Do you think that Angelus really hated Buffy and that he really wanted to destroy her? Or maybe it was just a way to hide his feelings for her? Maybe he loved her and wanted to be with her, but knowing that she loves Angel and that she has to destroy him to save the world, he din't bother with it so he continued playing the "I hate all of you and I'm going to destroy the world" roll?

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I think he was trying to hide his feelings towards Buffy because they were growing stronger and he got scared.
Still in ATS s4 he wanted Buffy to be in L.A instead of Faith*he never got over her*
Eh, who will know? He's so difficult to read...
Yes he is...:)
Angelus hates everyone. Buffy was his one of his obsessions, a human cleanser he needed to destroy at the time. He said it himself, she made Angel feel human, he couldn't let that transgression pass. Therefore he tried to punish her. It was derived from who he was as a monster.

I think the second time would have gone differently, had SHE been in ATS for those few episodes - more ass kicking of course but I doubt he'd go so far as to try and destroy the world. Just *her*. ;)!

He'd probably go so far as to turn her if he could, purely because owning something that protected the world for so long, I feel would really appeal to him.
Also a good theory
I think Buffy tried to hate Angelus but she couldn't. Angelus could never love until Buffy came along, Angel could never love until Buffy came
I have always pondered this!

I am sure Angelus was obsessed with Buffy but being locked up watching Angel with Buffy and feeling Angel's love for her grow - apart of him got to love her too.

However IMO as Angelus has never know love, he was confused and the only way he knew how to deal with his feeling were through destruction of her and everyone around her.

Take when he was stroking her face while she slept. Would someone hell bent on hatred do that? Would Adam have done that? Would the Mayor or Glory have done that? No! So why did Angelus?
Well...Angelus is known to be a 'player' in the emotional side of the victim and in his mind he could have done that because he thinks that he should do that... because it's his mark...or maybe a part of him loved her and I think no matter what he would do his love for her only kept growing and growing and I'm pretty sure he knew that, I mean he's always so observant that I think there was a point that he actually knew. So he wants to put an end to sending the world to hell.

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