It has recently come to my attention that some works on Buffytube are comprised of either clip theft, or unauthorized by the original vidder "whole vid theft".

In case anyone is at all unclear on this point, clip and vid theft (or theft of any fanwork) will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Members/Uploaders found to have works onsite which violate this policy will have their works removed (after being used as an example of what NOT to do), and will be suspended for no less than 1 month from signing in.

Those with multiple instances of theft will be be banned from uploading any works in the future. Any additional works will be removed immediately, regardless of content.

Those who persist in being disreputable will be permanently banned from Buffytube and will join our list of Vid/Fanart Thieves.

It is imperative that everyone uploading works understands this point.


Anyone with questions or concerns is welcome to PM me.


**If you or any of your works fit this description, I highly suggest that you remove the offending works now, before I see them, and never steal from your fellow fen again**

-Holdt, Vidding Admin

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