Buffy and Angel had more then it's fair share of eps that lacked depth. Episodes that teach us it's wrong to try to take pieces of dead girls to make the perfect woman for your Frankensteinen(I know not a real word cut me some slack) brother. 

That being said there were many that had real depth.  Weather it be a quote or a line that moved you or stirred you I am curious what are your favorites.  Mine is probably predictable and cliche but it come from the Character Angel on BTVS. It's the episode Passion where Angel does his voice over and says how it's passion that drives us. How if we could live with out it we might know some peace. We'd be hollow empty shells.  

So what are yours?

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You picked a great one - it is passion that I think is the making or breaking of people - that being said, I have to qualify this by saying it applies to people who are not being oppressed by economic and social dynamics.  It's very easy to say that passion makes your life - the passion to create and devote your entire being to that part of your life.  Or like the passion that athletes and musicians to attain the greatest level that is possible for them.  But for most of the humans on this planet, they don't really have full control of their lives.  So with this qualification,  I do believe that Angelus has it right, passion can make you as wonderful as you can be or it can make your life a misery. 


Angelus, Buffy and Spike I think are the best example of how passion ruled their lives.  All three had great capacity for love, but that love was corrupted by their extreme and uncontrolled passions.  They also had that same passion and great capacity make great things happen and ultimately made them heroes and champions in their service for others. 


We will all have different opinions and interpretations of how passion effected these three characters, but for me, Spike is the greatest examples of passion - it consumed him and also created him.  His great capacity to love against all odds, against the horrors of him demonic form that loved death and destruction and then against being an outsider who was barely tolerated until he was needed for a job and then shut out again.  


Not saying Spike many times did not deserve condemnation for his actions  - but what I am saying is that working against all the crap that his life was as a human and a vampire and then struggling to try and change his life; his passion for love and the struggle for life was for me a wonderful thing.

I will have to think more about this, but one that immediately springs to mind is Lie To Me: the message that nothing is simple black or white, everything is in shades of grey.

Great pics all, and if I could expand on Double Dutchess's (which is also my one I adore!)I think my favorite Buffy meta-lesson is probably from the arc of S5-7, which loosely translated, is something like this:

(Forgive me if I make this too simplistic - Im a bit tired.)

Sometimes there are no good/right choices. There are bad choices, and then there are worse choices. Being put in this situation however, doesn't absolve you of responsibility for  taking action in the first place, or of the fallout/cleanup afterward.

It's one of the more mature lessons expressed through the characters up to that point, and one which would have been equally at home (and was shown many times) in Angel.

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