speaks to the deity of his choice and then the coven mention of wiccan belief in a god/goddess.  These may not go anywhere of course but may be just the first mentions.  

The implied upcoming social division wasn't a surprise of course, having seen the solicits going forward and is what I'm looking forward to the most for the season, seeing what angle they take with it for the wider verse.  Fear is clearly going to be a huge factor in the responses to what happened.  I expect there will be a great number whose opinion echoes Buffy's in their favourite kind of demon being 'the dead kind'.  But how this will affect Buffy with her own supernatural nature and that of many of those close to her too will be interesting.  We started off with Buffy's/Spike's comfort with mixing romance and sewer slaying and then we had Willow's group talking about finding your own path and not following set rules, both of which seemed to work along with this.  The emphasis of the natural and supernatural world was there in Willow's coven talk as well of course.  Then we had the mention of illegal immigrants and being documented, which obviously falls in with what is likely to come too.

I am still feeling somewhat hopeful that romance isn't going to be front and centre but just ticking by in the background as the changing world gets centre stage.  It could be that they gave emphasis to how well everything is going between Buffy/Spike and Xander/Dawn before pulling them apart, but Spike's line about feeling he has grown followed by Buffy's sense of staying the same perhaps backs up that individual development is what is on the cards this season.  Not that one doesn't affect the other of course.  The changing circumstances can, and no doubt somewhat will, flag issues such as the point about the sun coming out soon.  But that is part of Spike's individual issues/story anyway, and always has been, so it can be there irrespective of how it does/doesn't cause disruption in their relationship.

It stood out that Dawn referenced Buffy running the magic council as a thing past, "You ran the magic council", which seemed odd as it was how the last season ended and that was only supposed to be a few months ago.  It will be interesting to see if this has been dropped straight away.


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