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Thanks for bringing the preview over DD.  :D

It will be very interesting to see the immediate before/after from this scene.  The isolated wood setting does feel a very ominous context to end up in a physical confrontation.  How injured the guy is and how Buffy processes the combination of the panic from feeling helpless, the release of then managing to protect herself, against the worry of having also somewhat lost control will be interesting.

Yeah, it will be interesting. I love this preview. It's such a raw and powerful scene, with elements of  Helpless, Seeing Red and Dead Things all combined.

Yes, it definitely brought back a myriad of Buffy's previous experiences to mind and I think how she responds and what led into it will be very informative about where the character is in development/maturity.  The ways it all mirrors/contrasts will be interesting, I'm really looking forward to gauging how this current situation and the emotional pressures seems new and how her responses to similar issues varies or doesn't for her now. :D

All Good Points DD - that Buffy continues to have the Slayer Scythe trusts into her life is a Big Flag - I can't help but think that the arrogance and cruelty from Jordan and the other interment camp slayer guards will come back on them and that the Slayer Scythe will play an important role in it.  I can certainly see a scenario where all the New Slayers lose their powers by the Government and Outside Forces who think that draining the Slayer Scythe and getting all that power is like Running Amok In the Candy Store of Power.  And it would serve them right if they lose their powers or for Buffy and other Slayers who chose not to become involved with the political players, forces and dynamics that have been set free due to the threat from the Dragon/Kraken attacks.  

First thing that came to me, as you state, is the Nazi "final solution" as well as the X-Men story where the same idea was introduced - drain your "mutant powers" and you can join the "Normals" - I'd like nothing better than to see Jordan get her powers taken away and see what kind of a Bully she can be without being a Slayer.  And maybe it would be a great plot twist for the character find out that she is just as much a BITCH & BULLY as a human.  

Thanks for posting the new preview images - 

Double Dutchess said:

Quick reactions to Buffy #7:

The "solutions" being talked about in the government announcements sound pretty ominous. If I was a magic-dependent being I would be worried. The Nazis' Endlösung ("final solution") comes to mind. Removing the problem (a.k.a. people seen as a problem)  is also a solution.

On the other hand, Riley does sound like he's being honest. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time for him to be deceived by his superiors.

Buffy doesn't seem to have learned the lesson from Helpless, even though she explicitly referenced it as recently as the previous issue. Of course, Spike does believe in her resourcefulness even without her slayer powers.

That werewolf looked more like a werecat.

If Calliope is really going to be Willow's next girlfriend, I hope we learn a bit more about her. So far, she doesn't really interest me.

Nice line about Buffy still being obsessed with clothes and shoes, but what is that face Spike is making?!

I strongly dislike the fact that these days, a hoodie is supposed to give Spike sufficient protection against sunlight. As far as I can remember, it was never explained why this is now possible. I guess we could fanwank it as a consequence of the New Magic.

Will Buffy use the Scythe to get her powers back?

Those are some great panels DD - Buffy connecting with the power that comes from rage against her attacker and getting back to the original theme of the franchise WAY BACK - the find your inner hero idea.  Now the question is did Buffy connect with the power that comes from fear and anger and self-defense or is the Slayer Powers still part of her fundamental life force?  Also, interesting that her attacker brings in the "you made a mistake" idea - the outside demons or new magic vamps now know that Buffy is no longer a Slayer threat and are either looking for Payback or attempting to realign the Power Chain in the "outside camps" environments.  

Buffy did some real damage to her attacker which is a big deviation from the last time she lost her powers - 

NICE with how the events from the Dead Things and Helpless are visually revisited - 

So #8 then!!!...

Another enjoyable issue. I was glad the possibility Riley/Sam were intending to help further on the outside was true. And I like that Buffy's feelings about her beat up on the guy in the park were so mixed and confusing for her. I think this was a real strength in this issue and is definitely a scene I'd like to read over again. I think it was a great way to show both her intrinsic 'self' and her sense of a loss of identity all at once. It was a shame her jumbled emotions were moved past by the weakest part of the issue for me. The whole thing of Sam's 'clever' manipulation of Buffy/Willow really stood out as a moment of awkwardly weak writing/characterisations. It was just too clichéd and blatant, just a poor prompt to use for pushing Buffy back into a 'can do' attitude for me.

A jumble of other thoughts... I absolutely loved Faith's entrance and I adore Rebekah's depiction of her, probably my favourite character artwork from RI, so I was delighted to see her again. I doubt this will be the last we will see of Calliope, but I liked the use of her here for the very thing that Willow had raised in camp with her, how different things could seem when out again. How distinctly Calliope separates the two isn't the same as we are seeing for our gang who live in the supernatural world in a more complete/consistent sense. This also linked in with the wiccan the guy was speaking to in the park and his conversation with Buffy before the fight. How separate or innate are the connections people have and how subjective the perception of this can be to individuals and those observing. Fundamentally you could always choose ways to judge and withdraw from accepting/understanding others if you apply prejudice. For our gang certainly, removing their powers doesn't separate them from what is happening still, and not just because Spike is still in there, but for them all on individual levels too and because they are considering the wider implications and taking a stance/responsibility. It follows really nicely from the nods to responsibility and power we had in the last issue and linked with the meaning surrounding the scythe. I was pleased they acknowledged the risk to Dawn of the magic draining, but wasn't surprised at her reluctance to being told to leave. Shame we have heard no more about the Giles mini so far.

It's very much a piece of the whole this one. I've have nothing else to add from my first read other than it is going to be another frustrating month waiting to get to the next instalment. Very interested to see how the end face off with the camp slayers will go down.

Super busy with doing one of our selling shows this week - all great points Stoney - will post a few thoughts on Sunday - agree totally on the Faith entrance and it was good to learn that the USA campaign against magic and supernatural life forms is not taking place world wide.  There must be other Slayers that have not allied themselves with the government forces.  

I haven't read the issue yet, but I'm glad the scene from the preview doesn't have so much of Seeing Red. I've been seeing positive reactions to the issue all around, so I'm looking forward to reading it.

What did you think of the issue DD?  The panels from the attack are powerful - after all these years, the impact of the alley attack is still so intense.  It's the first thing I thought of when I saw these panels but what a contrast in theme and events.

I still haven't read it...

I've just had an email from Dark Horse Digital that they have a sale on the comics, a lot of individual issues are down to $0.99. They have Buffy, Serenity and Angel & Faith included, as well as other series. I'm not sure how long it is running for or all that it applies to, but it is a bit of a reduction from what they charge per issue normally for the back issues (I think they tend to go down to around $1.99 normally, but I'm not sure) and a fair amount less than what they normally charge for the recent releases, BtVS I think is normally $3.99 when it is released. I've just had a quick look and all the ones of S11 are included in the sale. There is a link for the sale in the scrolling banner at the top of the Dark Horse Digital site. -

Did anyone else read the latest issue?  I thought it was good but I felt the previews had shown too much and with the Jeanty Spuffy panel also already shown, a lot of the issue's oomph was a bit stolen.  Things moved forward though and it was nice to see Buffy and Spike reunited.  I wonder how Vicki is going to betray them this time though. :D

Hi Stoney, thanks for the heads up. I already have all the issues, but maybe others can benefit from that sale.

I have read the latest issue. (SPOILERS AHEAD in case anyone hasn't read it yet.) I thought it was good too, but I was disappointed by the big reveal about the Dolan Springs massacre. I completely believed it had been the released demons and vampires that did it; that would have made total sense. The news shocked me, but excited me too -- pretty dark stuff for Buffy & co to have this (indirectly) on their conscience. So I was very disappointed that it turned to be untrue. That is so much less realistic, and that makes it a lot less interesting to me. Plus I was kind of shocked in a different way. There are already so many loonies in the USA (and probably elsewhere too) who believe in weird government conspiracy theories; why feed into that by (presumably) having an actual government conspiracy in the comics?


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