Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I am the administrator of BuffyTube. I wanted to post a discussion asking, Do You Like BuffyTube? Please, give me your feedback!
I need to know what things you like, and alsoo, what think you think I need to improve in? Thanks, and I hope you are enjoying your time here! :D

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I love it!! I am so happy that there are still so many dedicated Buffy fans out there. And i love that i can go to one site to find fan videos dedicated just to Buffy. I hates searching all the other sites for them. And its great that there is so much you can do with this site. Us fans need to start dominating every social network out there so maybe someone will get the point that we are dedicated and not going away and to make a freaking movie already!
I really love this site :P

BuffyTube rocks :D
Well I like it, except there I can only see buffy seasons 1-3. Help?
I love BuffyTube!!! Is great <3
Hi MichelleBuffy07

Great to have you here and that you love Buffytube as much as I do - Chris made a great Buffyverse site for all to enjoy.


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