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Thanks Ever for posting the preview pages DD. 

Did a super quick first read with my digital copy - I Like It Very Much even with it being pretty much what I expected ever since Buffy was Red Flagged with taking the Slayer Scythe and having it given to her by Jordan and her traitor Slayers.  I agree with you on this:

I don't understand why Faith's power was drained too if what Willow performed was literally a reversal of the Chosen empowerment spell. I'll just assume that it was in reality a wider draw on any/all other slayers not connected to the scythe as it was performed. It was great to have Faith there and totally on board with the necessity of it. It stopped it feeling like they were going back on their general principle in doing the empowerment originally and I'll be very surprised if it isn't returned at the end rather than Buffy remaining an uber-slayer.

And I Won't be at all surprised if the season ending has the Slayer Powers being given back and for KARMA to be given out with Jordan and her Slayer Group not keeping their Slayer Powers.  If they have to get them back, Willow will drain them of their powers - They should not be given "free card pass" and allowed to continue as Slayers.  However, it would make it a lot more compelling if it comes down to a question of -saving the world and the supernatural and magical life forms- and allowing those rogue and unworthy Slayers to keep their powers.  BUT, I hope that Jordan and her lousy group lose the great gift that they received. 

Justice and Karma - works for me.  

I have to say that I am disappointed big time that, IMO, the writer, presumably with Joss Whedon's approval, took the easier way out with making this a UBER Power Quest.  We really don't know who or what forces are behind this Robot Witch.  The forces and resources that have to had been commandeered are enormous - don't know about you, but for me it's a bit of a stretch that this is a lowly no power insignificant person.   

Still, with my preference for this story to be more realistically connected to our Real World Political Life - the metaphor/symbolism is the same - POWER & MONEY RULES or WANTS TO RULE our world.

Spike biting into the metal body - agree with you, it feels like a foreshadow but it could also just have been a lead into the panel where all the Sunnydale group, outside of Buffy and Willow are pretty much unable to be large factors in the Buffy-RoboWitch struggle.  

Won't at all be surprised if Dawn ends up being the power that sends off the Dragon into another dimension or another location to save San Francisco.  

Faith is grand in this issue - and I like that we continue to see Spike fighting right alongside Buffy.  I'm hoping that we have more activity for Xander and Dawn next issue.  One of the big negatives of comic book monthly format is limited page space.  

Some super nice panels this issue.  

Yeah, it does feel like Dawn's portal powers established last season could be the ticket to success here.  Lots of ways it could go, it'll be a looooong wait to the end of Oct.

Did either of you continue reading Angel?  I stopped at issue 2 but will get the trades and have kept an eye on comments/reviews to have an overall idea of where it has gone.

I don't even think of reading Angel now - When you get the trades we can discuss - however I think there is a site that might actually post them.  Not sure but I think the site name is Read Comics Now.  See if you can find the site and we can get back to Angel.  The fine art covers for this season are so good.

I've got to get comic book gallery going to feature my faves for this season and some earlier comic books - 

Did either of you continue reading Angel?  I stopped at issue 2 but will get the trades and have kept an eye on comments/reviews to have an overall idea of where it has gone.

I'm still reading them, but not with great interest (to put it mildly).

I agree with Cil that Scott Fischer's covers are still amazing, though. By far the best part of the Angel comics.

cil domney said:

Here is that link for Angel Season 11 - apparently you can read the issues here.

Not sure how secure this site is Norton has is listed as "untested" It sure as hell has a bunch of comic books you can read and the quality is excellent.


BY ERIC DIAZ ON OCTOBER 4, 2017  Digital Spy 

Joss Whedon is once again returning to the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, albeit in comic book form. Although he has been serving in an executive producer type role for the Buffy comics since the beginning with season eight, he has not written any actual Buffy issues since about season nine. The current Buffy season of comics is 11 and is expected to wrap soon.


But Whedon isn’t returning to Buffy the Vampire Slayer proper. Instead, as just announced at AV Club, he’s writing a four issue Dark Horse Comics mini-series based around her former Watcher, Rupert Giles, as he begins life in an inner-city high school–not as a teacher, as a fifteen year old student.


For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to the Buffy comics since the TV series ended, Giles died in the climax of season eight, killed by the season’s Big Bad. Eventually he was resurrected by Angel, but in a new pre-teen body with all of his middle-aged man memories intact. Now, little Rupert is 15, and about to enter high school in America for the first time. Check out a preview of the cover art:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles will be a four-issue miniseries debuting on February 28 that sees Ripper, as Giles was once nicknamed, enrolling in an inner-city public school to investigate the mysterious disappearance of teachers. Whedon isn’t tackling this storyline alone; he’s teaming up with writer Erika Alexander, artist Jon Lam, and colorist Dan Jackson to chronicle “Giles the awkward years,” take two.


About Giles’ return to high school, Whedon told AV Club, “Sunnydale was, apart from being on a hellmouth, a pretty privileged place. Giles has never really dealt with the public school system as it exists for most kids. He’s never been to the city. Giles has always had the advantage of being a part of the system that educated him. He was taught to be a watcher in a family of watchers. His education was, in the grand British public school tradition, both expansive and parochial.”


All that sounds great, but will teenage Giles take off and clean his glasses with the same regularity that middle-aged Giles did??

Are you stoked for Whedon’s return to the Buffyverse? Let us know your thoughts below in the

Images: Dark Horse Comics / Twentieth Century Fox

Some of the early notices on Thor: Ragnarok - I'm excited to see the new film - Have we all seen the series? Loki and the Asgardians have always been my favorite elements of this franchise.

Looking forward to the Giles comic! I guess this is meant to tide us over until season 12 (assuming there will be a season 12).
With some delay, I've read the latest Buffy issue now (#11). Not my favourite issue so far, to put it mildly. It was all fighting (boooooring) and the villain turned out to be someone totally uninteresting. Also the Slayer spell was just thrown in so casually; if Willow was capable of doing this all the time, why had she not used it before? I think at least the possibility of using it should have been discussed way in advance with all involved. Or well, OK, with ALL would not have been practical, but at least with the Scoobies and some representatives of the Slayers.

I'm having some problems posting - anyone else not having comments show or not getting notices?  I will try this again - 

Big disappointment with Wanna Be Super Witch and this variation on the Initiative develops hybrids especially with the powerful introduction of Rudy Diaz - the soldier who lost his limbs and become a victim of the latest attempts to make the Uber Warriors.  I hope that this element of the story is not lost but I guess with only one issue left - we are not going to have much more, if anything, on these soldier victims.

Here is the last cover for the season finale - it's beautiful.  I have loved all the Steve Morris covers.  Any information on what is happening with an additional season?  The Giles comic book will be good to have.

Wonder what the heck the symbolism is for all that Golden Light Power emanating out from Buffy and all the other characters.  Reminds me of the Chosen Spike Soul Cleansing and what this means for their future.

From the description:

In the season finale, with the lives of both humans and magical beings hanging in the balance, the battle between Buffy--once again the Chosen One--and the Big Bad comes to its zenith . . . And the world will never be the same!


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